Book-Signing Tips: Read this if you’re not Sarah Palin

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By my clever friend and colleague, Sandra Beckwith
Isn’t this a great title for an article?


The book signing, like so many other elements of the publishing industry, is evolving into something new, different, and better. Gone are the days when authors can sit at a bookstore table and sign book after book. That still works for Sarah Palin, but not the rest of us.

So what does work? How do you make sure your book signing isn’t a waste of time for you and the store? Here are six tips for planning an event that will sell books and leave you and your host smiling…


3. Consider non-bookstore locations. Go where you’ll find your audience –
and it might not be at a bookstore. Be creative – if your book is a
vegetarian cookbook, schedule an event at a natural foods market or the
produce section of a supermarket. Your new mystery takes place at a
museum? Talk to the most popular museum in your area about hosting a
presentation and signing. When Irene Levine introduced her community to
Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend,
Levine’s hair stylist hosted a book signing at her salon. Their friends
brought friends, too. Borders sold books on site to about half of the
150 attendees….


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