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Blood sisters: A contemporary look

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A little background on BFFs and blood sisters

A recent article in the Beaufort (Georgia) Gazette caught my eye. Seems like the ancient rite of teenage girls becoming blood sisters isn’t exactly dead….although it almost turned deadly.

The news report told a tale of two drunken girls, ages 16 and 17, from Hilton Head, who tried “to consecrate their newfound friendship by becoming blood sisters.” One of them ended up in the local emergency room with a deep gash on her hand that was bleeding profusely. Apparently, the girls used a knife to seal the deal and “miscalculated.” With the threat of HIV and hepatitis these days, I wouldn’t recommend the practice even if they were sober!

Admittedly—In the days of innocence, before BFF necklaces and BFF bracelets, my buddy and next-door neighbor Anita Klansky and I wanted to signal our status as best friends. I was an only-child at the time and Anita only had a brother. So one day after school, we borrowed a needle from my mom’s sewing basket and each pricked our pointer fingers. Then we pressed the tips with traces of bright red blood up against one another and promised to be blood sisters forever. We were—until Anita’s dad got a job out-of-state a few years later and she moved away.

The rite is somewhat akin to its male counterpart, blood brothers: Two males, unrelated by birth, who swear loyalty to one another in a blood oath that involves the co-mingling of blood. The roots of the blood oath can be traced back to a Norse myth called Orvar-Odd’s saga, which also later was adopted in different forms by Asian and Native American tribal cultures.

WikiHow prescribes a more contemporary and non-invasive approach to the ritual for young girls:

  1. Decide your soul color (the color that matches your personality).
  2. Buy markers that are similar (or the same) as your soul color.
  3. Quickly mark your finger with your soul color.
  4. Have your soon-to-be sis color her finger with her soul color.
  5. Press fingers together and say “I pledge to be your sister forevermore”.

Another alternative for grown-up women as we herald in the New Year: Invite your Bestie (or Besties) to share a champagne toast and tell her how much her friendship means to you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    no matter how naive or innocent it was –you are expected to pay it..are u in touch with her? you must reconnect so you can fulfil your oaths..true—
    are u a xtian? i am and i made a blood oath when i was at school and not a xtian..now as a xtian i have learnt that am expected to pay it,,as long as it doesnt cause me to draw away from my faith..my blood oath sister doesnt wanna reconnect though.. i have to make myself available tho incase she does..its really weird…

    lastly the bible says that if young girls never been married young ladies make an oath whilst still in their fathers houses ie unmarried, and the father hears the oath the father has the power to break it…if he wants if he doesnt want it stands..
    if the young lady is married her husband has the power to break it–if he wants. if they dont then the oath stands..and must be paid..

  2. Suzy Moore - Necklaces for Men says:

    Oh gad, that’s so morbid. I wouldn’t go as far as hurting ourselves in the process of “cementing” our friendship. Genuine friendship transcends these rituals. What’s more important is that, you know among yourselves that you will be friends forever. That’s what matters most. 😉


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