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A student seeks advice on dealing with a clingy friend

April 14, 2015 | By | 4 Replies Continue Reading

Sometimes a clingy friend can make us feel like running in the opposite direction.

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It feels like I’m losing my friend

March 11, 2015 | By | Reply Continue Reading

Teens often feel like they’re losing friends when they change schools.

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Ever feel like you are an invisible friend?

March 7, 2015 | By | 8 Replies Continue Reading

A mom writes that her 18-year-old daughter is always ignored at school, as if she were invisible.

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Disappointed by a best friend

February 27, 2015 | By | 7 Replies Continue Reading

A teen is disappointed when her best friend ditches her as a roommate on an upcoming class trip.

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Helping teens resolve friendship problems

November 29, 2014 | By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

It’s natural that moms want to help teens resolve friendship problems but that isn’t always the best approach.

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A shy teen feels she isn’t popular with male or female friends

November 28, 2014 | By | 6 Replies Continue Reading

Being popular isn’t as important as cultivating friendships with one or two people whose company you enjoy.

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My daughter is being excluded by her friends

November 15, 2014 | By | 6 Replies Continue Reading

A mom worries that her 13-year-old is being left out and excluded from social get-togethers with her soccer team.

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A teen asks: Should I cut off this friendship?

November 11, 2014 | By | Reply Continue Reading

A 17-year-old with problems has a friend with another set of problems and wonders if she should cut off the relationship.

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Afraid of being a loner in high school

October 31, 2014 | By | 3 Replies Continue Reading

A freshman worries about being a loner in high school without friends

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The social challenges of changing schools in high school

September 17, 2014 | By | Reply Continue Reading

Changing schools can be difficult socially but there are things you can do to foster new friendships.

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