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May 4, 2016

Writing on the UK lifestyle website Refinery29 (Why Women Commenting On Each Other’s Selfies Is Both Funny And Cute), journalist Yomi Adegoke talks about an online phenomenon she’s noticed recently:

While people often often make nasty comments on social media feeds (e.g., Facebook or Instagram), they tend to be far kinder when they are commenting on their friends’ selfies or photos.

She calls this flattery “Post-Upload-Love and writes:

“Whether it be on Facebook or Instagram, under a selfie or hand-on hip full body shot, the amount of sheer adoration under posts is simply unprecedented. Each new upload brings out a legion of stans, comprised primarily of our own online or IRL friends.”

Yomi also interviewed The Friendship Doctor:

Irene S. Levine, a friendship and relationship expert, agrees. “It’s always nice when our friends cheer our successes,” she tells me. “It helps dispel the myth that women are always competing rather than supporting each other.”

Summing it up, she says:

The internet is generally a snarky at best, abusive at worst, place for women – it’s a welcome pit-stop on platforms that often seem intent on making women feel as shit about themselves as possible.

Click here to read the Refinery19 article on selfies in its entirety.

Do you tend to comment on your friends’ photos/selfies on social media?

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