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Balancing old and new friends

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A golf team can pave the way for new friendships

A golf team can pave the way for new friendships

Any change of situations can topple the mix of old and new friends.



I am a freshman in high school with a dilemma regarding old and new friends. I recently joined the golf team and that will cause my class schedule to be switched around. The classes that will be switched are the ones that are my favorites due to the amazing people and teachers in those classes. Also, they are the only two classes where I get to see many of my good friends that I wouldn’t be able to speak to otherwise.

I am quite shaken about realizing this, especially after being really excited and proud about making the golf team. I really don’t know what to do.

I could ask my old friends if they want to try out for the golf team so they could transfer with me but that might be a bit of a stretch. Also, midterms are coming up and that might also be a contributing factor to my stress and worrying. I’m really getting worked up about this probably not too big problem and I would be happy if I could have some advice from you.

Sincerely, Mia


Hi Mia,

Congratulations on making the golf team! Over the course of your time in high school, you will have opportunities to nurture many new friendships as you pursue various interests. Similarly, your old friends may meet new people and head in different directions too, literally and figuratively.

Change is always scary! But because you’ve been so successful at making friends in the past, it’s likely that being a member of a team with others who share your passion for golf will offer many opportunities to make new friends.

Since you no longer will be in the same classes with your old friends, make a point of planning get-togethers (time-permitting) with those friends you cherish most.

Good luck on your upcoming exams.

Best, Irene

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  1. Amy F says:

    Change, even good change can be difficult. Your friendships will change, and that can be scary, but friendships change all the time and this is a change over which you are taking on exciting new challenges. As you get older, these type changes will happen more frequently. You will go to different colleges or take on other endeavors as an individual rather than as part of the group. You’ll make new friends, but they won’t replace your old ones. They’ll be different. Your good friends will stay close, even if you don’t spend all your time together. Worrying won’t stop change, but you can do things like schedule time together with your friends on weekends, keep in touch by text etc.

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