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College: Balancing being a friend and being a roommate

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It’s normal for roommates to get on each other’s nerves every now and then. A reporter for recently asked me how she could carve out alone-time for herself and still remain close with her roommate—without hurting her feelings. This is how I responded: Living with someone else can be tough—whether it’s a lover, a […]

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Mom.Me – When Kids Fight

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by Erin Van Vuuren Scenario: Your best friend has a kid the same age as yours … and right now they can’t stand each other. It happens. “One of the ways that women make friends-not much unlike taking a cute puppy for a walk in the park-is through their kids,” says psychologist Irene S. Levine, creator […]

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How can I peacefully end a relationship with a needy friend?

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It’s never easy to end a relationship with a needy friend. You can only try your best.

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National Museum Day

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Saturday, September 29, 2012 is the eighth annual Museum Day, sponsored by Smithsonian Magazine. If you live in the States, more than 1500 museums will be opening their doors for free tomorrow. It’s a great way to spend the day if you live near one of them. You can comfortably go alone or make up […]

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My heart aches for my teenage daughter

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My heart aches for my daughter who is a senior in high school. She has suffered from insecurities since she was in elementary school. She went through a stage when she had nervous ticks in elementary and some in middle school. She wants to be involved and have friends, but is at the end of her high school career with literally one girl friend.

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By Denise Schipani September 27, 2012 From the friends who knows the grandparenting ropes, to the one who makes you stick to your exercise routine, surround yourself with this friendship posse… Read my advice and suggestions from other experts on 

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Chicago Tribune – Looking for Friends in All the Right Places

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by Nara Schoenberg September 26, 2012 …Psychologist Irene Levine, author of “Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend” (Overlook TP) as well as The Friendship Blog (, points to a range of online services now available to women on the prowl for pals, including Girlfriend Social (, Girlfriend Circles (, Social Jane […]

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In the Media – iVillage – 18 Ways to Help Your Kid Make Friends

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An article in iVillage Canada talks about how to help your kid make friends.

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Is my friend over-reacting?

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My boyfriend and her ex have been friends for a while and hang out together. One night, we happened to be out with her ex and his new girlfriend (the girl he was previously friends with) at a mutual friend’s birthday. I happened to be in a group photo the birthday boy posted to Facebook and now my friend feels I betrayed her for being there.

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Camp Friendships: Some are fleeting, some last forever

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Camp friendships can be long-lasting but like any other friendship, they take work.

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