In the Media – Cliches people hear after breakups (Real Simple)

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Real Simple

Real Simple

In Real Simple Magazine, journalist Valerie Frankel looks at the research behind four popular cliches people often hear after breakups. While her article, “4 Clichés Everyone Tells You After a Breakup (and Whether or Not They’re True)” focuses on breakups with romantic partners, the advice holds for friendship breakups as well. Here are the four cliches she covers:

1) Time heals all wounds.

2) Get right back on the horse.

3) Write an unsent letter.

4) Toss all momentos.

She also asks several experts to weigh in, including Dr. Levine (whom she reminds readers is not related to Adam Levine:-). To read the Real Simple article in its entirety, click here.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Excellent article, especially the part about closure. So true.

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