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Celebrating Friendship Day

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In 1935, the US Congress proclaimed the first Sunday in August as Friendship Day. The day, which falls on August 5th this year, is intended to celebrate the friendships that enhance our lives and well-being.

Fortunately, the day hasn’t been commercialized to the same extent as more popular holidays—unfortunately, that also makes it less well-known. In the spirit of the day, I’ll send emails to several of my friends to remind them of how important they are to me…

If finding the words to express yourself is difficult for you, you can find 6 free Hallmark e-cards for the occasion at Hallmark.com.

While visiting the Hallmark site, I noticed that it also summarizes some of their research ( presumably “market research”), the company has conducted on the topic of friendship:

  • Most people establish lifelong friendships between the ages of 15 and 25. As people grow older, longtime friends not only remember the same past and share memories, but also knew the other person when they were young, before taking on adult relationship roles. Longtime friends go through significant or traumatic life experiences together, supporting each other over time.


  • “Best friend” significance begins early in life and changes frequently – sometimes daily or hourly with young children. Teens tend to have the most friends, and singles rely on friendships for companionship. However, for adults, “best friend” is an important part of life, often becoming extended family.


  • Historically, “girlfriends” have been the subject of friendship cards dating back to the1920s, on through the Depression, the “working girls” of the ‘40s, the “swingin’ singles” of the ‘80s, new female execs of the ‘90s, and girlfriends of today who joke about men and menopause on Hallmark Shoebox cards.

In case you were wondering, the inside of the card shown above reads: Waffle patterns on your butt from lawn chairs fade. Friendship lasts forever.


Happy Friendship Day to you!

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    It would be nice if you explain more about international Friendsip day.But it is still quite good.

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