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Making friends at 60: “I don’t want to die alone…”


Dear Irene,

How does one get over being so alone? I do have a few very good friends, but too few! I am dying of loneliness! I don’t know what’s  wrong with me that I can’t seem to “connect” and make new friends. I don’t want to die alone too! I’m turning 60 this year. Any suggestions??

Many thanks! Signed, Laura


Hi Laura,

Your question obviously follows my last post mentioning two tragic news stories recently published about older women who died alone without anyone noticing for some time. The imagery was chilling and most people would hate to think of dying that way.

Admittedly, there are times when it is tougher than others to make new friends. For example, college students are continually thrown into contact with other people in similar circumstances. Young moms can take advantage of abundant opportunities to make friends with parents of their kids or with other women involved in school committees. If someone’s working, she might become friends with colleagues. You haven’t told me much about you but it sounds like you’re at a place in life where you need to actively seek out friendships because it isn’t occurring naturally.

Making friends is more a matter of circumstances than age, per se. Unless there is something about you that pushes others away, if you follow your interests and remain actively involved with people, you will be able to replenish your stock of friends. The choice is yours: Get involved with cultural, political, or social groups. Join a gym, book club, cooking club, or take a class. Volunteer in your community at the library or hospital. If you have a dog, start up a conversation with another dog walker on your route. Dogs and new babies are always great conversation-starters.

One caveat: Don’t expect too much too soon. Friendships take time but if you are welcoming to potential friends and pursue your own passions, you’ll be able to turn new acquaintances into deep friendships over time. If you come across as desperate or clingy, it might be a turnoff to a future friend-to-be. Being aware of your loneliness and that you want close friendships is an important first step. I hope this is helpful.

Warm regards, Irene

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  1. Michelle says:

    I feel like I’m too old to be young, but too young to be old… i am not looking to capture my youth but would love to retain the heart and soul I have now as a finally somewhat mature 60 year old lol… I don’t frequent bars, go hiking or do sporting activities and live in a quiet town, tried the social dating sites and had no luck.. But I would rather stay alone then settle for someone just because. I had a great love affair with my late husband and it I can’t capture even a tenth of that, I get more dogs.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hello Denise, so very nice to meet you! I am always happy me meet and make new friends, it really does stink to be alone!

    [Last name deleted by moderator. For your own protection against spammers, please don’t use last names on this blog. Thanks Irene]

  3. TheSadRealTruth says:

    Well for a Good man like me that really wanted to meet a Good woman to settle down with since there are just too many Career women today that are very Spoiled, Selfish, and very Greedy which is the Real Reason why i am still Single because of this since many of my other friends certainly agree with me too. Many women want the Best today and will Never settle for Less since finding a Good woman at my age now at the age of 60 is very Difficult.

    • Michelle cowles says:

      I understand what you are saying but believe me when I say it is just the same for us women, I am a very down to earth, humble, nurturing, loving, selfless still decent looking woman of 60 who unfortunately chooses to remain single because men I meet want younger women whom you describe… It’s shear craziness…

      • Denise says:

        I’m always looking for friends… Hi , I’m Denise

      • Sheila says:

        I find that all too often men my age ARE looking for their lost youth with younger women that only want to use them . I’ve seen some get caught into being a dad again at 50 yrs old. As a woman, I feel a bit hopeless at times.
        What ever happened to romance.Its all about finance these days.

    • Amy production says:

      I live alone, and work at least 70 hours a week, and drive at least 2&1/2 a day. I have a lot of friends. But working constantly, and in my field, I’m very lonely. I spent nearly 90% of my time alone. I work in a studio and that requires being alone and in a soundproof room. When I’m on the air, that requires being alone. Driving is alone and I live alone. And while I have friends: because I work so much I don’t have the time to be able to socialize and then one day off a month, sometimes two days off a month, are usually weekdays so I’m unable to get together with my friends. I am very, very lonely and I don’t see an easy remedy for me. I’m not in a position to be able to turn away work because, believe it or not, radio pays so poorly. I get paid near minimum wage, on an hourly basis without any benefits, days off, or sick time. I’m really lonely and afraid that I will be lonely for the rest of my life. I feel like I’ve put my time in and isn’t it time for me to meet somebody? I’m in my mid-forties… why hasn’t it happened yet? I understand that I put work before personal life but now I don’t have a choice and that if I stopped working, I stop affording to be able to live. And what’s worse, is that as I’ve tried to change careers, after having spent 25 years in a very specialized field, my skills don’t translate into other diverse jobs. Basically, I’m unemployable aside from my given field.I’m not sure what to do. I don’t have extra money to go out, or extra time to volunteer or what have you. I need help with this

      • Patrick says:

        Amy,it’s so sad to read what you’ve written,it really touches me to feel the hopelessness, in your life,yet one must find s reason to to have a purpose,not easy when one feels consumed with fear,the amount of work you do, seems to me to be driven by an insane desire to not think.sometimes, we need to stop, As if shot,and imagin, our best friend, doing what your doing. What might you say to them, perhaps you might say, oh my your working very long hours, why don’t you give yourself a gift, perhaps a massage, or delebret, day off, the world will not fall in,you will not die. You may even enjoy it. We do have options. But as I said one muustfind s reason to believe,Two books,which may give you some insight, Jonathan Livingston seagull, By Richard Bach. The other is Man’s serch for meaning, by Victor Frankel’s, I wish you good fortune,

  4. JC says:

    Those who have lost a spouse might want to check out Widowed Village (http://www.widowedvillage.com). It’s run by Soaring Spirits, an organization dedicated to helping widows and widowers cope and live again.

    @Janie, I recommend this organization for you in particular. Like you, I lost my husband at age 58, 2-1/2 years ago after being together 30 years, married for 27. He was my soulmate in that we were both weird kids who were weird in the same way. Our marriage wasn’t perfect, far from it…but there will never be anyone like him for me ever again.

    The first thing you have to do is stop waiting for your children to make a life for you. I don’t have children so I can’t fool myself that they will. The bottom line is that we have to make our own way, and it’s hard. I recently moved to a new state and although my sister is here and I do things with her occasionally, I don’t rely on her to make a life for me either. I’ve joined a LOT of meetups — not “singles” meetups, but meetups for things I’m interested in. That helps. I miss having “real friends”, but I recognize that building close friendships takes time. It can be a lonely journey. But we’re either going to get busy living or get busy dying. I know which line I want to be in.

  5. Nancy says:

    Hi David ,
    I am sorry you feel alone . I too feel very lonely, with good reason, my husband passed away 2 months ago.
    I feel so empty and sad, it’s beyond words to describe. I laugh less and cry more.
    I wish I could find someone who has had some kind of loss, so we can talk about it and maybe we would feel alittle with ourselves. I am here to talk to anytime,David. The days here are beginning to get hotter in Florida and do not look forward to the summer here,alone. We can blog here together anytime or email.

    • Irene says:

      Hi Nancy,

      I’m so very sorry about your loss. It must be such a difficult time for you.

      You are probably new here so I wanted to let you know that this site isn’t intended to match visitors, either for romantic or platonic reasons.

      I’ve repeatedly cautioned people NOT to post any identifying information that could make you a target for scammers.

      If you want to connect with someone in real life, you can do that through a special group page I’ve set up on Facebook (for women only).


      Of course, you can post on these forums as long as you do not provide last names, emails or other identifying information.

      Thanks for your cooperation! Best, Irene

    • Katherine says:

      Hi. I know how you’re feeling,my husband of 43 years died on the 25th February. He died in the house,it wasn’t meant to happen he was meant to get better or so they told us. I had to give him CPR till the emergency services arrived but I or them couldn’t save him. If you want to chat I’m here. Hope you’re well at the moment. Look forward to hearing from you xx

      • Irene says:

        Hi Katherine,

        So sorry for such a traumatic loss. I removed your last name. Please read the comment above addressed to Nancy.

        My best, Irene

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Katherine,
        Sorry for your loss. I really do wish this site would allow us to make friends with one another.(I know Irene,if you are reading this I am not going to give out any information as you say)
        Did he have a long illness? My loss still feels like it happened yesterday and it’s been only since January. How long were you married for? Are your children with you? Please let’s write at least on here and maybe we can help each other. Take care Katherine.

      • Seth says:

        Same thing happened to me,

        • Nancy says:

          How are you doing Seth ? Please know I feel your pain. I was married 34 years and a minute doesn’t go by that I don’t think of him. I miss being a couple.

  6. Lee says:

    I’d rather be alone than surrounded by people who make me feel alone.

  7. Hora says:

    I agree with you, I was together for 15 years, her health was go much wrong and sure I was her care taker, cook, empty portable toilet, prepare insulin ect, but my health was not support that help, when her young daughter show and help. she decide move with family, and sure I still with no permanent housing, when she was move I was force to move too, but I was ask please wait, I am in listing for housing, she denied, and I was have no chance back with my ex and here live in terror from my son who abuse me and my ex approve, Gov not protect here older, treat me with send me to shelter, and for me be will much worse if I loose all my company, my girl dog, my family hate me, but my ex girl friend not remember in a past how much I was help her and her daughter, where also was a time where I was suffer abuse. Woman look for younger, and what be will doing 60 or 70 years old women with a 40 years old man?. I no thing younger man won antique woman and later be care taker, if some age, well are a little different, plus most woman use a cement in a face for look more younger, and I hate, I like natural. I decide be alone with my dog, who tolerate woman most who yelling, demanding and control. Woman in general are no more victim, was but not today, plus most no have any respect for a man, decide bring a family and don’t ask nothing, simple doing. Better alone and happy who with company and in hell.

  8. CountryBoy says:

    Living around 5 widows (67 – 70 – 76 – 80 – 81 also a 91 year old who just moved to a senior care home) gives me lots of activity of small jobs from mowing their lawn, clean snow in the winter to small repairs. Sixty nine years ago I’m raised in a village where we cared for each other and helped each other when someone was in need. The 67 and 80 year old doesn’t seem really want to associate with other people and live just in their own world with no family.
    I always wondered why they wouldn’t seek a male for companionship or just for friendship to go out once and a while.
    Their partners all have been gone for over four years now. They all told me they feel lonely at times and missed their partner who’s gone. I can understand this but what I can’t understand is find some friends or companionship instead of being alone all the time. The 91 year old husband died when she was 67 and she felt not to be interested in men anymore. Some men tried she said. She had lots of lady friends and was in a few clubs which kept her active. She is very outgoing and a kind and caring person. In the neighbourhood we all keep an eye out for each other so any unusual thing and we will check on each other. But my worry is about the two widows who hide for weeks on an end. I approached them about this and because they aren’t very social, they didn’t care. But hopefully they don’t find them after a couple of weeks not breathing. Yes my neighbours across who are 81 feel the same way. But it is the choice of those two widows. Myself I’m very active and still build things and do remodelling. My grandfather worked till he was 82 on the farm and my grandmother did built a chicken coup in her 80’s.
    One thing I know just sitting home you not going to find friends. Maybe on the internet you’ll find long distance friends but it is not the same. Also why don’t many women (widows or divorced) in their 60 or 70’s look for closeness in male companionship? Is the flame burned out? Nowadays many will live to way in their 80’s, why live that in loneliness? My saying is always: “After Rain Comes Sunshine”. To me: “Alone is Alone” without any fun.
    So ladies I am sure the lonely ones can answer my questions.

