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8 common friendship problems and how to fix them

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It’s almost as hard to generalize about friendship problems—as it is to figure out how to solve them. Some situations may sound the same or have certain elements in common but when it comes down to the details, every friendship has a different trajectory based on a unique mix of personalities, circumstances and history.

When a serious problem does crop up in a friendship, it’s generally unexpected, disappointing, and very uncomfortable to deal with. Communication is key, but many times we’re at a loss for what to say or how to approach a sticky situation.

When another journalist recently asked me to identify some of the sticky situations that typically occur among followers of this blog, the 8 scenarios listed below were ones that seemed to recur frequently. I’ve provided a suggestion or two for resolving each of them.  


Your friend is too busy to make plans, breaks plans, and can’t be counted upon.


Make sure she’s aware of what she’s doing; let her know she’s disappointed you; and ask her to be more reliable. If the problem persists, you may need to dilute the friendship by seeing her less frequently and/or relying on more reliable friends.


You can’t stand your friend’s boyfriend or spouse. 


It’s her partner, not yours—and you don’t have to like him. What attracts two people can be hard to quantify or understand. If you don’t like her choice, try to carve out ways to spend time together with her, without him. You can say how you feel but don’t try to talk her out of the way she feels. Of course, if you think her choice of partner is self-destructive, let her know that and try to be there for her.


Your friend is infertile and you’re pregnant, again. 


Do everything you can to be sensitive to your friend’s feelings but the difficulties she’s having may be so painful that it’s hard for her to be around you. Continue to be empathetic, refrain from talking about children and childbearing constantly, and don’t be surprised if she needs some space.


You and your friend were attached at the hip and now have nothing to say to each other.


Your lives may have become so divergent that the friendship isn’t what it once was. Friendships have their ups and downs, and few of them last forever. See if you can figure out what’s wrong by talking about it. If it’s a matter of you, her, or both of you having changed,  try to maintain a more distant connection without cutting off the friendship entirely.


You feel like you and your child are being excluded by a group of mothers. 


Ouch! The only thing more painful than feeling left out is feeling like your child is left out. See if you can talk to one or more of the parents to see if you can maintain a relationship with her (or them) apart from the group. It might also be wise to try to meet new moms and kids.


Your colleague, with whom you are close friends, is taking advantage of your friendship by slacking off on her work. You were recently promoted and made her supervisor. 


It’s unfortunate that she’s done this. To preserve the friendship and maintain productivity at work, you need to speak to her and clearly define your expectations of her performance in the workplace.


You have introduced your best friend to another friend of yours and the two of them no longer include you in their plans. 


Although this feels rotten, friend poaching happens more often than you might think. Perhaps, the two of them just hit it off. You can see if you can maintain a relationship with one or the other of the two but, unfortunately, if you can’t, you may need to find a new best friend. 


Your friend has dumped you without an explanation and you need “closure.” 


After a friendship has gone south, it’s nice when two people have a common understanding of what happened and why—but this isn’t always possible. Often, friends don’t give us that opportunity. You can let the dust settle and try to talk to her again but you may need to achieve closure on your own by letting go and moving on.

What are some other common problems you’ve observed or experienced that could be added to the list?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I and my friend have been good friends for 4 years.We fought many times but always resolved it.But this time it was huge.My friend asked me for my rubber band and I gave it to her.I wanted my rubber band back so I asked her instead she threw the rubbar band at me and brought up all the previous arguments and also addede new misunderstanding.I tried to explain her but this time she didn’t wanna hear anything .I was completely helpless I have only four friends here.One day in anger she told me to leave the room in which I was living with her.So I shifted to other room.She also said to leave the pg as she brought me to the pg.Due to this argument I am not able to behave properly with my other 3 friends.I don’t wanna lose them too.She also said I don’t have any friends and that everyone thinks of me badly.It has been 3 weeks since then and I don’t know what to do .I am totally clueless.I feel lonely and this is a big shock to me.I have started thinking everything bad and these thoughts are not going.Please help me .Do I wait Because I can’t anymore.Also for now I am living in other room.

  2. Tharrsh says:

    Im having some problem with my best friend ( his a guy) and thinking should i solve it or not because tis is the second time im having tis problem. So tis is wat happened, my best frend his actually close to me and my other friend. For him we both girls are the close girl best friend he has n he feels find when his with us. Just past fews days i feel like his ignoring me n more close to her. That day in my class he was sitting in the middle on his left is my other friend n on his right was me, i was talking to him n he did talk to me after that he totally ignore me completly n talking to her its was like i was not ter at all so i kept quit because i was so upset he did that. Everytime when we 3 together most of the time i have been ignore only they 2 will be talking t each other. As i said im going through tis problem for the 2nd time n i feel like dnt wanna solve it but at the same time i feel unhappy because we are not close to each other like we use to be. Because of tis i feel so unhappy n i can’t focus on another. Its really bothering me alot. Im afraid if we talk things might get diffrent because and the same time if we dnt solve it..it will be keep bothering me. Im not sure what am i suppose to do.

