Archive for September, 2009 dating site taps Dr. Levine’s expertise

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  September 14, 2009 Stick with your Sisters –  How many times have your girlfriends saved your sanity and lowered your stress levels? Now there’s scientific evidence that says, yes, you must keep girls’ night out on your calendar: It’s good for your health! By Cary Barbor   …Social cues drive us, as well. […]

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BFF reviewed on

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August 2009 Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend was reviewed by Reviewer’s Bookwatch on Click here to see the review.  

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Dr. Levine interviewed on breakups by AOL News

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AOL That’s Fit How to Handle the Best Friend Breakup   by Sarah Treleaven Sep 10th 2009 Ever been in a friendship that just isn’t working for you anymore? Irene Levine, author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend, answers questions here about why friendships end, how to know when it’s […]

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BFF named editor’s pick on

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Published September 09, 2009 Farewell Friend At one point or another, we’ve probably all felt the pain of a friendship that has gone sour. Whether it’s the result of a major falling out or simply from drifting apart, there seems to be scarce resources to help us get through the sad experience of a broken […]

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Making Friends: What is speed-friending?

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Looking for a great way to celebrate Women’s Friendship Month? If you live in the San Francisco Bay area you can take a stab at speed-friending. Shasta Nelson, a relationship and transitions life coach, is the founder and spirit behind, a new and vibrant community dedicated to introducing women and inspiring friendship in cities […]

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Am I my friend’s keeper?

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QUESTION Hi Irene, Hopefully, you can help me with my predicament. Over the past six months I’ve been "friends" with a 25-year-old girl. I’m a 37-year-old woman. Yeah, you know where I’m going with this! She is where I USED to be: binging, playing the victim role, can’t find love, affection, or the attention she […]

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Friendship by the Book: An Interview with the Author of Crossing Washington Square

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A chick lit author hits her stride~ Once I started reading Joanne Rendell‘s new novel, Crossing Washington Square, I had a hard time putting it down. This gripping book tells the story of two strong women, both of them faculty in the English Literature Department of Manhattan U. The story takes the protagonists-polar opposites in […]

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It’s National Women’s Friendship Month

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The first month-long celebration of National Women’s Friendship Month (NWFM) is finally here.

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Friends: Awkward encounters of the friendly kind

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Carlin Flora, features editor of Psychology Today, recently put together an awesome article that is full of advice for those struggling with modern friendship dilemmas–from how to heal rifts to how to network the non-slimy way. Read her piece here: Friends: Awkward Encounters of the Friendly Kind    

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