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My Girl’s Night Out in Phoenix: Beschert

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Last night I was in Phoenix on business when I stopped by the Biltmore Fashion Park to pick up a gift for a friend. As I approached the mall, swarms of women with swag bags walked past by me—many of them with pink Cosmos in hand. In an instant, I realized what I had tripped […]

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One Girl’s Night Out: An Interview with Jessica Foley

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This weekend Jessica Foley will be celebrating her friendships by joining four friends for dinner for a girls’ night out.

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Reader Q & A: Sex and the City is Coming: No gal pal to go with!

QUESTION: Dear Irene: I love your blog (well, love it AND hate it, because I see myself in too many of these posts!). You concentrate on “fractured friendships” and right now I’m feeling low because the Sex and the City movie is about to appear in theaters…my favorite series, and I have no gal pal […]

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Sex: The Ultimate GNO is Coming to Your Neighborhood

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What will you be doing when Sex and The City (SATC) hits the theatres on Friday, May 30th? If you are female and haven’t thought about getting together with friends, you must be living in a cave. The trailers and marketing blitz have reached a feverish pitch. On that evening (and the weeks and months […]

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100 Friends to See Before You Die

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Childhood friends, school chums, colleagues, neighbors, teammates and virtual friends—women accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of friends based on where they’ve been and what they’ve done over the years. Friends are the living scrapbooks of our lives. But every relationship doesn’t stick. In fact, very few of them do. It’s easy for friendships, even very […]

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Reader Q & A: Help! My best friend is driving me crazy!

Might it be time to call it quits? QUESTION: My best friend is finally dumping her jerk husband of more than a decade and I’m glad about that but it’s all wearing me to a nub. Her frenzied dating is making me nuts. She talks about her boyfriends constantly, and about how many men are […]

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Motherhood is a friendship-killer

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood—as well as children, flowers, candy, and greeting cards. But there’s a seedy side to everything—and motherhood is a known friendship-killer. Motherhood challenges female friendships for a variety of reasons: • You are a mother, and your BFF isn’t one and wants to be one. Her fertility problems are making her extremely […]

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Reader Q & A: Should friends have open-door policies?

QUESTION: Not sure how I will find this once I post it, but here is a good question about women and friendship. If you are busy with work/play/school/other responsibilities and have a totally different time and life schedule, is it okay for a friend to drop by anytime without calling? I have a friend/maybe had, […]

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Friendship and personal notes: An interview with Sandra E. Lamb

When I picked up the mail last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find a brief note from my friend Linda hand-written on beautiful stationary. Although Linda and I now live several states apart, we stay in touch by cell phone and email—usually several times a day. But there was something special about her note. […]

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