    • Louy says:

      The same situation im in, my bestfriend has me and friend but when we r sitting together she doesnt talk to me and ignore i felt sooo upset that even though i have board exam i keep remembering why she doesnt talk to me she only talk to me when shes alone

  3. Agony says:

    Ok so my friend posted private info of me online and I blocked her because And now she fighting with my sister and she knew her when she was 9!!!!!! And now there fighting physically

  4. TIMPaul says:

    Hi! I have a problem with my bestfriend. One day I see my bestfriend to a friend and they get closer so he ignored me. After an hour, I see them in a rush going to our teacher. After another hour, I can’t find my bestfriend. I thought that he went to home and he did not have a conversation with before he left to school. What should I do? Will I continue or I will break it up since it is the second time he did it?

  5. Nicole says:

    My Best friend and I were very close. We used to go out allot and have fun, but then early this month she called me: weird,annoying,fat,ugly, and has not been there for me. She leaves the groups I made for me and my friends. I tried to confront her through text. Here is what she replied
    Message: But really no offense I did not say that “you are talking to your self” and no offense your really annoying…sorry but its real and true ?
    The next day I tried avoiding her and and not talking to her. Earlier this day she put her arm around my shoulder and I simply ran off. Just a few hours ago I deleted her number, but she knows my number so she just adds me back. Shes been saying “are you mad?” “are you mad at me?” “are you okay?” like she never knew what happened. Since I’m really shy and always want to be polite and not embarrass people I just stay silent.I feel really really bad and I don’t know what to do. I really want us to be friends again.
    What should I do?

    • Max says:

      You know what i had the same problem do you wan to know how to go back, make your self that you don’t know her and go to any other friend you have talk laugh and have fun when she talks to you don’t answer until you and her alone in one room no body is with you then you will talk to her and then back to old times

      • Samantha says:

        I totally agree. I had and still have friendship issues like this, and one of my friends entirely ended our friendship because I cried when she kicked me. If you realize or think about how she has acted toward you, your entire friendship, then that can help you. If then you do still realize you want to be friends with her still, gradually start talking to her. Not maybe as much as normal, just go in baby steps.

    • Esme says:

      Just don’t be friends because she clearly does not see how much that message affected you. If you don’t want to confront this situation in a way that will embarrass you or her, message her explaining everything. It is not okay to call someone annoying in that horrible way and then try to forget about it and not even apologise.

  6. Yarrr says:

    Me and my best friend have been best friends fo§r 7 years already. Today, i went out with an other friend. And then we met with my bestie and my other friend. They asked us if they could join us and we said that we had something to do. At first, she wasn’t showing any form of anger (personally if I was she i wouldn’t be). But then when I came up to talk to her she was like: I’m not allowed to stay with you and your friend?! Tomorrow me and “name of the other friend” we will be busy and you will stay all alone!
    Like if I didn’t have any other friend than her.
    I find that she’s pity.. but she’s my best friend. What should i do? Is she jealous?

  7. Claire says:

    My best friend’s seat got moved in school and one day when she arrived at school she ran away hugged the girl she sits beside linked arms and ran away at after that she’s been so rude for example when i asked her how was her weekend she freaked out and said “u don’t need to know everything!!”I gave her some space but she’s ignoring me more and she hardly talks to me and in class she does gestures of saying haha if I get something wrong I turned talking about it but she says that she did nothing and that’s not rude and walked away she only texts me only when she needs something I even tried talking to the girl that she sits beside and she’s also a very close friend but not my best friend and she said they are BFFS and whenever I talk to someone she. Drags them away, what should I do

  8. floor bean says:

    so my friend group has been a little tense recently. I think that some of us have taken some things a little too personally and there are some misunderstanding. crackers wants everyone to get along and says whats wrong and be upfront with each other, but spicy is still a little salty. skid dude and idk bro are just trying to make things right again and fight through the awkward stage. maybe everyone should just clear the air and say what’s really on their mind so we can all continue to be the best of friends. -sweaty egg and floor bean

  9. Mikay says:

    What can i do? My friends didn’t talk to me since yesterday and i didn’t know the reason. I tried to talk to them but there’s no response, i tried to chat and text them but no replies. What can i do? I didn’t know what to d. Help me please?

