Best Friends Day: Also a day for ladies-in-waiting

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Oops, I blinked and I missed it. I just found out that Sunday,
June 8th was Best Friends Day, which completed passed me by. I don’t know how. I
didn’t even pause to pay homage to my own Besties on that day. Shame on me!

That morning one of my closest friends called
while waiting for her flight at an airport terminal in Tampa. I’m sure Linda didn’t know it was Best
Friends Day but she seizes every moment to catch up with me when she is
waiting—-sometimes in the strangest of places.

This typically includes doctors’ waiting rooms; hair salons
during the trip between the sink and the
stylist’s chair; dentist chairs while she is waiting for the doc after her
cleaning; ladies room while she is tinkling; nail shops while she is waiting
for her nails to dry; and long post office lines—to name just a few. Only a
few short years ago it seems, she would call while she was waiting for her now-grown
son to get dismissed from school and run to her car.

Well my promised day for me, Best Friends Day, eluded me
like so many others: laundry, dishes, chores and then a brunch/fund-raiser for a local
NAMI group. But it wasn’t all work and no play. I met some lovely work-friends at
the event. Afterwards I came home to write one of the remaining chapters of a
book on schizophrenia that I’m finishing up finally (more to come in a future
post). At least it wasn’t another day of writer’s isolation which has come to
characterize so many recent nights and weekends as I wait to wrap things up and
get back into friendship.

They say that all good things come to those who wait. Check in with me again on August 3rd, Friendship Day. Can you please remind me if I forget?

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    I agree with your post regarding treasuring friendship from your past highschool or college life. I know how impotant it is . It’s just like this, be sure you always have some of your times to talk with them or to visit them. Or having a get together.

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