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Where to go, what to do, and why ladies’ night is essential for your health

by Melissa Fiorenza/HealthyLife
July 5, 2011


The next time you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just in need of a break, drop what you’re doing. Leave the dishes. Put your work away. You’re due for an appointment with your nearest and dearest girlfriends.


"Aside from the pure joy that women experience when they spend a comfortable evening together, a growing body of research suggests that having a network of supportive female friends has both physical and emotional health benefits," says Irene S. Levine, PhD and professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine and producer of "For that reason, some scientists have even called friendship a ‘behavioral vaccine.’"


So what exactly can a spoonful of pal time can provide you? Read on to find out; that way, you’re fully convinced a GNO is worth the extra effort it sometimes takes to throw together.


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  1. Irene says:

    Hi Anne,

    It sounds like your work situation isn’t the best place to forge close friendships. Try to maintain collegial relationships with the people at work: Act friendly but don’t get too personally involved. Instead, cultivate your time forging the kinds of friendship you want out of the office.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Anne Sorrera says:


    I want to share my experience where i felt so bad and hurt. It’s about having friends with my co-employee since i began working in this company. We are 5 as a group and i am the eldest and married among them, i feel out of place every time they talking about their other friends and the fact that i have family already, topics are not interested towards them to discuss. In spite of that, i make myself ease with them because i take it as a normal situation without hesitating tell them some problems personally. I felt like an older sister but most of the time i can’t able to taught them regarding their vices. Every time we had a small conversation i feel left out from the group though i try to deny it to my self but i always felt same way. When i noticed it happens often, i withdrawing my self with them and working on my own. But I’ve it seen so bad and i felt so disgusting. My feelings became worst especially when i saw them talking against me and i feel hurt. I try to find other ways just not to feel this kind of difficulties but i realized we have a same working areas wherein work connection still there. I just to know them that im still ok. and i just want to have a private life. In return, i want to feel that they are still there for me and we still same as before. Though, they are younger than me but i still do understand what are going through. I rather to choose being alone than to feel left out among the group. I want to have a friend where we can share same topics like families, taking care of our children, and other marital subjects. I have nothing against what they want to do because i am happy when i looked at them growing and learning. When i heard a positive news that would appraise them i am first person feel happy because they are still my colleagues.

    What will i do to avoid to feel this bad things? How i will comfort my self against them? Please advice me.

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