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Apologizing and Forgiving: Tips from Sandra Lamb

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So often friends don’t know exactly what to say, especially when it feels like a friendship is hanging on by a thread. Personal Notes: How to Write From the Heart for Any Occasion by author and etiquette expert Sandra E. Lamb, provides helpful advice for writing notes for social situations where the rules of etiquette aren’t quite clear. Admittedly, messages intended to apologize or to forgive are among the hardest to write.


"Most women I know can nurse a grudge until it grows a beard," says Lamb. "Even when it fractures a friendship, we often still cling to a grievance. It’s a talent we have."


"Why do we embrace our anger when we feel wronged? Maybe because–for a brief season–it makes us feel warmly righteous. But my experience is that the feeling quickly turns cold, leaving me feeling isolated," she adds.


Friendships are precious, and worth a bit of restoration work when they suffer a bump of disagreement or offense. Take a peek at the delightful little video that Sandy put together; it may provide some help or inspiration. In her book, Personal Notes, she outlines some of the steps to apologizing and forgiving.

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