    • Nicole says:

      Try to talk to them. Say to them what you feel. Maybe they’re just busy or maybe worse they’re not true friends. Ask them why they didn’t reply, and maybe they were studying or having bond time with family.

  10. Ally says:

    I know everyone and everything is saying that just find new friends EVEN THIS (its Problem 7) But i cant find any ne friends i have some friends but i dont know hoe to make them Bffs

  11. Dhila says:

    My friends just called me, one of them told me that they are a good talker but she always complain until someone has to tell her that she is conplaining. I told her that i deserve to die because i felt that i gave up my life but im still here alive when someone motivated me. After i ended the call,none of my “friends” text me, so I conclude that they really want me to die or they don’t believe me and don’t forgive me. I was also tricked by one of them, she was talking about how she wish that she wanted to say that the other two “friends” I have are bad friends because of what they did, so, I told my “friend” who is in control about what my other friend said( the bad friends) in the end, we created a friendship problem and they said I lied. One of them is close to the other for 10 years so obviously, the one who is in control believed what the other one( the bad friend part) said. I can’t believe this!!!

  12. Ashh says:

    So my friend Annie and I were supposed to sit with each other on the bus. Then my friend Cardy said that she wanted to sit with me but I was already sitting with Annie so I told Cardy that I was sitting with Annie and Cardy got so angry that she just walked away. So when I sat with Annie, Cardy got angry and started telling everyone about it. And my best friend found out and now she is very angry with me. They leave me out of everything now.:-(

    • Nicole says:

      Okay,your friend is clearly taking things way too far. Try to make time for your friend Annie and for your friend Cardy.If that still doesn’t work tell a parent or go to someone you trust. Also try to make new and reliable friends. Hopefully things will get better.

  13. Lisa says:

    I’m crying right help me.Just now I was message with my best friend and I told her that I have secret to tell so I tell that (friends name)➡️ Yuki,Amiera,Aniisah and Marion…..they are fake friend because when you go toilet or somewhere they will came to me and talk bad about you.Suddenly,her mom message me that I was a liar.I’m crying because I told the truth.After 5 minutes her mom screenshot my message and send to the group and say don’t friend with this girl because she a liar.I fell so shame.Maybe I never friend with she long time ago………now what I should do.Last Thursday we had maths exam,the exam was hard but I can do.I hear she whispered but I don’t know what she whispered after A MINUTEI realized that she ask the people the answer,she copying the answer but should I tell her mom about that? HELLP ME, please I’m crying.????? my mother don’t know about this but in the group all my friend all my favorite teachers the will never friend with me forever the teachers never like me anymore PLEASE HELP ME I NEEED HELPP I NEED TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM

  14. Libelo says:

    Hello. I need some advice. For almost 9 years I considered her as my best friend. However, I thought that for her I’m not her best friend. She seldom open up when she has a problem.One time, I saw her FB posts that she’s thankful to someone for being a good listener. I felt like I’m not there for her since she asked someone to listen on her problems and never told me anything about it. I’m just frustrated since I thought I’m her best friend.

    These days, I’m contemplating if she ever considered me as her best friend. I always felt when we are together that she’s not being on her true self. I just wanted her to be comfortable to me just like when she’s with her other friends.

    Now, I’m thinking that it’s better if I don’t expect anything from her. I’ll now consider her as one of my friends.i’ll never expect her to disclose her problems, never expect her to be always there when I feel down, never expect her to ask me if anything is wrong or if I’m okay, never expect her to have fun with me, never expect her to let me in on her own world. I’ll just leave her alone since she’s never there on the first place.

  15. Jenny says:

    Me and my bestie have no classes together, and we r growing apart. Also she puts things in insta about her other friend, but never puts anything about me. I rlly want us to get close like we used to be. What do I do??

    • Nicole says:

      Try to talk to her, and tell her about how you two feel like are growing apart. Take a selfie together and maybe post it on social media. Try to know her other friend and try to make a group of friends. Even though you two are not in the same class try to eat together with them at lunch. 🙂

  16. farnaz says:

    Hi I’m farnaz and I’m 17.
    I have a friendship problem.
    my friend and i are friends for about 5years.but it’s been 3years that i don’t get the chance to see her every week … because we are not in same highschools.and we used to talk to each other every day.like every hour!
    But now that I’m so attached to her i feel like we are really not good friends.because it feels so bad that you talk to your friend in whatsapp and then after 3month when you see her you don’t really have any sbj. To talk about!
    And now i tell her to go out with me but she says she can’t and then she goes out with some other people!and im not a kind of person to talk about my feeling. ..so what should i do????????????I’m going insane. .. should i break our friendship? ????

