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In the Media – College Friendships: What to do when they fall apart (HerCampus.com)

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HerCampus.com (screenshot)

HerCampus.com (screenshot)

November 24, 2016

College friendships can be vexing at times. Whether they are close to home or out of town, colleges and universities provide a wonderful opportunity to make new friends. You are literally thrown together with peers in the same place, doing the same things, at the same time. But college is also a time of great stress—and when the convenience and common circumstances that brought you together starts to fray, some once-meaningful friendships may go by the wayside.

Writing for the online collegiate publication, HerCampus.com, Sara Nelson offers some advice on determining which friendships to hold on to and when to let you. She writes:

Deciding whether or not a friendship is worth saving is really up to you. Of course there are many things to consider when making this decision. How long have you been friends? What did this friendship contribute to your life? How does this friendship affect your other friendships? And finally, the most obvious question: Do you want to be friends with this person?…”

Then, Nelson lists four ways to save college friendships you deem worth saving. She interviewed Dr. Levine, The Friendship Doctor, for this piece:

“No relationship is perfect so if you value a friendship, it’s important to work out misunderstandings or missed expectations,” says Dr. Levine.

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