America can no longer afford to fail our citizens with serious mental illnesses

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This is off-topic but important:

Please read my latest post on HuffPo and check out your own state.

Then do something about it! Tell a friend, call your legislator, and join your local NAMI so you can make a difference .



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  1. starrlife says:

    I knew we had things in common. I can’t say alot about my work but I have worked lifelong helping people with severe major mental illnesses and I’m appalled by the report. it is not merely funding that interferes with adequate services but a profound lack of leadership and philosophical perspective nationally about our relationship to all people with disabilities or “less than’ perfectly employed in our judgemental, harsh, work ethic, capitalistic, greedy, self centered society. My state in particular is crippled by the advocates and lawyers inability to put personal agendas/ideology aside and work constructively to design a system that meets the needs of both the individual and society. It is either a hyperfocus on safety or a hyperfocus on idividuality- neither which are helpful in treatment since there is no way to guarantee safety and there is no individual supremacy in a real community. Gosh- I went on a rant! Loved the article…..

  2. Irene says:

    Your comments mean so much to me! I’m glad that we are kindred spirits!

    Warm regards,


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