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Nora Ephron’s Friendships – All Too Short

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Nora Ephron collected a string of best friends.

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Shy all my life: Will it just go away?

My whole life, I have been painfully shy. Somehow, I managed to have quite a few friends in my really young life–preschool and kindergarten days. In first grade, my family and I moved to another town, and I was forced to start over. Entering a new class halfway through the school year definitely made the shyness that I seemed to be outgrowing stick around but again, I still managed to form some pretty good friendships eventually.

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Friendship and faith

Yes, differences in faith and religion (not unlike differences in political affiliations)—or differences between believing and not believing—can often divide friends. How strongly each one believes, how consuming a role faith plays in the way they conduct their lives, whether or not they try to convert others to their way of thinking, and general openness to different religions and ways of thinking are all predictors of the toll religious views and affiliations may take on friendships.

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A troubled marriage can make for troubled friendships

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A troubled marriage can affect friendships QUESTION Dear Irene, I am so happy I have come across this blog and your book, Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend.  It is nice to know there is a place to go for understanding and support when female friendships go awry. I, too, have a […]

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No friends: Don’t tell me to join a group

Some people are joiners and others aren’t. There are other ways to meet new people—but you need to discover how and it may take more time and effort. QUESTION Hi Irene, I am a forty-something woman, no kids. I used to have friends, a life, and a career. Then we moved to a rural area for […]

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Guest Post: Trauma, Trust and Friendship

A trauma expert explains the relationship between trust and friendship.

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My friend doesn’t trust me

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It can be frustrating when a friend doesn’t trust you but the ability to trust may be deeply engrained in personality.   QUESTION Dear Irene, I’m having a bit of a "fight" with me best friend. Let me first explain a bit about us. She’s a year younger than I am (27) and is bipolar, with […]

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When Your Teen’s BFF Makes You Say OMG

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by Sherri Kuhn June 15, 2012   Everyone wants their teens to have friends and a fun social life. What happens when the friend your daughter wants to spend the most time with isn’t someone you like at all? How can you keep the peace and keep your mouth shut when you can’t stand her […]

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Regretting the loss of a 20-year friendship

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While it’s sad to let go of a 20-year friendship, it isn’t necessarily a reason for regret.

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Flare Magazine – How to Breakup with a Friend on Social Media

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By Lisa Wong June 12, 1012 Toward the end of our friendship, things between Abigail* and I deteriorated rapidly. While I had stood by her as she endured a tumultuous three-year relationship, when it was my turn to nurse a broken heart, her patience wore thin. We both had fashion blogs, which added an undercurrent […]

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