    • Hora says:

      I was forgive said, I never was in Europe,My two parent was, I was worn in sin Country of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and live less of mille from a pink House, that why I not like a Pope, because a Church there play politic and a Pope are socialist. A only different are my education are full type Europe, and when I was young in my house was a rules talk In Ukranian, but I don’t read or writ, and my rules here are all in English any where include to my girl bell, I proud be American, see Puerto Rican never said are American, but said are Puerto Rican, and why are here?immigrant who are not loyalty need deported. That are another reason why I not writing well, I was no have time for school, only work and support a family and all I was learn for my self, include politic and American History.

      • CJp says:

        I actually liked your post. It is too bad when people are reaching out and are made to feel worse then when they are in so much pain. So much anger. Try to help and not take your anger out on others


        • Hora says:

          You thing I take my anger to another, but are not, what we suffer today are voter for blame in 2008, if was more smart, never was vote for a Nazi demon Party, sure now change mind when see a true, but are to late, I was not vote for Dems. You no know how much American suffer and that why are anger and hate deep. I know voter wake up, like last election, but never must forgive what real are Dem demon and never vote against, never be will change, support Nobama was a high treason. See what brutality doing now Dems and try understand who suffer why are anger and hate.I not expect nothing more from life, I know I will not live longer, but Get housing, peace and quiet live happy for a rest of live I have. I loose my family and girlfriend for 15 years, I am alone with my dog, live temporaly with my ex, but un der a terrible torment, scare and agony, I no wish this for no one. Who kiss me are my dog, my family are liberals, but a pain condition give me a to hard life. Time ago I was warming what be will happening and a lot mock on my, but was real, who was mock are suffer now. I wish a better life for million American. Most senior citizen suffer no have housing, and why? because Dems was not invest money in housing for older,when peoples start loose a house was moving to rent, plus a number of senior grow fast. If you was in my place and live where are a nest of liberals, adult services, are a County agency protect and help older senior, not doing and play game and discriminate, illegals and muslin treat much better who own senior and that group have all support and help, you be will not hate too, if you are discriminate and suffer? Here a City and County are liberal and NOT help senior whites, and little secret, I am Hispanic for place, but not for blood and I not considered Hispanic, are shame for me, I talk tree languages, but use English all a time, all read and heard are in English and I feel well, but when mock and discriminate set me to sad and angry. I was born deep conservative and I will die conservative.God bless you.

    • Deb says:

      One of the problems with a woman in her 60’s seeking male companionship is that most men in their 60’s would rather seek women at least 20 years younger. I want a man my own age to hang with, not one with no hair, no teeth, and in Depends.

      • CountryBoy says:

        Deb: Less than half a percent of men is probably looking for women 20 years younger than their age. Most men still seek women of their own age were they have something in common with. I am sure there has to be some sparks too. I am sure the “no hair, no teeth and in Depends” applies for both sexes in and around the age of hundred. May be we get pickier at later age. Nowadays life start at fifty and most of us are seniors when they are eighty (that if you look after your health). Both sexes have to keep an log on the fire and not take everything for granted. Also both sexes should keep romance alive and be inventive. Being board is a killer in relationships. Live, Laugh and love (good ingredients for happiness)

        • Michelle says:

          I like this conversation, I find it hard to make friends. I’m hoping this will be for me. I have been alone sense 1997, never met anyone online with the exception of Facebook. Facebook is not really working for my growing lonlyness. I just want to Click- A-Friend

          • CountryBoy says:

            Michelle; Why do you find it hard to make friends? Through the electronic media you can make friends but it is usual a lot of hype. You have to meet someone in person and look them in the eyes and feel comfort with them. Electronic media is a extra tool to find friends.
            One disadvantage is you never know who is on the other side of the line. Are the truthful etc.
            Socializing you have to do in person. Go out where people meet in real time of your preferences. If you don’t want to go along take a friend with you. You are being alone since 1997 that is 18 years. What’s happen here? You have to tell yourself positive thoughts and believe in it you can do these things. There are a lot of people in the same boat like you. So take action and you will get a reaction. So tell more about yourself on this blog so we can give you a hint in the right direction.

          • Don Dressel says:

            Hi Michelle I am alone after 24 years as my wife decided she wasn’t happy despite telling me I treated her good wanted out
            I would love to meet new friends and hopefully a new love at 59
            I take care of myself and go to the gym almost everyday
            I am honest and faithful so I keep wondering why after so many years she thinks she will find something better at 60?

            • Sandy says:

              Don, I lost my husband 5yrs ago. I have had a relationship for several yrs with a gentleman I met on Match. He was not the person I thought he was. I just wish there was a place where people could chat instead of a dating site to establish a friendship similar to a pen pal. I am 64 but look and act much younger and it seems like the guys I meet that are my age have one foot in the grave.

          • Nancy says:

            Hi I understand your wanting to make new friends. [email address removed by moderator].

            This is not a matching site for platonic or romantic friendships; rather it is to provide a forum for people to provide advice and comments on some of the dilemmas related to friendship. Always be cautious about posting your email address or other identifying information that would make you vulnerable to spammers.

            There is a special Facebook page associated with this blog where women can make connections. See: http://www.thefriendshipblog.com/something-new-check-out-friendship-blog-connection-facebook/

        • Deb says:

          Maybe in the country most men go after women their own age, but in NYC (at least among professionals), men tend to go after younger women. The ones who don’t are snatched up very quickly — usually by divorced or widowed friends of their exes.
          Also, if I’m alone I don’t want to keep romance alive. It hurts too much.

          • CountryBoy says:

            Deb, live a little and take chances in life. Yes, love can hurt once and awhile, because none of us is perfect.
            And romance you have to keep alive and refreshed, otherwise things get bored. Then partners might look for new romance. This exist already since humans started dating.
            Join poly-amore groups or something. Then you can have a man for everyday of the week. And maybe sex live is great too? We live in a time everything is acceptable. When I was 16 that’s the first time I heard about divorce. Now even with my own family I have an extended version. So there is always a lot of renaming to do.
            Younger generation do not socialize many social clubs we are used to are dying because of lack on members. Socializing nowadays you do through the smartphone, texting. At least you can say anything you want hurt ones feelings over and over again (what is a stupid thing to do)and then we wonder why so many doesn’t have friends. Yeah they will tell you I have 500 friends on Facebook (actually they are acquaintances) No body can maintain 500 friends nor can someone maintain 500 partners. Maybe an extra one for an extra marital affair what doesn’t work either because of jealousy. So what is the choice then? We have to try to live a little and smile a little. Think less and take more action.
            Got what do I have a great life; lots of love, lots of smiles, no worries and everyday is a new wonderful day. Even if my wife has a bad day (sometimes). That’s why I think everyone should take on an spare partner (lots of lovin’, lots of smiling, lots of jealousy). Yeah we definitely don’t have an perfect world………..but life is fun. So now it is time to walk the little dogs (my job lol) they are smiling with me.
            Deb if I where your neighbor nothing would hurt anymore….only from laughing.
            So you all smile now!

        • Lynne S..Alone2 says:

          I think many women at that age are wanting some freedom. Not all, but the ones who never had a good marriage or never got to do anything really fun or exciting.
          I am married, but after this one, I am done.
          This is my second marriage.
          I never had the closeness a happy married couple had. Holding hands in public, maybe a quick kiss. And almost everything was his. I think this is why most women prefer being single. No attachments, no involvement. I think that is what they are afraid of
          But is sounds like you have a really nice neighborhood where you are.
          Just take it slow with some women, i think they are afraid.

        • JC says:

          Part of the problem is that often men only have “sparks” with women who are younger or have had very good plastic surgery. As for “keeping a log on the fire”….I am a 60-year-old who was widowed at 58. For 27 years I was the one keeping the log on the fire; doing all the emotional work in the relationship. My experience in talking with other women has shown that this is not unusual; that women are supposed to do the work to “keep the man interested.” I think this is one reason why many of us are not interested in finding someone else — we are just plain tired and want to put ourselves first for a change.

      • Pam says:

        Deb I tend to agree with you on the men wanting younger women. I’m fifty eight and joined a dating site and in most of the men’s profiles they gave an age limit and the majority wanted women under 50, 45 and under being their norm. Fifty for some reason seems to be the cut off point for most men. And the one’s who weren’t picky, well lets just say your last description hit the nail on the head 🙂 The ratio of men to women in our age group doesn’t help either. My problem may be that at my age I really don’t want to be someone’s care taker, been there done that. I have great kids, beautiful grand kids that I adore but I do get lonely. I hate living by myself and I worry that I will die alone but it’s still a mans world and they run the shots. Probably sounds like I’m a little bitter but I’ve been out here on my own for a while now and know the facts.

        • CountryBoy says:

          Pam, I went to a few dating sites and yes there are an extra few baldies around but so is Dr. Phil. His wife is not complaining. I’m the upside of Dr. Phil my hair is growing to fast. If going for looks alone I’m sure many will die alone. Pam you might have a few disappointments but never give up hope (you’re only 58). There are still some nice attractive men around with a good heart. And many of them are still active and for most of them you don’t have to be a caretaker. When looking at mugshots we all have a tendency to pre judge. Get on a blind date with no one showing their mugshot. If you make it through 3 hours with one on your first meet, you might have a winner. I entertain at Care Homes and even there are active and attractive people. It is a place I don’t want to live, but some people have no choice.
          The fact is there are men and women who are deadbeats. It is a harsh saying but I see it around me. Everyone has a choice to take care of themselves and live a healthy life style.
          Pam, go to places of your choice where there is some activity you like, I’m sure chances are much better than through dating sites. Local is better than long distance.
          It’s maybe still a men’s world but women are gaining in equality. After all; “After Rain Comes Sunshine”. Good luck to you! And don’t be alone for Christmas and entering the New Year.

