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I can’t make friends…could it be my voice or my bad relationship with my mother?

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QUESTION  Hi Irene, I’m trying to understand why I can’t make many friends, especially female ones. It does affect me; sometimes I wish I could share my life with other people. I never had a healthy relationship with my mother, which probably explains why I don’t get close to many female friends.   Another reason […]

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By | Work + Money – Fri, Mar 23, 2012    By Molly Triffin  Reese Witherspoon recently confessed on Ellen that she has a girl crush on Kate Middleton, saying, "I would like to hang out. I’m not sure she wants to hang out with me…. Call me. Call me anytime." We get where she’s coming from-whether you’ve moved […]

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Friendship: Nightmare on my street

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Life in a subdivision suddenly turns from cozy to creepy

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Make It Better–Mothers of Tweens: Remaining Friends When Your Daughters Have Broken-Up

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MAR 2012 BY MELANIE KALMAR   Traditionally, middle school girls are fickle when it comes to friendship. One day, they are best friends. The next day, they’re enemies.   The cycle may end when the girls go their separate ways or continue for a tumultuous time. It’s a roller coaster of emotions and mothers are […]

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Fear of Losing All My Friends

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Not all friendships last forever: We should always be open to new ones     QUESTION Hi Irene, Over the last few months, my best friend, whom I’ll call "L," has grown close to another of my friends, "S." They have done several things together without including me. I’m not interested in some of the […]

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Should I try to patch up this online friendship?

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The passage of time generally makes it more difficult to clear up misunderstandings, online or off.

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Feeling Left Out, Excluded, Rejected

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QUESTION Hi Irene, I am 60 years old but am still sensitive about my friends not including me in things. For example, I went to a concert with two of them; I was the driver. While we were together, they talked about trips they were going on together that didn’t include me. I asked about […]

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Money and Friends: How to Figure It All Out

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by GINA RYDER  MARCH 14, 2012   A shared economic value system is one way friends bond. Yet in many chapters of human existence, shifting life phases and new statuses can uproot our finances, and as a result, our relationships. Recent job losses and drastic life style changes throw a monkey wrench into our friendships.   "It’s […]

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Friendship: When Little Problems Mushroom into Big Ones

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QUESTION Hi Irene, I’ve been struggling about what to do about my friend Jennifer, whom I’ve known for 14 years. She really took me aback with a letter she wrote me almost a year ago. It included everything I had done that had upset her, all the way back to 2005, when she was my […]

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Bad New Beau: What You Shouldn’t Say to a Friends in a Toxic Relationship

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March 13, 2012 By Natasha Burton   There’s often that one friend who-whether by habit or happenstance-has gotten stuck on Mr. Wrong. (Of course, in some cases, that friend is us.) When you’re watching her situation from the outside, seeing a close pal fall for a guy who doesn’t treat her right can really test […]

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