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Seeing my friend for the first time after a one-sided breakup

September 20, 2014 | By | 12 Replies Continue Reading

The closer you were, the more difficult it is to see an ex-friend for the first time after a breakup.

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My friend hasn’t returned two books

A woman is irked because her once-friend hasn’t returned two books.

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Friendship on hold

What do you do when someone else puts your friendship on hold?

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Children’s friendships after moms break up

June 4, 2014 | By | 4 Replies Continue Reading

Is it possible to salvage a daughter’s friendship after the moms break up?

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The Maid of Honor in my wedding pictures who is no longer my friend

February 21, 2014 | By | 13 Replies Continue Reading

It’s hard to lose friends especially when you thought the friendship would last forever.

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A one-way friend breakup

December 10, 2013 | By | 14 Replies Continue Reading

How to survive a one-way friend breakup and cope when a friend drops you without an explanation.

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Moving forward after a hoax

September 10, 2013 | By | 5 Replies Continue Reading

A woman still feels heartsick about a hoax she perpetrated on a best friend years ago.

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Should I move on after this breakup?

Once you decide it’s over, it’s best to move on—both literally and figuratively.

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Feeling guilty about cutting off a friendship

It’s normal to feel guilty about cutting off a friendship even if it is the right thing to do. If you have carefully considered the decision, don’t look back.

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Ending a friendship nicely

I am writing for help with ending a friendship nicely. I met a friend at a playground three years ago and the friendship started because she was moving to the area and we both had sons the same age.

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