    • Hora says:

      Not all in a 70 80 or 90 are active much, but many don’t won or looking for different reason. Most older won quiet and peace, now and yes if woman are 70 must won a man around some age, I am 67 now I will not look for a woman 47, because I am not to active for health reason and in sex, I am dead with 47 years old woman, and I not look for sex, but for company and enjoy life together. After 30+ married I leave my wife and divorce for a few reason, my son crazy abuse and beating me and she watch and support, after found another woman, 15 years together, but all was not good in all, but her health go worse and was need more support and I was can’t help much and she decide move with family, and I was can’t stay and no housing, my ex offer housing for short time, but again and are much worse my son now 38 verbal abuse, told my any dirty word and insult know, and I live in terror and scare every day and my ex are like idiot liberals can’t talk with her and she defend a son to dead, but she not respect me and respect her self, he hate my, I know, better was not come here and die in a street, and open a chance of housing by January. I a turkey day family was together, except me I was pass with my dog, my family are my worse enemy now. When I said dogs are better who human, most are mock, but are real, my dog are girl and mature, and she kiss my hand and give power for live and treat me good and I sorry no won any another human woman, my experience with two was not good and I will not take again another risk and chance, found a good woman are not easy.

      • CountryBoy says:

        Hora, at least you have a good companion around the seasonal festivity. Dogs are always good companions. I have 3 of them and always travel along. My kids are already for over 20 years on their own. And animals are a good substitute for that emptiness.
        Music is another tool in my life I enjoy, plus the outdoors during the spring, summer season. Fill your head with positive thoughts and you will enter another world.
        With humans it takes two in a relationship to make it work and maintain it. If one fails the relationship will fail. Men and woman have equal rights and have to share equal any task within the relationship.
        A healthy mind makes the body also healthy (as long you eat healthy food. Lots of walks with the dog is good for him and you. Good luck guy!

  9. Lynne Smith says:

    This site sucks. It is to find friends and I do not see that happening. No one seems to be getting together. And I guess I will try to find a local area friend or someone who doesnt complain about all the drama about having a friend. Wow….
    I dont think social media does much for people.
    Thank you and goodbye.

    • CountryBoy says:

      Looking at all your postings you seems to be talking mostly about your drama. You complaining about your husband and let the abuse happen to you. Be in control of yourself then you might find some friends.

      • Ocean says:

        I was irked at your roughly delivered message to the woman – until I noticed your signature : country BOY – tells me maybe you need to mature where your thinking process regarding others is involved – you don’t seem to know anything about how abuse affects living beings – may I suggest you educate yourself on any matter you are tempted to judge someone on – I am willing to bet you don’t have a whole whack of friends either, with that kind of attitude, except more of your type.

        • CountryBoy says:

          Who is judging who? Have you looked lately in the mirror?
          You would be surprised how many widow friends I have because of the little jobs I do for them. We always have lots of laughs. Yes I know two dead beats too, who like alcohol for their sorrows. But I still do the work for them. Maybe deadbeat is a harsh word but facts are facts.
          My wife always says many women are whiners and drama queens. Maybe because their emotions are different than men. I’m a positive and happy person and always ready for a laugh, who deals with life’s problems if they come along. Anyone who gets abused deal with it or get help. Don’t stay in the circle of abuse. If you aren’t in charge of your life, learn how too. Learn to love yourself so others will love you. In a search I just stumbled on this site and found it kind the interesting.
          How many men are on this site compared with women that should give you an answer. Yes abuse is a difficult subject because any situation is different. Abuse is a social problem which destroys family.
          The village I’m raised in didn’t have any divorce until the mid 60’s, people cared more for one another. They solved their problems, the local religion helped them solve their problems. Nowadays they don’t solve their problems they whine and go to the local grocer to get a new partner.
          So if I run into someone who gets abused I will help them with their choice: it is either solve the abuse situation or get out. No one has the right to control someone else or force them self on some one else. Isn’t that what the equal rights is all about? Some people just like to whine and do nothing about it. Well that’s my attitude story…… Johnpf46. Yes 46 is from 1946 so I have some life experience. Do I have all the answers NO. Bless you…..Ocean

          • Hora says:

            Hey Country boy, no all yellow are gold in a life, nothing are to easy. Sure a woman must not tolerate abuse, but are woman who are a abuser, not a man are all a time. Each one have a own especial situation, leave are not easy like show, who never had experience can’t talk.When are younger, sure you be will doing impossible thing, but when became older all are change. I am one who was suffer abuse, and still suffer in a hand of my own blood son, but I can’t work, and my health are bad, I am 67 and disable, I separate from my girlfriend, no housing, and are days where a pain go out control, and I cry and I am stuck with my ex, my family hate my and why must tolerate? because Gov not help, if I have own housing all my problem cease and fix, shelter? you know what real are a shelter? I not think so, are Gov who must support and help that olders. Over a years of abuse, my son beat my a lot of times, now I heard walking or near my brain react, I start shake, like my all body, never before happening, but start now,that why I must talk with my Doctor, and again if agency who protect older was doing a job by Law, my suffer was stop, but not doing a job, because when Dems are in power abuse white and conservatives, plus if a man call Police, be will mock in my face, and was a case where a Cop was said KILL AND ABUSE A SHIT OLD MAN.Sound crazy?but was real.Most abuse woman are in real terror, and in many case try escape and was murder.You can’t help, but you can answer with different word, be sweet and give energy with a word. When a human older are in real terror, many thing can happening and easy get hearth attack, I was suffer two stroke, are moment feel stronger but are another moment where I can control a terror and I feel strange in my chest, a only cure are be alone and calm. Younger don’t understand or respect older, simple treat like garbage.

            • CountryBoy says:

              Hora; No, life is not all roses no matter how rich of poor you are. And you are not old, just a young senior. Most seniors have aches and pains but we have to make the best of our situation. I’m sorry if you are in a abusive situation. We also can’t expect that the government always takes care of us in any situation. We all have to take some responsibility ourselves. Also why fill our head with negatives, being positive makes life a lot more bearable.
              In the USA (that is if you live there)they have also social programs were you can get help. Just like they have in Canada and other countries. There are also local church groups who support people who get abused. But the abused person has to take the first step. When you say many thing can happen? That’s thinking “doomsday”. Aren’t they saying a positive mind creates a healthy body.
              You have to make the first step to get help. You are a human being who has a given right to be healthy and happy. But you have to be in charge of yourself.
              If you would be my neighbor I (69) would help you and believe me I’m not afraid of your wife nor your son. I have stood in front of a women abuser 30 year younger then me and told go ahead and hit me, just to protect someone else. Abusers are criminals no matter if they are male or female. Physical or mental abuse they are criminals and should seek help too. Usually they don’t because they don’t see that from them selves. You have to try to build up your self esteem so you have the strength to remove yourself from the situation you in. As I have said in other comments; where there is a will there is a way. Sorry if I sounds harsh to you and to Lynne Smith, but the fact is you have to take the first step if you want to have change in your life. A good hobby and surround yourself by good friends might help. You need positive people in your life. Wish you good luck fellow!

              • Hora says:

                Each situation are to different, I was all my life a warrior,I bring my family to USA and set all family here, never ask nothing to Gov, but today if are help for senior you ignore what real are all, Dem here are a nest real discriminate and smile in you face, I suffer terror attack scare, I heard my son walking or near and my body and mind react fast and shake and sad cry, bad dream, my health go down fast. For 35 years I am here I was fight all kind of adversity but I can’t now, abuse are for long time, that why 16 years ago I was leave and later divorce my ex, reason my son, and with a second woman was not better, for many years, a last incident, beat in my head ( I was suffer two stroke) and push, my balance are to bad, down on a chair and a flat TV broke in my head, before was Police, a COP treat me to arrest if I was not stop talk, and a second told her abuse and kill my, all are hard believe, but are DEM way. I no have any friend, I are in my own way, I scare 24-7 and no one care, my only company are my girl dog, she are to sweet and love my, if I was 20 years younger, was different and I predict my short future,If I not leave from here, less of a month I be will dead. I know any where are still good peoples, but I scare of all and not trust 100% no one.I sure not alone, are so much senior suffer will evil dems any where, a President was declare war to senior.

                • CountryBoy says:

                  Hora; you still have to make effort and find some help. Take your best friend (dog) along. I have 3 of those best friends. I love to walk with them in the parks and forest here.

                  It isn’t a good situation where spouses are fighting and violence is going on.

                  If you live in a city there should be enough places for help. You have to find some trust in people somewhere in your neighborhood. If you really want change and if you don’t make the first step nothing will happen.

                  Discrimination happens everywhere and certain things you have to accept as part of life and try to make the best of it.

                  So what kind of dog do you have? I have 2 Bison mix (small) and are brother and sister. I also have a small Chihuahua female (don’t no if I spell that one right). Great friends to have.

                  So let me know how you are doing in a couple of days and hope you tell me you found some help. John

                  • Hora says:

                    You still don’t see a drama. I can’t walk much, because a pain come to severe, next how you can leaving with evil was your family and now are you worse enemy and must live in scare? My ex was a master set my children against me, Oh yes she are to religious, across any where, but act like pure evil. If your son or daughter beat a mother, you be will not defend?, well my ex never doing, I not saint but she are no saint too. My Mother never was like her, my mother was speak in Ukranian because my ex was not understand, but I was defend my ex all a life, 30 years married, that why I speak tree languages. My ex never was respect me like her husband, she also was not a good wife in sexual life, who if a wife not give a husband sex, a husband be will look in another woman.. If now my son are mother fucker evil, she not open a mound for defend, I can was be what she like, but children must not Justice a parent, never, merely all respect, because half of his life come from me. Every day I wait, each hours are a hell who you can’t imaginate. Place to help, well before 2008 was ok, but after start change, what I said about Dems are to real, Dems are who discriminate, instigate American fight, give support to illegals, not a own citizen, for illegals all are available, a City and a Country are full corrupt, Police are pure murder criminals with seal and weapon. I see you ignore reality, divide peoples, I am not pro or against black, we all are human, but one case, I was arrive to bus stop, I use mobility scooter, was a young black woman seat and heard music, when she see me, was like see a evil, I see a hate in her eyes, Up and walk away, and not back until bus show. I know much more you can imaginate, I am politic activist in Internet, last election I was go in person for vote, I was not get a ballot by mail and when I was call a board was told me a woman, said DON’T SEE IN A COMPUTER SEND YOU A BALLOT, mean are a form of discrimination because I white, but at some time for Gov I am latino, but white and conservative. Corruption are monumental here, in 2012 was a lot of fraud, and who loose in OH loose a White House. When I said any thing, believe are true and I know what I said with evidences, include GOP here are to deep corrupt. Housing Authority are corrupt to, over 65 and disable if are in risk of homeless must give housing in emergency with no waiting list and are Law, but Law for liberals are toilet paper. sEE WHY tRUMP HAVE A BIG SUPPORT,because he are to balance for talk and said a true, and be will win. Said 11 million when in reality are over 40 million illegals now, and see in a border drug enter for ton and ton, are not any joke. Not confuse a thin line between criminals and politic. Not help because I am conservative, but my situation are bad, Adult Services are a agency protect and help citizen from County, but doing shit. Imagine when voter take revenge next election time and Dems loose so much support. If by or before end of years I not get nothing and not die before, I will kill my self, no more agony.

