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MintStyle with Rachel Weingarten: The New Style of Socializing

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By Rachel Weingarten April 26, 2012   …With what feels like 24/7 communication, prioritizing your social life is more challenging than ever. "People are pressured to work harder and faster than ever before, and friendships often seem somewhat discretionary in that contexts," says Irene S. Levine, PhD, author of Best Friends Forever (Overlook). Levine feels that […]

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No Friends: Why can’t I connect with a friend?

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I’m 63, retired, happily married and count my blessings. But despite a lot of effort, time, thought and I might add, money, I have completely failed in building any kind of social circle.

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The Windsor Star – Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Particularly Among Friends

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April 24, 2012 By Joanne Laucius   Breaking up with a friend can be just as painful as a romantic split, says psychologist Irene Levine, author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend. We asked Levine about the nature of friendship and breaking up with friends. Read the rest of the […]

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When a friend seems to be saying, “Go take a hike”

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QUESTION  Dear Irene, I’m a college senior. My best friend and I have been fighting and generally having problems all year. Over the past two years, we spent most of our time together. I honestly thought we enjoyed spending that much time together.   When I was really stressed out because of a huge assignment, […]

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When a close friendship with a boss suddenly ends

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QUESTION  Hi Irene, I was recently dumped by one of my closest friends, whom I loved dearly. I am devastated, sad, hurt and disappointed. But I have an extra big problem: my ex-friend is my direct boss. I am an administrative assistant, her right hand person at work. We see each other on a daily […]

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From the Friendship Forums – On Learning from Past Mistakes

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I’ve had years of unsuccessful female relationships. I’m 46 years old now and have no true friends anymore. I’ve really looked at myself and my former friends to learn from past mistakes. My personal opinion is that many, not all, of the mistakes my friends and I made are more typical of women than men. […]

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Finding out a dark secret about a friend

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QUESTION Hi Irene: I became friends with a really nice woman about five months ago. We were introduced at church and I became involved in a committee that she is in charge of. We have spent a tremendous amount of time together and really gotten to know each other. Our husbands have hit it off and […]

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Is it possible to have two male best friends if one is your husband?

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QUESTION Hi Irene, I have been with my now-husband for around eight years and I still love him very much. I consider him a best friend. I can be myself totally with him. We have the same interests, the same dreams, and the same goals in life. He is someone I love to spend time with, whom […]

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Just friends or more than friends?

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In a complicated relationship, a woman wonder whether they are just friends.

Read More Happen Magazine: How to Be More Social Throughout Your Day

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By Laura Schaefer, April 11, 2012   …There’s nothing that says all your socializing has to be done face-to-face these days. Computers and phones are valuable tools for reaching out to friends… just don’t hide behind them all the time. Irene S. Levine, Ph.D., psychologist and author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with your […]

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