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Fractured Friendships – A Reminder

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By hitting the SUBSCRIBE button on the right, you can receive blog entries from The Friendship Blog (Fractured Friendships) in your mailbox as soon they are posted. If you haven’t been checking in here regularly, you may have missed some of these posts that appeared this month: Co-rumination: Is it healthy for adolescents to rehash […]

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The Friendship Blog Newsletter – February 26, 2009

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Have you been reading my posts on The Friendship Blog this month? If you haven’t, this is what you’ve missed:

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Till Kids Do Us Part: A interview on pregnancy, motherhood and friendship

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Every passage of a woman’s life poses unique challenges to her friendships—but pregnancy and motherhood are among the most risky. Pregnant women are notoriously self-centered and moody, traits that can be off-putting even to people who love them. Also, motherhood is such a huge time-sucker that it greatly reduces (and sometimes eliminates) opportunities to spend […]

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A writer asks: How could my colleague and friend undermine me?

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QUESTION: Dear Irene, I’m an award-winning author with a friendship dilemma. A long time friend has definitely hurt my feelings. She told one of my clients whose memoir I’m writing that she’d Googled my agent and that he was basically a “nobody,” casting doubts upon my agent’s ability to broker a deal on his book […]

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Friendship and Money: She’s fired, you’re not

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Any major life change–including an unexpected job loss or other threat to economic security–can increase the risk of a once-close friendship falling apart.

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Friendless in Seattle

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Why would a middle-aged woman not be able to keep a friend? Read my latest reader query on that topic on The Huffington Post.

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Sharon Naylor’s Weddings

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Reader Q & A: Unable to let go

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QUESTION: Dear Irene, About a year and a half ago I broke up with a friend and I’m still not over it. I was hoping you could offer some insight. I’ve known this girl since 6th grade when she stopped speaking to me over some boy. We became friends again in 7th grade but she […]

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Just Do It: Putting a fractured friendship behind you

February 20, 2009 | By | 7 Replies Continue Reading

QUESTION: Hi,                                            A few years ago, I was a roommate with a woman I will call Marta. She found me by looking at rentals in the paper. She was newly divorced and we became fast friends. I introduced her to my extensive group of friends. She moved out after I got engaged. We were […]

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For Better or For Worse: Weddings and Friendship – Part II

February 18, 2009 | By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

Marriage is a milestone that often alters a couple’s relationship with each other, as well as with those around them. For the new bride, it can herald profound changes in her relationships with girlfriends. In a recent post (February 9, 2008), I interviewed wedding expert Sharon Naylor about the challenges that planning “the big day” […]

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