                    • CountryBoy says:

                      There are always two sides to a story.
                      You might be in a desperate situation but help is not looking you up, you have to look it up.

                      About pain; activity will help and you have to put an effort into it. I live with pain too but with exercise I can live with it and it keeps me mobile. I wish it would be different yes, but complaining about it doesn’t help. And I think there are always people who are in more pain than me.

                      You said; your first marriage was a hell and now your second marriage is hell too? Sometimes we have to search our own soul too and ask our selves what can I do to better the situation.
                      In life no one wants a lazy partner (men or woman); no one likes complainers; no one likes abusers (mental or physical); no one likes alcoholics or druggies; no one likes cheaters or liars. Violence creates violence. All are unhealthy situations in a relationship. In unhealthy situations SEX goes on the back burner or sometimes not at all. No one can force them selves either on someone else; because that is rape.
                      To have a good life or relationship it is about the choices we make. Out Loud; ‘THE CHOICES WE MAKE’. We are all responsible for our own actions and take responsibility for our own actions.
                      You made the choice with the first wife and you made the choice with the second wife. And you can make a choice to do something about it.
                      There is a saying; “better the world, but start with yourself”. We all are better judges about others than ourselves. Listen to my advise; get help no matter how you get to a help post but do it.
                      It sound maybe harsh to you, but I’m looking at the things you tell me.

                      I’m not much in politics; The kings still rain over their flocks. You only can vote in a democratic world (“The Mob Rules”). Corruption (evil situation) exist since people are on this earth, you and nor I can solve all the problems. Seems you have to clear some of your baggage in your head and exchange it with more positive things.
                      Everybody has some struggles (ups and downs) in their live no matter of you are rich or poor. But we can make choices to correct situations. But there has to be that will power to do it. Remember there are always people worse of than you. Hope you have a better day to day.

                  • Hora says:

                    You still don’t understand, and I can’t explain in detail, also you not believe me.I never drink or use drug, my life was work and work, a last job before I quit for health reason, I was work tree jobs 7 days for week, my mistake was get marry with a bad woman and not heard my father, a lot commit some mistake in a name of love and don’t see all sign. A second was nice for time but after show a real temper. 4 am I was heard my son fight up, today when I take out my dog, was crash a cell phone outside, don’t confuse, a bad temper come in a blood from my ex, now my grandson 22 are alike a father, in a case of second woman, was alike come in a blood. I not violence man, maybe I be will argument but never physical, alcohol and drug bring violence plus bad temper. Many can’t believe I not drink, include marijuana are shit for me, a odor set me sick, a only time I was in any bar was when I was work, part time in a weekend, where I was especial COP, working in team, that are another who not believe to.
                    I know are a lot of lair, but are peoples who are not.Be decent and honest are a big sin in this word.I don’t care if believe or not, I am are who are. I was had my different with my parent, but never beat or touch my parent, and I not younger citizen like you was said, maybe not to old, but my body said different history. A six week here I became real health worse, are true I have bladder problem and I can moist floor when I urinate in a toilet, but if you son told you dirty mother fucker, you have BAD ODOR, NEVER TAKE SHOWER and you know are a lair, some word make more damaging who is beat me. Sorry I was loss my family but I am very happy, when my mother die was all my life and family, my father die over 40 years ago.I not won any woman, I scare now all women, are sneak evil who temp Adan sin against GOD in a Bible.Also my sex go out after I was get a stroke, my only woman company are walk in four feet and I give my life for her, also I have tree urn from my last tree boy die, Sam, Rocky and Spanky, all was my real family and son and are with my in spirit, when I die be will together forever.I hate human, but love dogs.Crazy? well thing.

                    • CountryBoy says:

                      I do not say I don’t believe you, I just bring up excerpts of situations.
                      I just hope for you can find a way to get some help. So you can sort things out to be protected from all that evil. Don’t you have Ukrainian friends in your neighborhood? I life in a small town you probably are in a bigger center where life is totally different from me. Also my health is in perfect shape except for my back but can still do anything I want.
                      How was your life in the Ukraine growing up as a young boy?

                  • Hora says:

                    I will honest, what you not believe? why we are in USA on bad situation? Because was believe criminals who cover under politician, and American most not live a reality.I was live under socialism and extreme corruption, I know socialist buy a vote and is a system who never work, but if you see cases like Cuba,Venezuela, Argentina and many more, that be will show what real are socialist. Now Out me I am a only survive member who spoke Ukranian and my sister in Canada, and I was leave Ukranian because was discriminate my ex and children, because all was not Ukranian. I no have any friend, a last I was help him in all, and he rob a house of my ex girlfriend, when we move out Country for two years, plus talk all kind of shit.I am lone man, but friend, real no have.When I not leave any where I stay in and watch TV and computer, I was alike all my life, but now I am not any comfortable and happy be here. I live in scare 24-7. Thank you for try a help, but only GOD can help me. ALL my bless for you and family, GOD be will bless you too.

                    • CountryBoy says:

                      Hora, do you like music? If so start listen to happy upbeat music. It will take away from the negative feeds. I’m sure your dog likes music too. That’s what I do most of the day as I’m an entertainer. Music will fill your heart with joy. Forget about the misery in this world it is around since people started to exist on this earth. You only can make changes in your surroundings. Go and dance with your dog or whoever wants to dance.
                      Coming Thursday I’m entertaining with my wife seniors again in a care home. It’s only one hour but we always have lots of fun. Do you play any music instruments? I’ve played guitar, accordion and keyboard, but I’m a vocalist (singer). Nowadays I only go on the road with Sound system and laptop and play back tracks and we’re the vocals. We practice a lot to keep our voices tuned. So do you have any hobbies?

                  • Hora says:

                    Yes I love classic music, but I can heard some time, because another don’t like, you no have any idea how tormenting me, are live in a pure hell with evil around, and my ex support him. He friend are much more high who a father, was a woman look for him, I said I can’t call him, sorry, and last night was said I not respect his friend, and I am shit man.If I go out side with my dog, and some come and ask question, I can’t respond. You no have any way imaginate what are my life now, suffer pain, my bad health, I wake up like zombie and need time became normal, take my dog out,and pray, please I not won see or heard, he use a toilet down when have up stair, but come here for bother me, he mare a boss GOD.No one who are not in my place be will understand, how he tormenting me, are pure evil, like a lot of American. Follow politic, and heard what each politician said and thing a few minutes. I not hate USA, what I hate no have any peace and real Justice, but a lot a voter no have any clue what real happening and where we go, a way with no return. Go and live a few years in a Country with socialist, and taste what real are, American living in another planet. A place where you are in a street and see Police and start scare.IN SHORT,long time ago I was work a taxi and carry a revolver 22, and catch me, first can keep you 72 hours for free and not give any food, second was a guy make a little knife, and put in my shoe, well a Cop come and call my, when I try use a shoe, I was ignore a knife,when I turn a shoe and a Cop see a knife, catch me and take to office, and many another come and set music, mean high music and said sing, mean beat and use electric point for torturing and force sing or talk, when I claim if was not my, after investigate, let my free, a next day I was go and see how was beat a poor man. In a dirty war in 70 and 80, was simple torturing peoples, and kill, take in a plane and release over a waters.Investigate what happening for your self and USA was know but shut a mound.I was happy move out, and USA was a Country with real Law, not like now with corruption, because socialist use Police for control who are in a opposition and all Cop force in a Capital area are federal.Friend? I scare peoples, smile in your face and from back kill you, if are a good peoples are no easy found. Long time of abuse now my brain react and scare all around. Read about what happening when a woman was abuse for time, and what happening after, I not no more macho man, I am cobard garbage man.God bless You.

      • Shirl says:

        A lot of drama. Where are the friends?

    • Sheena says:

      Lynne, that is what i was wondering about. My Mom just wants a friend to talk on the phone and not be lonely…Contact me if that would be anything you would be interested in.

    • Hora says:

      I agree Lynn, I was told you are not alone, all have a own hell, my too, this are America a land of evil, where American don’t care another and simple mock, that why I don’t won involve with social media, like facebook, and not real help no one.I was not suck you and no one, I am under big pressure and sad, I no have any peace in my life.I no won explain more, because you no need know. Local well depend where you live. We have a Satan in person in power and Satan soldier are any where. You have your husband and I have my evil son. I real won communicate with you, I am alone with my dog, I loose all in my life, but I scare peoples.Please I need a friend before I be will loose my mind.God bless you.

      • CountryBoy says:

        Hora, don’t know what your situations is. Sometimes we end up in unfortunate situations beyond our control. But I always encourage anyone to make the best out of every situation. Every individual is responsible for the choices they make. And everybody should look at them selves first. Surround yourself with good acquaintances which can turn out as a good friends. I always have lived in small country village and towns were it is easy to make friends. Good Luck to you!

    • CountryBoy says:

      Lynne Smith, actually this site is pretty good. You can find help if you really want to. Maybe I did sound harsh to you but I just state fact from what I read. You have to understand through this type of media you can not see emotions. I feel sorry for your situation and only can listen to you and give some suggestions but that’s about it.
      When you surround yourself by local friends they might be able to help you. I’m a happy go lucky guy who always have dealt with problems when they come along. If you have been very long in a abuse relationship and you want out prepare for it. Any moela ($) he gives you save some of it and someday you can afford to leave. Hey good luck to you.

  10. DanielW says:

    Is anyone actually dying at the age of 60 anymore? With the new technology, medicine etc – 60 became the new 40! I agree that making friends is more a matter of circumstances than age. Keeping that in mind will benefit in making friends in the future.