  17. Fanny says:

    I’m Fanny
    In march one of my friends confessed his love for me…
    I didn’t know what to say cause he was a good friend I didn’t wanted to hurt him. Our friends insisted and I said yes and we were in a relationship for 2 and a half month only….
    I was okay tge first week but I felt him being clingy afterwards I was getting irritated by the love shit and he was serious as he mentioned it at times….
    I brokeup with him 2 weeks ago
    I explained him the whole situation but he wanted to stay and was not letting go….
    We argued alot and I felt more annoyed because he was not getting my point but at the end he left the arguement and broke our friendship along with the relationship
    I felt sad for him but I was okay because it was better to say the truth than to be fake
    Now the problem is all my friends of our group
    We had a group of friends 3 girls and 2 boys
    Other than him
    The other guy is a very beloved friend he is not happy with our breakup and he just started ignoring me eversince he came to know about us parting ways
    And most of our friends other than the group are unhappy with me
    Now I don’t know what was wrong if I thought something this way I was just being honest…..

    • farnaz says:

      You actually did the right thing.that you had the courage to tell him the truth is so important. Give your friends a little time and they will be fine

  18. n d says:

    hii i am nishit,i am 17, i am very tired now.my best friends not ignor me but they dont call me they dont email msg nothing,they was my bestie since 2003,but before one year their behaviar changed.they go for dinner and many sites for fun,but they dont call me.in past we were went togather.nowadays sometimes they ignor me.

    i am very dipress now.what should i do.i have many friends but they are my bastie.thats why i am depressed,

    nowadays i dont want to see their face. what shold i do.

    • friendlyLOL says:

      Hi there! 🙂 Dont be too anxious, dont let this thing eat you. If they’re really your friends, you could ask them. If what’s wrong and what is going on. 🙂 But may be its also time for you to go outside, and meet new friends 🙂 And this time, dont expect anything from them, dont depend your happiness to other people, It’s all up to us. Delete all the hatred in your heart so you could add space for happiness. Continue to be good to them, no hard feelings, be satisfied for what you are now because satisfaction begets happiness! 🙂

  19. Andreas says:

    Hello my name is Andreas and i have a huge problem so it all started at daycare i was a aloen guy and diden’t get alot of friends but then school came and i met this guy lets call him jack. This was my first friendship and i felt so happy later for about 1 year later we become best friends 3 years later a guy named lets call him mark and another guy joined the class so mark asked what i liked and i told him i liked planes and flying he said he loved that too and we became best friends and jack figured that out and the other guy that joined our class made good friendship with jack (i diden’t 100% know if thay became best friends). 2 years later mark told me that he lied to me about loving planes (oh and not only did he make lies about the plane loving he also made alot of other lies to get the frindship strong) then i became mad at him next lesson was historie and we were watching a movie about WW2 and while we were watching that i was sad inside and i wisepered to mark “i want my life reseted” then while watching the movie i thought of the friendship me and jack had and i… wanted him back but jack already quited the other guy that joined the class 2 years before and now my life has been in depression since what should i do?

  20. Amanda says:

    Hello. I have this problem where I talk way too much about the negatives in my life to my friends and/or general people that can’t help me anyway except by showing support. I know how hard it gets, because I’ve felt that way too with some people I’ve talked to, but it feels like I’m powerless in stopping myself from unloading all my problems on certain friends. I’m suspecting this bad habit of mine had a rather large role in my latest relationship ending, too.
    It frustrates me so much because I’m aware that I shouldn’t just talk to people about my problems all the time, and even when I make an active effort to stop doing it, it doesn’t seem to stop! My ex told me that he felt drained from “only ever talking about bad stuff lately”, and that was AFTER I’d really tried to talk about good things… I don’t understand how I keep repeating this mistake? It’s right in front of my eyes so why can’t I fix it?

    Years earlier, I got really distanced from my then-best friend because she started hanging out with others and generally not being herself. And so I kept asking what I had done, but she just said that it wasn’t because of me. However, my parents suggested that it might’ve been because my friend and I sorta bonded over how shitty we thought high school was etc. We were all around very negative people, but in a kinda tongue-in-cheek way. I think that all this contributed to her depression, which in turn caused her to distance herself from me because I reminded her of bad feelings.
    We’re on good terms again now, though and I’m happy about that.

