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All you have to do is call?

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James Taylor sang about the close bonds of friendship:

Winter, spring, summer, or fall,

All you have to do is call

And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You’ve got a friend.

But sometimes it isn’t that easy. All of a sudden, we become
aware that our female friendships are dwindling and there really isn’t anyone
to turn to or call. Your best friend may have moved across the country or a
misunderstanding may have created a irreconcilable emotional gulf—or you may
have been so consumed by work for months, or even years, that you’ve failed to
nurture friendships that once sustained you. How do you move forward and expand
your network of new friends as an adult?…

Seems like it was easier when we were kids. There were
potential friendships wherever we turned: at school, next door, or on the
playground. High school and college campuses are, perhaps, the most fertile
grounds to strike up friendships that can last a lifetime. But when you’ve
graduated and you’re on your own, what can grownups do to make new friends? In
this morning’s Dallas
Morning News, lifestyle columnist Libby Gill offers several suggestions for
expanding your network of adult friends:

  • Create or join a club of people with like interests: hiking,
    wine-tasting, golf, or books
  • Use volunteer activities to break the ice and meet other
  • Inventory your acquaintances and make an effort to turn the
    more meaningful ones into solid friendships

How have you found opportunities to make new friends as an adult?

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