  11. Noelle says:

    Hi everyone…well I’M 65 Caucasian woman,half Mexican being alone is hard for me, only because my french mom, never allowed friends over when we were kids, she was pretty harsh to the 4 of us the older we got…she loves babies lol anyway now I find myself taking care of this woman,I believe God or who ever put us here has brought me full circle to work out the relationship we had, which was pretty nil…I didnt see much of her in 40 years…anyway…if your lonely this is my two cents, volunteer and help someone, get a dog, if you cant afford a dog, you can take care of and get paided taking care of someone else’s dog,you’d be surprised how many people stop and talk to you when you have a pooch..rescues are great, hard to find mutts anymore, eveyone seems to want some kind of pure bred…smile, and dont talk about yourself, be interested in the other person, dont talk about your medical stuff or operations, dont gossip about the lady or man upstairs, say hello to everyone you meet…if you think someone else is going to make you happy you have’nt learned anything lol…get a part time job, babysitting? whatever…get the free paper…in my neck of the woods its the “LA Weekly” tells you of “FREE” things comming up or whole earth free paper (check out your local library) has alot of stuff leaning o the metaphysical side…free labrynth walks (I realize didnt spell that right) walk 15 mins to 45 mins 3 times a day…makes some cookies for someone that just moved in your street..go to church…just to get out, pray…because guess what…were not here to stay…were lucky if we get 60 75 80 years…and then when you pass to the other side…the minute your spirit leaves your body, its with God…so me myself and I…not afraid to die…its sometimes the getting up and putting one foot in front of the other,LOL but get out of yourself…NO ONE wants a pain in the A….if you cant say anything nice about someone, then dont say anything…and how about a little get together with a few people…a tea, or little dinner, everyone bring something….sign me, I dont want to hear the excuses of why you cant do at least one thing on my list…and BTW I took my bicycle down to small flights of stairs last night for a little bicycle ride…heaven…you need to walk the body, and stretch the mind and heart….remember “You can do it, if you really want to.

    • liz says:

      would love to hear more. pls go to facebook page making friends

    • Lynne Smith says:

      Anyone can do it right???
      What if a person is NOT allowed to get out and do these things??? Not everyone can do these fun things.
      I can’t.
      I have only a cellphone here and my dog and cat and that is all.
      And a husbamd that will not giv e any money for gas.
      Womens shelters are out because I have a big service dog and they dont accept dogs period.
      So..no. Some people are not afforded that kind of simple luxury.

      • Barb says:

        I’ll talk

      • Barb says:

        Does he check your computer

        • Lynne Smith says:

          Maybe. I wouldnt be surprised. I don’t care anymore. He has taped phone calls.
          I could use a friend.

          • Lynne Smith says:

            Just go to my name on the facebook page and leave a message.
            Or anyone who would like a penpal, just write under your post that you would like a penpal…I only penpal by email, not snail mail because people can find out where you live. And I do use a partially real name. So they can’t track that. And the picture..well, I don’t really, unless I feel comfortable after talking to you. I like using other nice pictures for awhile.
            One thing that a person can do is unplug a router and then plug it in again. It resets itself to a new IP address.
            I found out this because of some local people who were very ugly. And started digging on who and where I was.
            I had lost..well had STOLEN my two dogs that managed to escape my yard. And people are not so nice around here. Some like to dogfight. I was horrified to say the least! It was almost a living hell for almost two weeks for me. And I had a few unsavory bunch of people hounding me just for fun and I was getting too close to knowing where my dogs were. But I got lucky and found them. My dogs ARE my friends and family.
            Yes, I prayed to God a lot. And he answered.
            So, be careful on how much information you give out there! People can deceive
            you. So protect your identity.

    • CountryBoy says:

      Noelle said: BTW I took my bicycle down to small flights of stairs last night for a little bicycle ride…heaven…you need to walk the body, and stretch the mind and heart….remember “You can do it, if you really want to. A great story Noelle

      Thumbs up for you. This o so true. Respect for anyone and the disabled who don’t give up. 60, 70 or 80 is just a number. You’re in control of you. You can make things happen. Anyone can focus on their will power to make things happen. Nothing in life comes by itself. Some pain and aching we all have after 50. Focus on living. The average life expectance for men is just a couple of years less than women. So there should be equal fish in the sea. So join a club or find some friendship on the web locally. Long distance friendships/relationships never last. You not going to find it sitting at home and dreaming about it. There are people compatible to you. Try to be positive or learn the skill. Everybody caries lives luggage, try to leave it as much as possible behind and focus on the future. There’s nothing we can change in the past, so why cry about it. A positive mind keeps the body healthier too. I go for a good walk every day when I’m not working (my dogs make me do it…lol. As an vocalist entertainer I’m always surrounded by happy upbeat music I used too in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s and yes also from later years artist. When you where young you did set goals and had lots of dreams at 60 or 70 or even 80 you still can. I still dream to be 100 (nice round figure and 31 more to go)and believe me I’m working on it. Somebody told me once; Don’t focus on what you can’t do, but focus on what you can do. Those last words make live much easier. I’m not walking in someone else their shoes, just in my own. With the right person you can be friends or even fall in love!

  12. Consuelo says:

    I’m available for friendships!!!! Anyone welcome!!!! 🙂

  13. Dave says:

    If you feel alone, maybe you need God in your life. He will always be with you. Get on with your day, be inventive, keep the bills payed…and get out and smell the roses if you have had a long week at work.
    Buy a Harley and go for a ride and enjoy what we have.

  14. JON says:


    • Kate Angud says:

      Thank you John for your encouragement. I turned 60 a couple of days ago. I don’t mind my age but I have so many regrets about missed opportunities. I need to put it all behind me and see today as a new beginning. Thanks for helping me to get things into perspective. Kate,

      • Beth says:

        I am 55, and I don’t work due to disability. I don’t have any family and I don’t have any friends. I live on a road where everyone stays to themselves and are all married. I’m not a bar person, I’m rather shy at first and I’m so lonely. I don’t need a boy friend, all I really want is a few good friends but I have no clue on how to find any. Sure, a nice guy in my life be great, but all I ever seem to find is guys who are players and only want sex. I used to have my grand daughter around a lot but not anymore, now I feel lost , sad and alone, Any suggestions on where to meet potential friends?

        • LauraSL says:

          I would check both your community center and Library for 55+ activities and programs. I’ve seen many, including board game days, movies, luncheons, guest speakers, and bus trips to various places.

          • Lynne Smith says:

            My husband doesn’t want me to spend any money for going to a gym or eating out, shopping or anything.
            He hinks women getting together is not a good thing.
            I have a neighbor who gets together with a few of her friends and sometimes they go on a cruise ship. That sounds fun to me.
            I know we dont have the money for the cruise thing..but going horseback riding or just eating out is fun and not so expensive.
            I am used to being alone. I don’t really like being alone, but I can. After all these years, I can.
            I would really love to get a rv and got with some others that do it for a weekend..or more. He doesn’t think thst is right.
            He rather keep the money for his toys and projects.
            The bank account is in his name only. So, naturally I have no money. I have to ask. And he will give me a whole 10 dollars. If im lucky, I might can get 20 dollars for the month.
            I would leave except, I cant go to a womens shelter. I have a big service dog
            and landlords dont like that. So, I am stuck here.
            I feel dead, but I am alive.
            Anyone else in this situation???

            • Wayne says:

              Get real. Don’t continue to throw the time left away. Your happiness is YOUR responsibility, not his. Seek out some help to 1) find a shelter and escape this hell on earth and if you can’t afford divorce then get a bus ticket the hell away from him.

              • Lynne Smith says:

                Get real?
                I told you I dont have money. He does. How am I supposed to buy a bus ticket with NO money?
                The womans shelter does not allow service dogs. Would you leave your service dog? Dump it?
                Do you even know what a service dog is?
                So many people just do NOT
                UNDERSTAND. Till it is them…..
                Lyn e

                • Hora says:

                  Lynne, I understand you position, I have my,many thing all are to easy, get out, get a bus, bla bl bla, but reality are different. If you are over 60, you can get a letter from a Doctor who allowed you with a dog any where, one time ago I was have some problem, with a consent of a Doctor that call services dog, like a blind and dog guide are impossible ban. I have a girl senior and are all my company. Gov not support and help senior, I am stuck with my ex, all be will need move out soon evict from a Bank,adult Services and Housing Authority are force by Law found a housing when you are over 65 and disable, but Dems in power don’t care any Law, and case like your not support too, I am dead man walk. That are one reality of Liberals. I no have any clue for you case, like for me. Shelter are not all solution, or get a bus ticket and go where?We older not value nothing for society or politician, only we vote, after we can die and don’t care. Keep a faith, I know are not easy, but don’t give up with your dog, he or she are a only one who real love you, like my girl.God bless you and remember you are not alone.

                  • Lynne Smith says:

                    Thank you for your kind words. At least you do understand.. many do not until they experience this. It can be a lonely world sometimes.
                    Maybe it is safer to write here? Or if a person does have a facebook, a email would be ok to get. If a person wishes to keep writing. Make another email to set aside for that reason alone…just for writing people. That ways, if you don’t want to write, you don’t have to answer. 🙂
                    People put out way too much information out there for anyone to see. And most will add anyone as a friend, yet do not know them.
                    Take care Hoya.

        • Hora says:

          I am like you, but older from you, I am 67 and disable. Not all man look for sex in we age, sex are not a most important thing, company, respect, friend, love, are much important, two human mind with full respect can live together for survive in a like. I not look for partner but I wish, are not easy found a person who can trust, most woman are real crazy because have more right who man, but I believe are a good woman, a problem are found. In my case, I no have a car, walking are to hard and need a mobility scooter, and I leave when most necessary, I no drink, over internet are hard found too, my only company are my girl dog, I fail in a life two times, one with my wife, for over 30 years married, leave for my crazy alcoholic son, and a second 15 years she was deaf-mute with bad temper and suffer a real mental and physical abuse for long, now alone back with my ex because no have any place for live and waiting for senior housing, but we relation die, and I don’t won have any relation with a family if I found another company, I hate when his children set a noise in we relation. I won yes a partner where both are independent and both help one to another, but each are free and have peace. I hope my best wish for you, God bless you.

        • Lynne N. says:

          Have you tried having a penpal or roomate?
          If you would like a penpal, I would like to write you.
          I am also looking for friends, good friends. And I do like writing and emails.
          I don’t get out much.

