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A student is worried about a friend

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When you’re worried about a friend, you need to tell a responsible adult.



My friend has been acting weird lately. She misses school a lot and I have noticed scars on her wrists. I am really scared for her. I don’t want to lose her.

Signed, Worried Friend


Hi Worried Friend,

You have every reason to feel worried about your friend if she is missing school and has scars on her wrists. But this isn’t something you are capable of addressing on your own.

Your email address has a K-12 school extension so I presume you are still in school. I  would suggest you speak to the guidance counselor at your school as soon as possible to get advice about how to handle this situation. The counselor may already have more information about your friend than you do, will know the resources in the community and, hopefully, can reach out and help your friend and her family.

Additionally, when you tell a responsible adult, the burden of knowing something so worrisome won’t be yours alone. I hope you are able to speak to your mom about this as well.

If you do have the opportunity to speak to your friend, express your concern and urge her to speak to her mom or another adult she trusts.

Hope this helps.

My best, Irene

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  1. MaddieB says:

    What a good friend you are.

  2. Laura says:

    Great advice, Irene! A child should not have to carry this burden! Once she tells someone at school and they see it, they will be obligated to act on it.

  3. Amy F says:

    I agree with everything Irene said. I’d also like to add talking to your guidance counselor might feel like “telling on” her, but it’s really not. You’re worried about her and concerned for her safety, that’s being a good friend. If you’re concerned that she’ll be mad at you, she might be at first. It’s better to have a mad friend than one who is hurting herself or worse.
    Good luck. Your friend is lucky to have you in her corner.

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