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In the Media – Attending a wedding without a plus one (Brides)

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If you’re shy, attending a wedding without a “plus one” can be daunting.

Writing for Brides, journalist Jillian Kramer tackles the dilemma of how to ease the anxiety of attending a wedding as a single—when you haven’t been invited to bring a guest.

Kramer writes:

With wedding tables set up to accommodate even, not odd, numbers and the dance floor crammed with gyrating lovebirds, the proverbial wedding decks can seem stacked against single people — especially those denied a plus one by their hosts.

“A single person may be placed at a table with people she barely knows, and feel socially awkward, especially if she is shy,” Levine says. “She could also feel like all eyes are on her, even when they’re not.”

What’s worse, if a woman wants to be married, attending a wedding alone can evoke feelings of self-pity, “even if she feels happy for her friend,” explains Levine. “She may feel left behind.”

In the remainder of the article, she suggests practical ways to get through the night and actually enjoy it. She writes:

Yes, attending a wedding without a plus one can be the pits. But if you can keep things in perspective, you can forget you’re flying solo and really have fun.

“Remember that you are there to celebrate and support your friend,” Levine says. “It’s her important day and just another day for you. By inviting you, your friend has told you that you are an important person in her life.”

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