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Can blue hair get in the way of making friends?

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A young woman worries that her blue hair will get in the way of making friends at a new high school.



I just moved to a new city and I’m starting my sophomore year in high school in about a month. Half the summer is already over and I’m scared that since I haven’t made any friends here yet, that I won’t make any friends in school.

I feel like people are intimidated by me so they just stare due to the fact that I have Blue Hair. I’m afraid I won’t make any friends in my new school, so I guess my question is how do I make people look past the blue hair and just see me for me? Thanks!

Sincerely, Freaking Out About High School



Blue hair can make a statement. I suspect that when people see your hair the first time, it makes you stand out from the crowd. Coincidentally, in this week’s People Magazine, there is a photo shoot of stars having a  “blue hair moment.” They include Nicole Richie, Kesha, Lance Bass, Hayley Williams and Anna Paquin.

While your hair color may be very trendy—like tattoos, body piercings and certain clothes, it will attract some people and repel others. However, once people get to know you, it’s likely that they’ll forget about your hair color and react more to the person you are than to your appearance.

Since you think that people in your new school may have problems getting past your blue hair, do you want to consider changing your hair color before school starts? What led you to dye your hair blue in the first place? Have those reasons changed at all after your move?

If you are in a very conservative environment and/or feel self-conscious about your hair color, it may create a real obstacle in making friends or limit the types of people willing to befriend you.

Hope this helps.

My best, Irene

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  1. Devang says:

    Hello Dear,

    Don’t try to make friends but try to make good relations with everyone and friendship will blossom automatically.

    I am from India we have many different culture, different language and many things are different. Then too Indians are said to be very friendly. This is just because we tried to be good in relations.

    I will like to share my experience with you of my first day in high school. I am not good looking and I am just 5.3″ in height and my high school and the city was new to me. But i have excepted and moved with the confident.

  2. Krizzy says:

    You colored your hair just because you want to be cool, yes you’re attracted especially to the bad guys.

  3. Kelly says:

    I have personally had every color of the rainbow in my hair, sometimes all at once, and it has not stopped me from having friends or boyfriends. 🙂 If you are generally a friendly and approachable person, blue hair usually works in your favor to draw people to you. It is a great conversation starter! People stop me on the street all the time to ask me about it. Granted, I am 23 and no longer in high school, and I had “normal” hair in high school. BUT, I had tons of friends in high school, and I think the secret to attracting friends is to smile, ask people questions about themselves, and act confident. Fake confidence if you don’t have it. If silly boys pick on your about it and say things like “Why did you do that to your hair,” just look them dead in the eye and smile and say “because I felt like it!” Don’t let any comments get to you. People can have their opinions, that’s fine. It’s not their hair. If you are confident and outgoing, you will probably magnetize people and draw them to you! And don’t worry about not making friends over the summer, it’ll be way easier when you start school and you’re around people your age every day! 🙂 Worst case scenario, you don’t like it, and you dye it over brown with box dye – simple. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Amy F says:

    If blue hair turned off potential friend(s), are they the type of people you would want to befriend? The fact that you have blue hair would make me think that you were creative, confident, unique, and someone who doesn’t go along just to get along. To me, those are traits that I admire in people and look for in a friend. I specifically avoid people who judge people based on their appearances and would shy away from someone who has blue hair. But, then again, I’m also unique.
    Figure out what’s most important to you, being who you want to be, expressing yourself, being popular, being accepted into a crowd, making a few good friends, having many superficial “friends”. Whatever it is and follow that.
    The great thing about hair is that it can be colored and recolored until it fries from all the chemicals, so your decision doesn’t have to be a final one. You can start off at your natural color and go blue a few weeks into school or you can go blue one week, pink the next, purple after that.
    Good luck at your new school. I have a feeling no matter what you decide, you’ll make it work for you.

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