          • Hora says:

            No I was not try, because I was not look for. Yes I won try for last time, I not won die alone. In all my life I was have only two women. Last for 15 years and she was decide move with a family, because her health go wrong. Now I am alone live with family until get senior housing. If you won writ, that are OK for me, [LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR]

            You are probably new here. Welcome!
            This site isn’t intended to match visitors, either for romantic or platonic reasons. I’ve repeatedly asked people NOT to post any identifying information because it makes you a target for scammers. If you want to connect with someone in real life, you can do that through a special group page I’ve set up on Facebook. See: http://www.thefriendshipblog.com/something-new-check-out-friendship-blog-connection-facebook/

            Thanks for your cooperation! Best, Irene

          • I eould enjoy writing to someone. I enjoy receiving e-mails and writing to someone as a pen pal. I don’t do much socially. Debbie

            • Deborah Stout says:

              Hi Deborah! Same name! I wouldd be happy to hear from you. Jut turned 60 . Please email me!

              • Lynne Smith says:

                Both of you deborah’s go to the facebook site and maybe we will find each other there. Then be penpals. That would be fun.
                Or anyone who wants a penpal, say so on there ok?
                Hope to see you there,

          • P Raura says:

            Yes I would like to be one of your Pen pal from East Africa
            Tanzania.Thank you

        • Sheena says:

          Hi Beth, My name is Sheena. My Mama is in her 70’s and gets very lonely just to talk on the phone alot. She is a very sweet Christian woman. If you would like to meet her she would love it. Thanks, Sheena

        • kayla says:

          I feel your pain Beth.. Been wondering myself on where to find new friends.. I am from another state and have no idea how to meet people over 55 here.. People keep saying church, unfortunately there are mostly couples there..

    • Lois says:

      Wow! I love your positivity. My husband died two years ago and still trying to get my balance. I was encouraged by your words and went back to re read them. It was then I noticed that you wrote this on sept 30th….my husbands birthday. Angels among us, Jon. Thanks

    • Don Dressel says:

      Great post
      I just had my wife leave me at 59 and I am being honest here that I was a good husband to her
      She was going online talking to younger men and I told her that at 60 they are only going to want 2 things sex or money
      I hate to see what has happened but I have moved on by working out and spending my time with my little jack russell and friends and helping my mom who just lost my dad after 60 years of marriage
      It’s tough but I have faith in God and try to focus on the positive

  15. leana says:

    Why is it so fu—– hard to make good friends? God! Just 1 or 2 good friends that call me up once a week and go have a drink, go dancing, whatever, and that care if you are alive? Why is life so fu—– hard?
    Every so-called friend I ever had would just call when their boyfriend or husband wasn’t around and they’re alone and have nothing to do. Then you don’t hear from them. I am so sick and tired of people like that! Like they expect you to always be there when they have no one and their alone. Well, I just went through my phone and get rid of these people’s number. And if they do call me, I won’t answer. Screw them. I deserve so much better! I don’t even have family. Never hear from them and they don’t care if I’m dead or alive. I have a work-a-holic husband and a 12 year old son. I am so scared for my son, he wont have any family when he grows up. He also has mild autism so he’s not that social. I am tired of trying to find good people in my life. I am NOT needy and don’t act desparate it would just be nice for once to have friends that care. I also sucks doing everything alone. I just can’t wait to go to heaven. It’s got to be better than this bullsh–!! Oh, and if you have a nice car and house, people are jealous. I had to deal with those to and got rid of them. One said it right to my face that they’re jealous. Such BULLSH–!!

    • Hora says:

      Nothing wrong make friend, but not all around you are a real friend, because friend are to especial, majority are not a real friend, but go near to you and said I am your friend because have different intention, I have my own experiences, have a friend, help him in all and him talk shit when I not heard, trust him and him treason me. If any friend help you, for sure you be will treat like a good person, right? but never talk shit and treason. But that are what happening all a times, are to hard found a good peoples, real good friend, and mistake can cost you to much. Do you be will trust any one who you don’t know well? How many times woman found a casual friend and invite to home and a next day Police found dead woman?Sorry I am very carefull before I can trust and believe any friend.

      • Bobbie says:

        I just call most people my acquaintes. Of all the people that I associate with, there is just two that I can actually call my friends, and those two are the ones that I often find myself arguing with. Those are the ones that never budge when they feel that they are telling me something right, and likewise with me. Now, I do realize that there are some good in everyone, but I don’t go around calling them my friends because I know them for who they are. Therefore I do not worry about them turning their back on me. At the end of the day, we can go our separate ways until the next day and the circle just starts all over again.

        • Hora says:

          That are your view, but are not in all reality, each one can see different according with own experiences, but today are no more exist a real friend, peoples was loose honesty, decency, human love, respect,common sense, all value are money and more money. Any one can fail on a street and no one care, if have money sure be will have friend, but no money, no friend. American are to much cool like human, and over time became much more cool like ice, see how are that who call herself liberals. My only good friend are my girl dog and GOD, human are to danger.Respect simple cease of exist like Patriotism, see in what shape are USA, how was change.Keep your opinion and let keep my.

          • Bobbie says:

            Well, we all have opinion, and in no way would I try to get others to change their opinion to agree with me. That is the reason it is called “my opinion”. I always try to share my life experiences to help and not hinder; Hi however, they may not always work for everyone. I am only trying to reach out.try not to be so hard on yourself. M

            • Hora says:

              But personal opinion can base in reality or in dream, my are in reality. You be will not teach a old man what are a life, when more older more know about life. 50 years ago never was heard son beating parent and no respect no more like happening today all moral was loose, or see disgusting shit homosexual kiss one to another in public. Like a old Rome was down, USa go in that way too, where are not any Justice, moral, decency, honesty and common sense, all value are money not human mind, American became like animals beast.Liberal evil value.

              • Bobbie says:

                Lol Hora, for some reason, I like talking to you. You keep me going, really you do. Yes, years ago u would not have heard young people cursing out adults. You would not have heard a child cursing around an adult. Hora, the bible speaks of the days when things such as this would happen. No, it is not right. Male with male, female with female, I could go on and on with this. Anyway Hora, perhaps you think to deep. No matter how bright the sun is shining, but if you are looking for a cloud, you might just find one. Hora I enjoy talking to; I guess it is because you keep me going. I will await your comment because I already know that you disagree.

                • Hora says:

                  My son are no more human, but his mother change too, I am for not long here, but he not work and support a mother who be will loose a house, but he are a boss here, he was told my in a face I HATE YOU, YOU ARE NO MORE PART FROM A FAMILY, but why all two carry my last name? angry because I was divorce his mother? when he was a reason, and how many times was beat me?. Who loose a respect and love for a parent are no more human, but pure evil, and my grandson be will doing with him what he doing with me today.Living with my pain, I was thing many time wish die, my dog girl are more human who my son. I will ask you what you mean when said man with man and women with woman? I am a little confuse.

          • Barb says:

            Nice attitude and response to all

    • Susan says:

      Thank God I am not the only one. All of my life, I am the one reaching out and doing things for others, but when it comes time for me or for someone to actually care for me, there is NOBODY!

      I too am sick and tired of selfish, “takey” people.

      I used to read posts like these and silently figure it must be something that the hurting poster is or is not doing. No, not anymore. I find that people don’t reach out unless they want something. I am a multifaceted person and am very patient, but I honestly thought that it was because I was not married and people want to tend to their significant others and use me for the gaps.

      No more.

      I will be more selective with who I let into my life. If I see selfishness at first, they’re gone. No more taking my time and affection and not reciprocating. A friendship has to work for BOTH people. Letting go of someone who doesn’t care for me might hurt at first but in the end it makes room for someone who does.

      • Lynne N. says:

        I have also helped people most of my life.
        I am 57 and have no friends or family. I am married, but he prefers to not have friends and he thinks I shouldn’t either I guess.
        One of our neighbors has a wife that goes on cruises. I told my husband that sounded really nice to be able to go one some. He told me women should stay at home and not go off spending all that money and having girl time with their friends.
        I think he thinks I am supposed to be like his mother. Cook and clean all day and not have a bit of fun. I hate it! I cannot do any of my hobbies at all. But he can have his.
        I am about to go nuts with his kind of attitude.
        I only have my dog and cat for friends. I miss talking to someone whether they are male or female. It has soured me a bit about males though. I know they are not all the same. But I am tired of all the control. I dont even have my name on a checking account! And we have been married for 24 years.
        I just wish I didn’t live here and wished I had a friend to talk to.
        Anyone looking for a decent friend who still does have morels, compassion and empathy?
        Please write if you do!
        Lynne N.

      • Sue says:

        Hi Susan. My name is also Susan but I prefer Sue. I usually read these blogs & relate to much but don’t respond. Had to respond to ur message simply because its also MY message! I recently decided to “pull the weeds” & deal with a lot of down time instead of dealing with so called “friends” who think I’m an endless source of support ONLY when nothing or Noone else is available! No more, no more, no more! Shiftless, users, manipulators…u get the idea. Hang in there & remember a good day alone is better than a day spent with someone pretending to care for u when they simply care about Noone but themselves!

        • Lynne N. says:

          Hi Sue,
          I have been by myself today. Husband went to a town 3 hours away for a ham radio test. He left me his truck that the battery is dead in. Took the car. And wow….he left me a 20 dollar bill. Gee I feel rich…
          We live 40 minutes away from a town. Hope I dont ever have a emergency.
          I am so tired of living in a stupid relationship. ( marriage I think they call it. )
          I just wish I had a friend to talk to or email.
          I hope everyone else is doing better….
          Lynne N.

    • Karen says:

      OMG! It’s like I’m looking in the mirror talking to myself. I feel 100% the same way. I’m newly divorced and can’t find one girlfriend that’s not glued to there husbands/boyfriend’s hip or man crazy. It is BS, totally! I’ve got cabin fever…

      • Sally says:

        Good luck finding a friend that truly cares about you. Stay away from the users and the “fill in” types, that only call you when their alone and bored. People are just so selfish these days it sucks!! Most women revolve their life around their husband, and when their husband isn’t around and their alone and bored, that’s when they call you. I am so tired of that. I’m married and I NEVER did that!! My husband is not social so I can go out whenever I want, he doesn’t mind, but have no one to do anything with. Well, all I have to say is if one day their husband is not there anymore, their going to have no one and wonder why their alone!

      • Sally says:

        Hi Karen, the only thing I can think of is try to find people that are not married and no boyfriend so their life doesn’t revolve around their mate. But then again, I had “fake friends” in the past that were around until they met a guy then vanished. I don’t understand why women do this. In the long run, their the ones who will end up alone for ditching good people that would of been good friends like us!

