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Owning up to a mistake in judgment

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QUESTION Dear Irene: About 8 months ago, I had my heart broken by my best friend of three years. Liz and a guy I had been dating for a short time slept together after they had been drinking excessively. Liz and the guy, Dave, had been friends since high school and she was the one […]

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Dr. Levine interviewed by Toronto daily

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Globe and Mail Toronto:Friday, Aug. 28, 2009 BFF for a while? by DAKSHANA BASCARAMURTY Long before Kristen Battistone experienced her first break-up with a boyfriend, countless films had taught her how to deal: the pint of Ben & Jerry’s, the rom-com marathon, and of course the sob-fest with a gal pal. But when Ms. Battistone […]

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BFF is Book Smart Pick #1 on iVillage wedding site!

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Anyone who has experienced the legend of Bridezilla, knows that brides and their bridal party are at high risk of friendship fissures because of all the tensions surrounding wedding planning. Sharon Naylor is the author of over 30 wedding planning books, a wedding specialist at IVillage Weddings, and a regular contributor to the top bridal […]

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Dr. Levine writes about friendship in Mental Health News

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What to say when a friend Is fired by Dr. Irene Levine While friends may be less able to “fix” someone’s employment situation, per se, there are things they can do to help a friend deal with the emotional trauma of being fired. Yet many people, even close friends, feel uncomfortable; they aren’t sure what […]

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Irene’s guest post on Vibrant Nation

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Five steps for mending a friendship See my guest post on Vibrant Nation: Five Steps for Mending a Friendship

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Could you be lost in migration?

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Based on an international survey of phone users, more than 1/4 of 122 respondents reported changing their phone numbers at least 20 times. Seven out of 10 users said they had lost touch with a friend because of a changed number. Can you even guess how many phone numbers you’ve had since you began paying […]

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Reading, Discussion & Book-Signing

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See announcement in Journal News

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ForeWord Magazine reviews BFF – August 2009

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ForeWord magazine reviews Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend, by Irene S. Levine , Ph.D. "Many women are brought up to believe that they should have one special friend in their lives, a BFF—Best Friend Forever. Unfortunately, this belief often leads to heartbreak, since friends are rarely forever. As people grow […]

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Guest Post from Daylle Schwartz – What would you do for a friend?

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Daylle Schwartz, author of Nice Girls Can Finish First, has heard a litany of complaints that people make about their friends: Why does she take me for granted? How can he flirt with my girlfriend? Why don’t I get support? Many of them had friends who were consistent downers too, whining about the same problem […]

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Ending a Friendship: How to put the kibosh on a friendship that seems doomed from the start

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I’m in several professional organizations with a woman who is a very good person but drives me a little bonkers. She has asked me to meet her for dinner several times, but I have always begged off. This week, she caught me at a weak moment and I said, “yes.”

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