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BFFs? Nah, Not Really – Head Drama

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By Brad Miller

May 11, 2011


Do you have a friend that believes you are BFFs (Best Friends Forever), when in actuality you’re just BFAtTs (Best Friends According to Them)? I made up that last acronym. Sorry if it sucks. Anyway, most of us do have someone like that in our lives. It’s so common, it was even written into an episode of Seinfeld when Jerry ending up "breaking up" with an old childhood friend with whom he no longer has anything in common.



While it may be humorous to an outsider to see how you’re going to get out of going to a movie this weekend or try and reschedule lunch plans…it’s a huge headache to those involved. How do you tell the person you don’t want to hang out? Do you let them down easy? Are you just a total jerk and tell them you don’t like them as much as they like you? Do you turn them down at every chance and hope they take the hint? Or do you just suck it up and pretend to like them?


Read my advice to Brad Miller and anyone else in a similar dilemma here.





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