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A friendship too broken to fix?

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QUESTION Dear Irene, Nicole and I met soon after each of us moved to a new town and we hit it off immediately. We were both adrenaline junkies, partners in crime who enjoyed outdoor activities. Sometimes we thought of each other as twin sisters or maybe more, like teenage brothers. I’m a lesbian and Nicole […]

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Inspiration, appreciation and celebration~

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Reader Q & A: Escape from a toxic mentor

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QUESTION Dear Irene,   Never thought I’d write but… years ago, when I started my current career, I was befriended by an older woman. She and I bonded and have become very, very close over the years. In the past few years, though, I’ve started to think of her as "toxic" – she’s very negative […]

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What does a friend do?

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I wanted to let my readers know about a unique opportunity for children to contribute to a global book on friendship.   An international book project has been launched to portray children’s views on friendship. It was initiated by the Norwegian charity Echo 2012, under the auspices of the Swedish publishing group, Bombadil Publishing. The […]

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Leaving a friend behind

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QUESTION: Dear Irene,   I was recently made redundant, had been working in a high powered job and decided to move to a different county to explore what it is i actually want to do, have been volunteering to discover, anyway my closest friend whom i’ve been friends with for over 10 years has hardly […]

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Blue Christmas: When red and green make blue

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The last time I heard the words “Blue Christmas,” they were crooned by Elvis.

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Wisdom from Whitney: Rx for being a less needy friend

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I recently received this post from a reader named Whitney that I thought was worth sharing. Whitney was fortunate to have a good friend—who gave her honest feedback about her neediness— without making Whitney feel totally hurt or bent out of shape. Whitney also seems to have a fair degree of insight into her own […]

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Reader Q & A: Dumped Times Two

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Being dumped hurts, especially when it happens multiple times.

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Reader Q &A: Should breaking up be a blame game?

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QUESTION Dear Irene:   When you break up with a female friend, is it really necessary to "give advice" about what they should do in the future, or is it better to focus on the problems within the relationship you were personally involved with?   I just got dumped by a friend who went on […]

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Women who bicker over books

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A recent article in the New York Times, Fought Over Any Good Books Lately?, by Joanne Kaufman recounted the story of a woman, named Jocelyn Bowie, who was invited to join a book club shortly after she moved back to Indiana. She had hoped she could find a sisterhood of women in the group with […]

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