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March 29, 2009

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Have you been reading the posts on The Friendship Blog this month? I’m sorry that my posts have been intermittent but I’m working hard on finalizing the manuscript for my book, now entitled, Best Friends Forever: Surviving A Break-Up With Your Best Friend (Overlook Press, Fall 2009). My special thanks to each of you who […]

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Big hurts, little hurts, and apologies

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A reader of this blog wrote: I have been trying to read some things on-line about how to deal with an ex-best friend and came across information about your book and your profile. I look forward to the release of your book and am curious as to its content, including your recommendations for dealing with […]

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Junior High Redux: Bounced from a mom’s group

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QUESTION Hi Irene, It’s been two months since I attended a Mom’s group and had a falling out with two of the mothers. They have pretty much soured my relationship with most of the other mothers in the group.   Three months ago, I cancelled a play date at my house because a predicted snowstorm […]

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America can no longer afford to fail our citizens with serious mental illnesses

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This is off-topic but important: Please read my latest post on HuffPo and check out your own state. Then do something about it! Tell a friend, call your legislator, and join your local NAMI so you can make a difference . Best, Irene

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Michelle Obama: First Lady, First Friend

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Sleeveless dresses with well-toned arms, sensible but stylish flats, and now what might be a real first: A ‘Girl’s Night In’ at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during her first days at the White House. Not only is Michelle Obama a first lady with style and panache but by all reports—-she is fiercely loyal to and appreciative […]

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Friendship and Money: Minimizing Losses

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Given the uncertainties of the global economy and the high rates of unemployment, money seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. This is the second part of a two-part interview on Friendship and Money with MSN Money columnist Emma Johnson. Part I of this interview can be found here: She’s Fired, You’re Not. On […]

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Choosing one over another

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There are many times when girlfriends have to choose one friend over another (for example, you can only have one maid-of-honor)—and decisions like this aren’t always easy. Read Andrea Boyarsky’s article in the Staten Island Advance, Delivering the Big Hurt, where she asks me and some other experts to weigh in on the issue…

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