    • Richard says:

      There are lot’s of us out here just looking for a friend. Maybe just to have coffee, or, just e-mail. Someone to call a real friend. I don’t know who you are, or, where you are ,but, I’m here .

      • Susan says:

        Really are you really there? Or are you some creep on line who is just trying to suck her dry? I really wonder if anyone is real?

      • Irene says:

        Hi Richard,

        You may be new to the blog but this blog is intended to provide a forum for discussion of issues related to friendship, not to connect people with each other. Unfortunately, the risk of spammers compromising personal information is too great. There are other sites on the Internet set up to make romantic or platonic friends. Thanks for your cooperation.


    • James says:

      Leana I really had to have a laugh at your post as I sit here on my own on another Saturday night . This is first time I’ve came across this blog and I googled female friends and this was one of the blogs that came up.I have family have brothers and sisters also one daughter -whom I love dearly -and 2 grand daughters whom I adore . But I sit here typing into an apple I pad alone on another night longing for some female compansionship . I have been on my own now for 10 years and tonite I just feel pissed off . I am not destitute nor entirely UGLY so I have to look at me as the problem . I am 65 in good health -thank God-have a reasonable pensionable incom have a car to get me about so what’s my problem . I don’t drink don’t smoke don’t gamble don’t do drugs -and unfortunately don’t do sex as well -probably not drinking is one of the main reasons am on my own as even at this age I am still a very shy person . But faced with giving up booze or dying I preferred to give up drink and alcohol selling establishments is still the best way of meeting females.The reason I laugh at your post is your still young enough don’t miss the boat put yourself out there. I really liked a woman whom I picked up the courage a few years ago to ask out she said no and I accepted that . A few months later she then tried to contact me and I didn’t follow it up I have regretted it ever since as l really really liked her . Anyhow enough of the past it’s now the present and Leana life sometimes is really as hard or as easy as we make it . I enjoyed reading your letter as I got so much identification with it you take care and made your God who ever you conceive him to be go with you . Always remember and don’t let The Bastards Get You Down.

      • Lynne Smith says:

        I try to make my life easy. It’s my husband that tries to make it sooo hard. And difficult. Nothing can be easy for him. It drives me nuts ..especially if there is a much easier way to do things.
        Why do they do that??
        Don’t feel too bad typing on your pad. If it wasnt for this cellphone. .I wouldnt have WiFi. The phone part doesn not work because he doesn’t want to pay 45 bucks a month for it.
        I think his buttcheeks are getting tighter as he walks… 😉

        • CountryBoy says:

          Lynne Smith: reading all your post and if your life is that bad? Leave it all behind and start over. Some mentioned this already. “Where there is a will – there is away”
          No one has the right to be in control of someone else. And you should take control of yourself. I’m 69 and in control of the choices I make, I’m positive with a happy attitude.
          Life is what you make of it (choices you make). If someone else brings negativity; its time to move on.

          • Lynne Smith says:

            IF you were a woman, you might see things differently.
            A man can do most anything he wants…it is still mostly a man’s world. Sure YOU can make choices because you are a man In charge of your life. A woman that has not worked in 22 years, not so much. Women our age have had not much of a life. Or a chance at that. Some women do not even know how to put gas in a car. Who’s fault is that? A mans because he did it all the time. He sure didn’t help.her any.
            NOW, if…I had money, yes that would certainly make it different. I would leave in a heartbeat.
            Then he tells me things are falling apart out there..people losing jobs, homes, etc. I see and hear this on tv everyday.
            Ever been homeless? Probably not. But I have. I do not want to be that way again.
            There STILL is a difference in being a man or a woman in this world, even in america. Wake up.
            Not every woman is a lucky duck like men are.
            IF I ever get out of this mess, there will not be another man. I had enough of being controlled. I hate all these cliches, “life is what you make of it and blah blah blah.” Walk a mile in my shoe.
            And please stop saying ” just walk away.”
            What part of no money, no place to live do you not get?
            Ok, I will go live in the woods and make a lean to with tree limbs. Yep. 😉 I can walk away.
            All I am doing HERE is trying to find peole who might want to be a friend. But certainly not from a guy.

        • Hora says:

          Lynne, I know nothing are to easy, but if your husband run nut, you must be realistic. I was leave my ex and my girlfriend, my ex not bad, but not good too, we was around 30 years married, my ex, I was leave because she won moving with a family, I real miss,but are necessary, she was use my like a tool, 15 years together, but for years she doing my life hell and abuse me, not surprise, she are mute-deaf and 400 pound, I am 200, a problem are her decline and need and need especial care, and when was can use a daughters and no need me, simple choose out, and for me fine, sure are miss her, and I was can help in all, my health are not good, and Now I am homos homeless, fighting for get housing. No man or woman have a right manipulate a partner, all are in base of respect. Life are to hard, much more who we thing, my relation with my ex are like two friend. You must choice what do you won in your life, be alone or with your husband, are a choice only you can decide.

  16. Sally says:

    I waiting to hit the lotto then imagine all the friends you’ll have? Pathetic isn’t it? All of a sudden friends that don’t bother with me anymore and my so called family that can care less about me would all come around if you have money. They I would tell them to go xxx and have a nice life. Then I’ll find some good crack and just get xxx wasted and drunk everyday with my new crack friends and live in a beach house on the beach. But first thing is move to a different state so no one will find you!! Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it? [EDITED BY MODERATOR FOR PROFRANITY]

    • Liz says:

      Dear Sally,

      It is very sad to feel alone. I hope you can find something that brings you a little bit of happiness. Take care and I’m wishing you all the best.

      • Hora says:

        Yes are sad be alone, but some time are better be alone who be with bad company, when yielling argument, complain, scream basic doing impossible you life every day, or much worse beat you, are good man and women , but also are to bad man and women any where. But I said, never loose a faith, you be will found a good man and friend.God bless you.

      • Hora says:

        Yes are, and in especial peoples like me, I am now 67 we never know when or how long be will be alive. Where older living, a manager must check, if not see in day or two, go to apartment and check are ok, but what about who live in a own house alone?, many time was discover a dead body where a older was die alone. Alone are nasty live, but with very bad company are much worse hell live. In my experience and temper, be alone are a best, I adore and love dogs, I was lose one few month ago, and another two years ago, until to today I still remember and cry, because a dog became part of my and are better who human, my son are 38, alcoholic, use drug and was beating me for long, and my daughter are to busy for spend with a father, and my ex was good woman, but she never try stop or support me when we son was beating me. Gov never now protect older, who became a problem and wait all to die and save money. My second woman, and I was only two in 45 years, she was beating me too and verbal abuse and her family too, but in last 4 years she became more calm, but commit some mistake who my ex, not respect me when her younger daugther a mole 400 Pound beat me and broke a flat TV in my head and decide move out when she know I no have any place to move, but she don’t care, and with not choice back with my ex and son for short time are when I real scare to dead. Nazi Dem propaganda said we protect older, but are a big lie, COPs not believe a man can be beat by woman, and are racist COPs who said beat a idiot old man and kill, sound crazy, but are real.

    • Hora says:

      Yes I agree with you in all, all are money point, have money are a lot of friend, but not, die alone, family? are another history, children grown and don’t care parent, or like my daughter 36 years old, for her a family husband are much better, sure I was commit mistakes, but I was get time and work for both, but set in a side a own blood and get much value a family husband are a big mistake, my son 38 never work and alcoholic, a mother be will loose a house, she can afford a bank. But all are not money in a life, money are pure evil, friend must be who heard another and give a own opinion or idea, I no have friend, a only one I was had, treason me. Today American society change to much, in part thank to evil Gov, we have, like few day ago I arrive to bus stop, I am 67 and use a scooter mobility, was a young black woman waiting too, she watch me and stand and walk away from me, like I am some smell garbage,that was a open racist and discrimination, live with hate. USA change to much,any one fail on street and any one be will walk and watch, but not touch or talk, are no more love, caring for anothers, discriminate are million different way, like denied rend a studio, because low income and low class, sure not all are alike, are good peoples, but hard to found, family ignore older too and no any help.If I was young and my father or mother are in risk of finish in a street, I will never let happening, but today are a list of excuse for no help.Actual Gov are pure evil in a White House, promote a violence, hate, are reality and fact. I am in a very bad situation and complete alone fight, I no have no more energy, I start loose all hope, take 20 or 30 pill pain kill and in few hours all pain be will cease forever. I cursed actual Gov and I thing are million doing a some. God forgive me.

      • Bobbie says:

        I am 64 years of age. I have a part time job at the Sheriff Department, around inmates and Officers. Since 2012, my husband and I have been planting a large garden along with growing around 25 fruit trees. My husband, who is a 3 times heart attack survivor enjoys the outside and loves sharing with others in need. Since I work only 2 1/2 day out of the week and live in a low income area, where some of the youths suffer from illness such as Sickle, ADHD, etc., we decided to go nonprofit and involve the youths. We were approved as 501(c)3 as of 2014. During the out of school summer months, we had the children planting, we made smoothies from the fruits, some baked, salads as well as other dishes from the veggies. We have exercise class, Spanish taught from the use of CD’s. Both the volunteers and youths were all engaged in activities, such as kickball, softball, etc. Since we do not have a building and one is desperately need during the winter months, my husband decided that we would open our garage as a meeting place. All of us are volunteers, and no one gets paid. My husband and I use our own personal vehicle to haul the children, because we lack the fund to purchase another one. On last week, while transporting some youths, the seat belt broke. As soon as we get it fixed, we will be back on it again. Why are we doing all this? First of all, we love what we do, to help others and keep ourselves from getting lonely and depressed. Please forgive me for writing such a long letter and I am not avery good writer. I have always heard that as we get older, we get long winded and do not know when to stop. But I try to be conscious of this when I am speaking. Please join us at: http://www.my-crop.com

        Find something that you love to do, and stay busy.

      • Bobbie says:

        Perhaps you may consider joining a religious group if not already. If you trust them enough to confide; let them know that you would appreciate daily or weekly visits. Out one thing for sure is God loves u.I don’t know u but I feel like I do, and if you lived in our community we would love to check on you from time to time. Once, I told a lady that felt a little like you to save a dollar for everyone that paid her an act of kindness. I told her to pay each person every year. At the end of that year, I asked her if she had put any money aside; she said, ” yes, but i just can’t afford to pay it off.”

