Best Health (Canada): How to Revive an Old Friendship

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December 2011

By Lola Augustine Brown


Sometimes the people we love move away from us without good reason. This does not mean that the contact is finally cut. Here’s how to revive an old friendship (translated from French): 



We have all maintained by the past, we remember friends again and that we think wistfully.
They may be college girlfriends lost sight of true friendship had dried
up after a stupid disagreement (we now realize) or friends who have
Today, thanks to Facebook and various social networks, it’s easy to
reconnect with old friends whom we had lost track and reconnect the
past. We asked Irene Levine, a PhD, psychologist and author of the book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend to
explain how to resume contact with an old friend and what to expect when
such an approach.


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