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Are you or your friends digitivity denizens?

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If you’ve never heard the term before, Ann Mack, director of trend spotting
for JWT (the largest advertising agency in the U.S.), uses the term “digitivity denizens” to describe those of us who straddle
two worlds, the real world and the digital one.


According to a report by Reuters, the agency surveyed more than 1000 Americans to find
out how technology was changing their lives and behavior. We’ve come a long
way, baby. Only a fifth of the respondents said they felt comfortable remaining
offline for a week…

When the agency asked respondents
which they would have the hardest time doing without, the internet trumped cell
phones and telephones. "This is how they communicate, entertain and live,"
says Mack.

Among the survey’s significant findings: the internet is also
changing not only the nature of our friendships but the nature of our sex lives.
More than a quarter of those who responded admitted to spending less time face-to-face
with friends because of their online involvements. A fifth said they had spent
less time for sex because of time spent on the web.

The study didn’t assess whether digital connectivity
enhances or detracts from the real-world relationships of these denizens, some
of whom may be my friends and yours, or whether there are gender differences in
the ways we use the internet to socialize.

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