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About The Friendship Forums: A Place for You


A number of visitors to The Friendship Blog have asked me to create a place for them to meet and interact with other readers. Although I try to respond to as many questions as I can on the blog, I’m unable to answer them all.


Because I’ve been so impressed with how supportive and caring this community has been to each other, and how much wisdom and experience you have to share—I’ve created The Friendship Forums, as a place for women to get and give advice about a range of topics about friendship. After all, who knows more about our friendships than you do!


You’ll see there are four themes to start and more may be added based on your interests. I may occasionally move threads to a different theme if it seems to be a better fit.


Of course, I’ll continue to respond to individual questions you email to The Friendship Doctor on the blog but you can also post here to get opinions from other women.


Thanks for being so loyal to me, this blog and each other.

Warmest wishes,



Posting Instructions


You can browse through the posts without registering but you need to log in to comment on a previous post or to post a new topic on one of the four forums. Please read the rules below before you do.


Friendship Forum Guidelines 


  • Use a pseudonym to protect your safety and privacy and that of any friends or frenemies you may mention in your post. 
  • No posting of advertisements permitted. 
  • If you own a website with information directly related to the topic being discussed, you may link to that page of your site. Any veiled efforts at self-promotion that aren’t relevant or genuinely helpful will be deleted.
  • Personal attacks on other commenters will not be tolerated. You are free to challenge someone’s point of view, but please do so respectfully. Any posts containing name-calling, profane language or personal attacks will be deleted.
  • Do not post the same topic more than once or in more than one forum. Duplicate discussions will be deleted.
  • Please do not repost anyone else’s work without permission.
  • The Friendship Forum is not responsible for any member-posted information that violates copyright law.

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  1. Susan M. says:

    Dr. Irene,

    I have read through the guidelines, etc., but I can not find the link to register and/or log in to the forums. The closest thing I can find says, “Join Us!”, but it is not an enabled link.

    Can you send me a link?

    Susan Mann

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