    But let me get to the point… See, this morning, I got a message from a girl I befriended during my time in art school. She lives way up in the northernmost part of the country, so now that school is over, we naturally don’t see each other that often (it’s been over a year since I last met her, in fact). Hers was a reply to a message I’d sent a few days before where I asked for her advice on something else in my break-up situation. My friend is very supportive and has been through a lot herself too, so I always felt safe talking to her about things. She’s very wise.
    But her reply was about me “only contacting her when I have a problem”, and it made me feel really bad. I had a feeling that maybe I should try asking someone else for advice, and be a little more lighthearted with her for once, but I went ahead and did it anyway, and now I feel really bad because I bet she thinks I’m just using her as my “emotional tampon” or something… I’ve apologized of course, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. I don’t want another friend to start avoiding me because I can’t shut up about my problems… Please, can you help me?

    • Claud says:

      Perhaps you should try writing all your thoughts and emotions onto a diary/ journal book and figure out what has been troubling you. Acknowledge how you feel and why it has been troubling you. What has been the main source. Maybe ask for some advice from your family members. Then if they can’t really sort it out, ask your friend.

    • Claud says:

      Amanda, Perhaps you should try writing all your thoughts and emotions onto a diary/ journal book and figure out what has been troubling you. Maybe ask for some advice from your family members. Then if they can’t really sort it out, ask your friend.

    • hope says:

      Hi Amanda! I also suggest the same thing like Claud suggested try to have a diary where you can put all your thoughts.And also let us be reminded that Friendship is a give and take relationship. In every conversation we had with our besties, lets make sure that its not all ’bout ourself, not all about our rant. WE must not forget to let them talk about theirs also. And as a friendly advice, let us learn to let go of bad memories. Okay. After that “shakening situation”, its okay to be sad, but stand up, learn your lesson and apply it and then move on and dont let yourself be stucked in it. So the next time, you could also share good memories with your friends,and in that way you could also pass your happiness. Okay? okay.

  21. Moose says:

    My best friend that I had known for 4 years is starting to be rude to me. She tells me what to say and what not to say to a friend of hers. Yesterday at school, she threatened to kick me (not as a joke she was dead serious) if I don’t get in the correct order in line. She blames her problems pn me and she acts as if I’m the drama queen!! She laughed when I said I was crying because of spiders and then she said I was overreacting! She pushes me and tries to change what I wear, my attitude, how fast I run, etc. and she says that she’s just helping me. I don’t think that she’s a true friend. Please help..

    • Samantha says:

      my friends have done exactly the same things to me. I know that it is upsetting and frustrating, but the best bet is to probably just slowly try and grow away from them. Maybe still talk Everyonce in a while, maybe become aquaintances, but I wouldn’t stay true friends with her.

  22. Michelle says:

    I’m losing my best friend and don’t know what went wrong

  23. Complicated story says:

    I have this friend that i have known since we where 4 years old who i really dont want to lose. All though she isn’t letting me get close to any other people. Whenever i get close to someone else who is popular she becomes a different person and does stuff behind my back. Although she doesnt care about our friendship anymore because she has a lot of friends. All of the people she’s friend with i am friends with too but they would choose her over me. Honestly she is keeping me from becoming more popular (which i dont really care about that much except when she says atuff to make them dislike me) and i dont know why. We where the best friends anyone could ever want to be.when we where 7 atleast i miss those days. I go to a small school where there aren’t many choices for friends so this makes it impossible to get a real group of friends. My friend i know uses this against me by taking advantage of me and since i called her out on it she is mad at me and made every one if my friends mad at me. Sorry this is not good writing because its kind of random but please reply.

  24. Fizzy says:

    Try tell her you were being stupid and didn’t mean it ( of you did tuff luck bruh ) and try make up. i love internet so this does work ( most of the time.. ) Try give her a laugh and you’ll be fine lad.

  25. Kay says:

    I spent my 20’s being the life of the party, with more friends than I could count and about 15 girls I considered best friends. Then I met my husband, settled down, got married, bought a house, etc. Between him, our demanding careers, our pets, our families, financial constraints, etc. I just can’t find time for friends anymore. I’m still close with my sisters and cousins who were always in my core group. But sometimes I feel guilty for not trying to make more time for my old friends. Honestly we don’t have much in common anymore. They still like to party and they’re always having some type of drama going on. Is it ok for me to just let go of these friendships?

    • Eddie says:

      Sure, let go of your friendships all you want; however, when you need someone outside your family and husband, don’t expect them to come back to support you, especially if you’ve let them go.
      Sure, life changes us, but if those friendships really mattered, you’d find some way to continue to include them.

