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The Power of Friendship – Gaiam Life 4/30/10

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Polly’s entire interview with The Friendship Doctor on the power of friendship appeared on Gaiam Life.

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Spontaneous Friends

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She’s the kind of friend whom you can ask to come over right away to help you decide what to wear tonight—or the friend who’ll be sitting with you as you wait for your repeat mammography that was only scheduled this morning. She’s the person you can call on a Saturday afternoon to go for a walk in the park because the foliage is at its peak—or the one who will run over to TJ Maxx with you within a half hour of closing just to see what’s there.

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Friendship by the Book: Every Last One by Anna Quindlen

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Every Last One (Random House, 2010) is a beautifully written, gripping novel by Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and author Anna Quindlen. Told in the first-person, Mary Beth Latham is a mom of three teens, who is married to an ophthalmologist. She works as a part-time landscaper in her small town but is totally devoted to […]

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Spontaneous Friendships

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<a href="">Do you have a close friend who is generally available to get together without advance planning?</a><span style="font-size:9px;"><a href="">customer surveys</a></span>

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A carpool friendship: Has it reached a dead end?

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Losing a job and a husband at once (whether or not she liked them) is tough for any woman.

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Friends without Kids – Spokesman Review

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By Virginia de Leon April 26, 2010   These days, my social life revolves around my children and their activities. The people I spend the most time with end up being other parents – usually mothers – who have preschoolers and kids in kindergarten or the first grade. It wasn’t always this way, of course. […]

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Friendship and agreeing to disagree

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QUESTION Dear Irene My girlfriend of 15 years and I got into a heated discussion that escalated into her walking out on me while we were in a restaurant. It was obvious that we were at loggerheads on a topic about which we had opposing views. Her style is to leave, not speak, and avoid […]

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Keeping The Friends You Make On Your Travels

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The best advice for maintaining friends you meet while on your travels is to do your utmost to reach out to your friend by email, phone, or Facebook, says Ellen Perlman.

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Bonding Over Babies: Making Mom Friends

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Sarah W. Caron of SheKnows Parenting interviewed The Friendship Doctor on the topic of "how to make mom-friends."   Back when you were a kid, teen and young adult, making friends was easy. Surrounded by your peers in activities and school, it was easy to find things to connect over. But as you grow and […]

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Friendship in a Box: What’s going on?

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QUESTION Dear Irene, I haven’t seen anything like this on your blog, so maybe others have the same question. I have a close friend I met about two years ago in a support group. We both lost our husbands to illness in their prime. Needless to say, we feel connected in a way that is […]

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