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When a friend is too clingy

July 19, 2014 | By | 6 Replies Continue Reading

A teen says her best friend ended their relationship because she was too clingy

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My 14-year-old daughter was left out by a group

July 6, 2014 | By | 4 Replies Continue Reading

A mom asks whether she should intervene when her daughter is left out by friends?

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My teenage daughter was dropped by a friend

June 25, 2014 | By | 16 Replies Continue Reading

A mom wonders how she can help her teenage daughter who was unceremoniously dropped by a friend.

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My friend is doing something dangerous

June 21, 2014 | By | Reply Continue Reading

A friend is doing something dangerous but a teen isn’t sure how to respond.

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Changing schools and changing friends

June 17, 2014 | By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

Changing schools can affect friendships but things usually turns out better than expected.

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Feeling like a third wheel

May 20, 2014 | By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

A young woman introduces two friends and now feels like a third wheel.

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Making friends at school

January 23, 2014 | By | 2 Replies Continue Reading

When a teen has trouble making friends at school, it can feel like a very unhappy place to go each day.

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A young teen worries about her best friend

January 9, 2014 | By | 1 Reply Continue Reading

Their parents’ marriage change their best friend relationship.

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What to do when you fight all the time

September 1, 2013 | By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

Young people have friendship dilemmas, too. A pre-teen asks what to do when friends fight all the time.

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A teen worries she’s a burden to friends

When a young person feels like a burden to friends, it can be one sign of depression.

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