  26. Trish says:

    Hello! My fiancee’s best friend and his wife have ditched us entirely after a good 1 and a half years of couples’ friendship and we are baffled. The guys were friends for over 20 years and spend the majority of their time together when they were single or even during relationships. In fact, my fiancee and I dated 10 years ago and split due to immaturity/jealousy issues but got back 3 years ago because, immaturity aside, we missed each other and everything else is solid so I remember hanging with this best friend and his ex at the time and it was great. After 1 year of dating my fiancee, this time around, the best friend starting dating someone and poof within 1 year and a half they were married and pregnant. We all hung out during the dating phase, we were even their only friends at their wedding and continued our dinner dates during the pregnancy. After she gave birth we did not see them for 6 months so we started to have a clue that weren’t the greatest friends at this point but what happened next was truly unexpected. They started to have marrital issues, which one day out of the blue (with no prior intimate conversations) she just started calling me crying her about her husband’s abusive yelling at her meanwhile the best friend was not saying anything to my fiancee. This continued for months and I started to feel uncomfortable as the best friend was calling my fiancee less and less and seemed less interested in him which I found deplorable considering the good friend my fiacee has always been to him (ex: generous, gave him free stuff, hired him when he needed extra cash and always put the bigger effort). Finally we actually met their child a few times and then they hit rock bottom in their relationship with an account of domestic violence. I mostly listened and tried to be as nutral as possible while she said really bad things about her husband and tried to offer positive encouragemet and not get mixed into their stuff. Then, they patched things, apparently, and made a rule that we were not to call them after 7:30 at night during the weekday because their daughter would be sleeping. I suggested many dinners and stuff like that but she seemed distant and just like that they were gone. While, in retrospect, it is no big loss to us as we have seen their true selfish colors I can’t help wonder…What happened??

  27. My friend messed with my sister so I went and showed her how pissed I was online. Then we had an argument and she said she didn’t want to fight Bout small things. I said I didn’t too but not to do it again, then she left the group! I don’t know what to do, she lives in my condo after all, I don’t know if I should resolve it or be mad and show how much my sister means to me and what I’ll do if they mess with her. Should I avoid her? But she lives In my condo, this talk will go on for days, what should i do?

  28. Isabella says:

    Me n my friend got in a fight over this book that had rules in it n she did one of the rules that my other friend made a kept blaming her problems on me n kept saying I made the rules she had got out of hand n I had gave her a best friend necklace for Christmas but she lost then she said the necklace was stupid n then started talking abt me were in the same home room class but we have different classes at different time so this other girl tht don’t like me try to be Best friends with her n she accept it so she started talking abt me behind my back n that girl tht was took my friend had change her scent that girl that took my friend n replace me she had change her personality n now she acting just like the girl tht hates me which tht girl does bad bad things so she got my ex best friend in to wanted to fight me n her other friends this all happen over a book nna necklace what should I do ?????????

  29. Sunny says:

    I told my friend I would show up to something but something came up so I couldn’t go. This isn’t the first time this has happened since the events are weekly. She accused me of lying because I gave her 2 reasons of which I listed. I guess she misunderstood and thought I was lying. Now she’s mad and I’ve been avoiding her to make things less complicated. I mean I don’t like being accused of lying but she’s still my best friend. What should I do?

    • Lillian says:

      Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. She’s the one who needs to figure out that she misunderstood. You could talk to her about it but there’s not much you can do in that situation.

  30. silviiia says:

    recently I found I was having problems with my best friend he was angry with me because I did not come to show his birthday but I already apologized and tried to comfort her back I was confused so that my friends can forgive me back but it turns out I found him further away I can you help me solve this problem?

    • god help you . says:

      god with you

      • Anne says:

        I understand how you feel.Guys feel the need to be reassured of their relationships even if they don’t know it. They feel that they could loose youover someone they think is beter than them so they distance themselves, afraid to get too hurt. Just reassure him

  31. Honeylemon says:

    Last year, i found a new circle of friends..i instantly became very close with one girl..but that girl didnt really like my friend(classmate) and started to talk bad abt her..at some point,even i didnt like my classmate(maybe i must be influenced) and stopped hanging out with my classmate.After really getting to know the girl who i recently became close with started to annoy me like hell.She is just not the type of friend i wanted to have in my life..i even tried to accept her the way she is but she just keep on disappointing me..i distanced myself from her and just become her casual friend.Now my ‘casual friend’ is very close with my friend (classmate) and they started hanging out like best friends.I spend alot of time caring about them when they were my friend.Now their friendship has become some kind of a stressful thing to me.

    • gemma says:

      I have honestly been in the same place… it might anoy you at first and also be angry about it at some point … but maybe you should try hanging out with new people ,and if you still want to hang out with them … why dont you hang out with one of them alone …cause you might feel like the third wheel … and also if you think that you can fine words easily .. i mean you speak whats on your mind easy.. why dont you talk to the girl that used to say bad things about your classmate.. ??

