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Facebook & Freshman Friends

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One of the most daunting aspects of college isn’t academic. It’s social—developing new friendships on campus as your high school friends scatter in different directions. A recent article in notes how the internet eases this transition for many incoming students by enabling them to identify and connect with collegiate peers prior to leaving home. […]

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Thank you from happy blogger drowning in data

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This entry is simply a sincere Thank You to the more than 1200 women who bared their souls and shared their stories about friendship by completing the Fractured Friendship Survey. Your stories have been more insightful, compelling, and inspiring than I ever could have imagined.   If you haven’t yet responded to the survey, there […]

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A friendship spanning the continents from Nigeria to Nebraska

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  Some friendships are truly exceptional like the one described by Sola, a reader of this blog who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. I asked her to share her story because her wisdom and insights about female friendships are universal. This is what she wrote: Toyin and I have been friends for nearly 30 years… I […]

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Friendship Factoids on Facebook

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Yesterday’s question on the Facebook daily poll asked respondents, How many best friends do you have? The most frequent response given by 1000 Facebook members of both sexes was 2-3 friends. Women were about half as likely as men to have no friends; More likely than men to have just one friend; and Almost half […]

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