7 Ways to make a friend feel special on Valentine’s Day

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For many women, Valentine’s Day means much more than hearts, chocolates, and roses; the affection they feel on that day extends beyond lovers to their close friends and relatives, too.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or the Día del amor y la Amistad (Day of Love and Friendship)—as do many Latin Americans—February 14th offers a perfect opportunity to show affection for close friends, who add so much to our lives.

Since even the strongest of friendships needs to be nurtured, here are 7 ways to let your closet friends know how important they are to you on Valentine’s Day (or any other day of your choosing):

1)  Say it in words. Call her or write her a card, note or email telling her just how much her friendship means to you. After all, Valentine’s Day gives everyone license to act a bit more affectionate than usual.

2)  Remind her visually. Send her a photo of a wonderful time you had together in the past and tell her how happy it makes you feel that you’re still friends after all those years.

3)  Give her the gift of time. Instead of continually saying, "We have to get together," make concrete plans. Get out your electronic calendar or datebook and set a time when you can spend quality time together—even if it’s just over a cup of coffee.

4)  Plan a getaway or trip together. Perhaps you’ve both been busy and haven’t seen each other for a while. Your lives have diverged yet you still feel like you’re kindred spirits. Make a relaxed spa date or commit to a weekend when you have uninterrupted time to make new memories.

5)  Weave her into the fabric of your life. If she’s single and you’re married with children, invite her to join one or more of your family traditions. If you think she might enjoy the company of another close friend of yours, introduce them to each other. Introduce her to your mother, sister or cousin.

6)  Suggest that you both read the same book or go to a movie so you can talk about it afterwards. It can be a great springboard for discussing feelings and values.

7)  If something has recently gotten in the way of your friendship and you believe you may have been at fault, don’t be too big to apologize.

Have you recently shown a friend how much you care? What did you do?

In memory to my Dad who died on Valentine’s Day, 2006

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  1. Irene says:

    He died on Valentine’s Day, which was my parent’s 60th anniversary too.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write your note and for thinking of me!



  2. Cindy says:

    Dear Irene,

    I just read your Valentine’s Day Post. Just want to say I am sorry for the loss of your Father. May his soul be in eternal peace…

    Blessings, Love And Peace In Abundance To You…

  3. donna says:

    The scent of dark chocolate sweetened the room
    I am forever comforted by the strength of his loving embrace
    He held me within the silky warm golden sheets now tussled and twisted over the bed
    Soft music wafts of our favorite romantic melodies into the chilly ever darkening space
    I leave this room where we lie and I am transported to another place
    Somewhere, I know not of
    But he is there with me
    The stimulating sensation of his lips and his breath as they whisper over my shoulder gives cause to my shudder
    The tastes of his tender kisses are as sweet as the chocolate that lingers in the air
    My eyes close; he pulls me closer and holds me tighter
    I am captured in the mental snapshots of walking in a sudden snow storm while a low whistling wind briskly whips around the mountain
    Snapshots that have come to life in my mind as his breathing, now deeper, intensifies
    Our bodies flexing and contouring into one another like the mountain side I have been transported to
    With each gentle touch his warm fingers melt away the white powdery snow flakes that have softly gathered over me as I walk through this sudden storm
    It is cold yet I am warm, walking naked and venerable through the snow
    My toes tingle, my fingers are numb, and my heart is full with love for this man I hold within my arms
    I am drawn to the curve of his neck and shoulder where the now familiar low whistling winds of our warm blended breath has grown more restless
    A wind that entices me along with my love to a place so surreal
    Unsure, if we will ever return, I want not to leave, rather to pause quietly, intimately immersed in the images of our ecstasy and lovemaking

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