  32. ana says:

    i have 2 friends but there leaving me out and sometimes the talk about me behind my back and one of my friend only cares about her self i´ve many chances i dont know what to do i think i should no be their friend anymore and they are my only friends the problem is that they are not including me to play with them they said that they were not playing tag but they were and they didnt even ask me.

    • Nailah says:

      I feel the same way Esha was my friend and now she’s acting all that. We were so close and she said she wanted to move because of me like omg I have feelings too. I didn’t even do anything to her. I wish she could just move away now because I don’t like her no more.im just pretending to be her friend to see what she does. We always have fights and it all because of her. She started a fight on my other friend Natasha’s birthday and ruined her day.wish she could just go away.then she goes talking stuff she doesn’t know and making everyone go against me

  33. SalMinaJ says:

    A close friend of mine just dumped me recently and I don’t really care. As long as I know I have better things to do in life , that should be enough for me. Usually,when you are deeply emotionally broke down or they reached to their certain level of success , their actions and words towards you defines everything. Showing them your weakness side can actually make peoples’day.

  34. twentyfiveleaves says:

    well as for me, I am 13. and 1 day, my best friend decided to bond with 3 people that we are not really close with although we are a clique. Initially, my best friend and I have 2 cliques; we always stick to 1 clique and neglected the other one[which is the 3 people she decided to bond with.]1 day, I got really upset and my clique broke. As for the clique we bond a lot with, they always sided my best friend and therefore resulted in many problems with the clique.. and 2clique broke.it was really very depressing for me, I even tried to suicide and all because I realised I was at fault. I apologized sincerely a total of 7 times per person and nothing worked.to be honest, after both clique broke, I found a clique where I am actually pretty welcomed. But for this clique, I realised that they aren’t suitable for my type like probably because they are over obedient and unlike my 2cliques, we are always vulglar and all and we rant everything together. But one day, my best friend, suddenly got nice with me. I betrayed 1 of my friend and told her that she calls her a ”step bitch” but this 1 friend of mine actually helped me when I was ”kicked” by the clique. And when my best friend complains about her, I told her too. so basically , I betrayed both side and this is like the biggest regret of my life I swear. I could have just accepted the new clique that I’ve got and bond with them and I could have just stayed at friends with my ex bestfriend but instead everything went wrong. oh well, it was like a 8v1. I was alone, and they are all against me in whatsapp group and started talking craps and mean comments about me so to be honest It should be school hours now but instead I skipped school as I was really super upset and afraid to see so many people against me and I just couldn’t live as happily as how I should be. all in all, please remember that betraying is something that will tear all of u apart and at the end of the day you’ll be left with nothing.

  35. Margot says:

    I have had 3 big friendship problems over the past 7 years, I’m in yr 6. One time my friend Adele and I have been best friends for about 2 years, then a new girl came and i let her into my group with adele. One day adele changed the way she thought of me and went off with the new girl Lana. She became a real Bitch and spread rumours about me and convincing my friends and that i said rude things about them. They all turned their back on me. But i found new friends that stood up for me. But Lana was a perfect student in school so the teachers always believed her not me – i was telling the truth. It went on like this for 1 year and 4 months. I am graduating soon and i hope to never see Lana ever again. Because no one should suffer like i did.
    My advice is to go and look for people who aren’t caught up in drama, its not worth it. Good luck to all of you…Xx

  36. Kathy says:

    My friend and I have been besties for 15 yrs. Love her to pieces but she has begun to act embarrassing. ..never shuts up, same stories about stuff nobody cares about, loud, obnoxious. 52 yrs old and still very thin and pretty but acts like she is still 25. I can barely stand to be around her…but I know what a great person she is and don’t want to end the friendship!
    From the obnoxious chick’s BFF

  37. Ed Cannings says:

    I have a girl friend and every day we are together, she lives one place and I live another, but I drive and we do things together. I am 85 and she is 83.
    She has a son who is married, and they call me the baby setter. They both work and I fit in fine, I take her places like doctor, trips etc., I am a little concerned about her family should something happened, death, break-up. I have a will. Can her family in any why be a problem, distributing funds to my family should I pass on, Alberta laws is my concern. I don`t wont them to crate any promblems in my death, or a break-up, not that I,m thinking of that at present. Can you give me any advice?

    • Laura says:

      Ed, your relationship sounds amazing! You are both so lucky.

      You need to speak with an attorney about estate planning. No one here can help you with that.

