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In the Media – 15 Signs You’re An Amazing Friend (BuzzFeed)

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BuzzFeed (Screen Shot)

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July 16, 2015

Anna Borges recently compiled an article for BuzzFeed entitled, “15 Signs You’re Actually An Amazing Friend” (along with animated GIFs). After speaking to The Friendship Doctor and her colleague, Dr. Andrea Bonior, Borges compiled a list of attributes that might help you characterize your amazing friends and separate them from the rest.

She writes:

Good friends stick with each other through the tough stuff and listen when you need support, no doubt about that. Sometimes you can cross a line by putting too much pressure on a friend to have all the answers and to listen to all your problems, says Levine.

“If you’re continually having one crisis after another, not doing as much listening as you are speaking, and ruminating on the same subject and stories over and over again, you could be fatiguing your friends,” she says.

“You need to differentiate between things a friend can help you with and something you might need to work out on your own or with professional mental health help.”

Take a peak at all 15 signs of an “amazing friend” and see if you agree. You can read the entire article on BuzzFeed.

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