    • Irene says:

      How nice that you have a girlfriend whose company you enjoy and vice versa.
      If you are concerned about your will and assets after you pass away, you really need legal advice from someone familiar with Albert laws.

      Best, Irene

  38. Can't say says:

    Want a bullet point version?
    o Had a BFFFFFFFFFFFF for 1 1/2 – 2 yrs
    o she met another popular girl
    o friendship ruined
    the [profanity removed by moderator] end

  39. Christina says:

    My best friend Sequioa threated me but I don’t know why all she said was I will never talk to you and I never will. But I said “Why would you say that” and she said because her best friend Geneva but this website is just perfect. But her best friend Geneva laughs on purpose a lot.

  40. Syd says:

    My friend is always begging for attention and she makes all the boys her slaves. She even makes them dump her lunch tray. She doesn’t even aknowledge me and insta and she posted a list of friends that I wasn’t on. She used to be my best friend but now she looks at me like I’m stupid. She acts better than me. I know she wasn’t raised that way.

    • Dina says:

      Move on . Talk about this with your parents . You can’t stick with just 1 friend. Find new friends. Never talking trash about this person because it’ll get worse if she knew it. Always think positive like ” god loves her” . Stay calm , positive and detached

      • shadow says:

        lol just try to get more atractive ya know cause she might, possibly like you try to see what she does if you get a bunch of girls seround chu & do the same in insta it may work

    • kaipa says:

      If you don’t like the way she is now, then just leave her and find a new friend, it isn’t that hard if you’re a good person [you sound like a good person ^^] and never EVER go with the flow. You need to be who you really are, don’t let a douchey friend stop you, trust me, I know. She is not better than you if she doesn’t have enough energy to dump her own tray. If she is trying to prove in some sick way that she is, just know that it means you are better and she wants to just prove you wrong. Hope this helped, good luck!

  41. Dina says:

    Me and my friend ( classmate ) got in a huge arguments . I already make my apologize to her . But she didnt seem to make up with me. The next day (friday) she didnt came to school. This is hard for me. Plus , this girl is sitting next to me in our class. Help me. I will not giving up on her. We both involved in same school project. This is going to be awkward.

    • Jess says:

      honestly, if she keeps it up.. Just find someone better, Like i have more friends on the internet than irl.
      Try show who you are to her and add her into groups and activities but, if she just becomes a pain then.. Its time you find a new branch. find new friends that have the same hobbies, give yourself inner peace, if she’s the only one in your class that your friends with because there not the same or have your same hobbies, then try get to know them either way, because you don’t know if your from the same Branch until you get to know them. and don’t be shy in life! you have this one chance! its fun to have friends! but even better to make friends!

  42. sara says:

    my problem is my friend allwes run from me she dont want to play with me i dont know whay

  43. Phoebe says:


  44. Wanda says:

    My so called best friend has been ditching me for a girl I don’t like and when My bestie and I hangout we both talk shit on that girl..Now my best friend is posting all this crap about how much she loves this girl. Wtf..Aren’t best friends supposed to hate the same people and not lie..

    • Farah says:

      This sucks. Talk to your friend about it and explain the situation because honestly if i was you, i would want a good reason for all the crap your friend has done.
      Tip: don’t talk to your friend in front of the girl you talked shit about her.
      If “your friend” doesn’t respect what you did, just move on because no lair is worth you god damn time gurrll. They’re a lot of fish in the sea – said someone

      • Eli says:

        Well, I got almost the same problem but it’s a bit different. I had a best friend (sorry I have to talk in the past now :c) and we were the best BFFs in the world. But one day, she got really close to her cheerleaders friends and she forgot me. And she met the girl I never liked because she dumped me for no valuable reason… So now I got useless and got replaced by the girl I hate. The thing is I don’t know if I should make efforts to talk to her again (it’s been 3 weeks I’m trying) or just move on (even if I can’t) :/

    • Jess says:

      People change in life but, this girl, she might be better than you think, try be nice to her and she might also and the you’ll have another friend.

  45. Unsaid says:

    My friend and I have been getting Chrismas gifts for each other for over 5 years now. This year however, I was the only one that gave a gift to her, her husband and her children. Not that money means anything but I spent I pretty penny on their gifts… I know this sounds petty and I shouldn’t be upset but my feelings are hurt. I realize times are tight and tough right now but the least she could have done was gotten me a Christmas card. I appreciate that more than a gift. Anyway, do I approach this situation or do I just let it go?

    • Laura says:

      Gifts are voluntary, so you need to let it go. If you feel she is downgrading your friendship adjust accordingly next year.
      Another thought, money could be a problem and she’s ashamed to say so.

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