  17. Gary says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’m a 67 year old retired man, who, like you, has difficulty making and keeping friends.In 2010, you were despairing of not having enough friends, and that one day you would die alone.
    Have your views changed since then? If yes, I’m happy for you. If not, I have a few suggestions.


    • Kate says:

      I read your reply to Laura who had posted her letter 2010. I see that yours is quite recent.
      May I ask what suggestions you might make for me? I’m a relatively young 68, good humoured, intelligent and until recently very healthy (a couple of minor problems slowing me down a bit, but hopefully will pass soon).
      I have a few good friends but the lonely evenings and weekends get to me sometimes.

  18. Liz says:

    Hi. My name is Liz and I live in Long Beach California. I am looking for platonic women friendships. I prefer one on one friendships, although I’m not opposed to bigger groups. I am 55 and have 2 daughters 19 and 25. Things I like to talk about are: relationships and family, my favorite place is the beach. I would love to do a bus trip to San Jose rent a car and go to the historical hostile in Santa Cruz. I like to bargain shop whether it be at Ross or 2nd hand stores. I am a night owl. I worked in aerospace as an administrative assistant for 25 years then became ill. I’m on disability and will retire soon. If any of this sounds enticing please send me an email.

    Smiles & Hugs,


    • Irene says:

      This site isn’t intended as a matching site. If you would like to meet real people, you need to take a look at other such sites or perhaps, check out the Facebook page associated with The Friendship Blog, where you can post identifying information:

      • Liz says:

        okay, thank you.

      • Hora says:

        Facebook? that are a worse place .

        • Lynne N. aka Smith says:

          Do not go to google+ It is sooo much worse! And you cannot get rid of it. People dig and find all your info. A LOT or crazy people on there.
          I just wanted to look at pictures. But if you like the picture, do NOT give it a +1, beached this will tell on you to bad people. It’s like a positive flag for them to follow you. Haters will follow you. You have no absolute privacy there. And to delete google+…..they send you all over the site and then say if you delete that then it will also delete your google accounts too. I wished I never got on that site.
          But if you do go on there..just look. Make no remarks. And it attaches itself to youtube also.
          I hate to delete most everything today. Gee…. that place is heavily I filtrated too.
          Just a heads up on that…it looks so innocent….but not.

          • Lynne Smith says:

            I will talk to you, but you would have to go to this sites facebook page. They don’t allow email addresses to be given out for safety reasons. I do have a facebook page, but nothing is on it. It does not matter where you go, no one really has privacy now… but you can limit It. Whatever you write on the internet is there forever..not deleted. It is cached.
            You can send messages there.

      • Lynne N. says:

        Hi Sue,
        I have been by myself today. Husband went to a town 3 hours away for a ham radio test. He left me his truck that the battery is dead in. Took the car. And wow….he left me a 20 dollar bill. Gee I feel rich…
        We live 40 minutes away from a town. Hope I dont ever have a emergency.
        I am so tired of living in a stupid relationship. ( marriage I think they call it. )
        I just wish I had a friend to talk to or email.
        I hope everyone else is doing better….
        Lynne N.

      • Lynne N. says:

        Thank you for the facebook link. I just joined there. My name is Lynne Smith in case anyone would like to message me. 🙂
        It would be nice to talk there!

    • Bobbie says:

      I also work part time, and I love to bargain shop also. Mostly thrift stores, a salvation army etc., I have found my youths, senior citizens and even a few disabled veterans nice items. Now I am looking for some school clothes for this winter. Staying busy and loving every minute of it.

  19. Mare says:

    I just feel bored a lot. 65, look my age, LOL, and sometimes just can’t seem to find any joy in living. Have been retired for 10 years now and for the first time I’m bored. Did volunteer work, traveled, and now I simply can’t get motivated to do anything. I sometimes get so agitated with just “being”. I literally tell myself that I’m sick and tired of dragging this 110 pound body around all day and wish I could just sleep until there is something to do that I even halfway enjoy.

    • Frank says:

      Maybe your spiritually deficient in giving thanks that you were able to retire and not worry about being homeless,hungry and physically disabled. Think about good people who cant have what u have and maybe you will have a reason to jump out of your bed.

      • Mare says:

        Thanks a lot. But your comment is lacking in understanding and insight. You don’t have a clue what I have or if I’m disabled or not, so don’t even suggest that I’m deficient spiritually or anything else. That comment was mean spirited at best.

        • Mae says:

          Well u just made feel less lonely I thought I was the only one who at 61 was totally bored. My friends have moved or passed away and there aren’t any men who are my age that wants to be around older women they are all playing in the sand box lol. I would like to do some traveling or just have somebody to hang with or talk to but I spent most of my life raising my kids and now it’ seems to be to late for me

          • Gary says:

            Hi Mae,
            I’m glad that you’re feeling less lonely. I know how devastating it can be to think you’re completely alone with your struggles. Major transitions, such as friends moving away, can make life seem very bleak.
            I do have some suggestions for you. May I send them to you maybe tomorrow or Thursday? My 67 year old brain is tired and has stopped working.


          • Gary says:

            Hi Again Mae,

            Just because you’re feeling lonely doesn’t mean that you’re worthless. You’re just going through a tough change in your life right now. You used to find pleasure in the company of your friends. Now that they are no longer in your life, it’s perfectly understandable to feel lonely. Your former friends must have thought that you were fun to be with or else they wouldn’t have associated with you in the first place. Why don’t you become involved in social activities at a senior’s club, or volunteer to help out disadvantaged seniors at a community care association? By mixing with other people, you show off the vivacious personality that so endeared you to your former friends and attract new people who would like to get to know you. And you might discover rewarding interests that would help to fill the void in your life, now that your children have moved on with their lives.


          • Lynne N. aka Smith says:

            I don’t know if you like travelling or not, but there seems to be a big spike in women our ages and up even that have taken to getting a rv and just hit the road!
            They find friends, some travel along in their rv’s with others and some just meet up in a area and wait for their friends to show up.
            Wow…I wish I had money to do that.
            It sounds really fun! You get to see the usa and national parks, nature, food and friends.
            I have asked my husband if I could get a rv to just go somewhere over the weekend…but no. He doesnt want me to. That would Interfere In his toys money.
            I cant even go horsebackriding for a couple of hours.
            Yes, I know how some people feel about sleeping a lot. I DO IT! Because I cant do anything else.
            That is why most women our age go rving when their husbands die. Seriously. They FINALLY get to have “me time!”
            Im still waiting…….heck, I will probably die first.

            • Hora says:

              Not loose hope, God not forgive any one, he help any one, but why you must depend from your husband? you are free doing what you won. I back with my ex, but for making time get senior housing, but we relation change, each one are free, I am divorce long ago, still family, but not husband and wife.

    • deborah says:

      I am 59 but can relate. Yes Frank was somewhat judgemental. I often feel I have to push myself to get up and get through another day. My mind only likes to be creative at 3AM when my body says “Are you kidding. I need rest.” Then when it is day time all that creativity I forgot somewhere in my restless sleep and the sun coming up. Evening and night time are long and TV is boring. Day time is short and just when I have found myself interested in something it is night time again. Hang in there and so will I.

      Oh and Frank so sorry you arent’ retired like the rest of us.

      • Mare says:

        Yes, it really doesn’t matter what you have or what shape your body is in or anything like that, it’s finding something that moves you. I sometimes stay awake until two or three A.M. as well. And TV is not only boring it’s becoming a reflection of what the world has become and that’s scary, to me at least. I used to feel deprived that I don’t and won’t have any grandchildren but now I’m a little relieved. I appreciate every day what I do have, but that doesn’t seem to fill the emptiness that engulfs me much too often, because as I said it’s not what you have that makes getting through another day any easier. I just get bored, even when I have somewhere to go or something to do, I find small talk tedious and superficial and really don’t or can’t find any joy in being around people. I have many friends who live within driving distance, but as soon as I get there I want to come back home. I drove all the way to Washington to see my sister and was there a short while until I was climbing the walls, and she lives on a beautiful lake. The only thing I do at present is facilitate grief counseling at the hospital. I got into doing that because my son almost died and I came to terms with the fact that we are dust in the wind. Maybe that has changed me. I have good days and bad days.

      • Frank says:

        Ok ladies I can take constuctive criticism and dont mind working until I breathe my last breath. I am not jealous of what other people have and I do have good friends who are well off and going off the deep end of idleness. What a sad way to check out time and how do u know if I am disabled ? I am not mean but I do know that my life on this earth is just about three quarters over. For that reason I must engage life and hopefully life will engage me.

        • Mare says:

          Okay Frank ….. You seem Like a good egg. I probably would continue working in my field if I could, but I think the rule of thumb is, “out with the old and in with the new”. I would not be hired because of my age, even though I could easily do the job. I can remember a time when I was a youngster and made comments to co workers that I wish that old fart would retire. Then I became that old fart. I really really loved my job and I guess it made me feel like I was doing good in the world. That feeling has gone and I truly think it has a lot to do with my feeling bored. Maybe it’s more a feeling of worthlessness. I am, by nature, a helping person, and if I’m not feeling helpful I feel worthless. Nobody needs me. This blog is helpful because as I am writing this I am trying to get to the root of my emptiness. It’s extremely cathartic.

          • Frank says:

            Now your a realist,that a good sign. You made good choices in your career and now u bear fruit just like the other lady you mentioned as a youngster. U weigh 110 thats perfect as a new career in modeling. Dont let anybody keep u in a box because your 60. Do something outrageous that u would never consider doing. Thats how u stay out of the box.

          • Lynne Smith says:

            I understand where you are coming from.
            You see the world as I do. It is a sad place sometimes. Everything is going from bad to worse. I don’t have grandkids either and I too am also glad. Glad they don’t have to live in. Greedy corrupt world. Many people are just users. Not all, but quite a few.
            The trick I suppose it to try to find something you enjoy. It sounds like your place you work drags you down even more. Maybe there might be another type job. Even at our ages, they are finding that older people are much better or efficient at the jobs. I like to look at a place called Indeed…or Care.com
            They have a ton of different type things to do. If you want to do that.
            Family…I get that too. I don’t talk to whats left.of my family because they too do not care and they are dysfunctional. I am better off away from them. I have no church. I believe in God, I just dont go to church. I have some trouble being around a lot of people. And it just seems like people just don’t care.
            If I were by myself, I would try to find what I used to like to do and pick up that again. Hobbies, etc. Even growing a garden can be fun. Knowing you planted something and it grew. If you like gardening.
            Or, if you liked making something people like or want..it would help in some sort of comfort knowing they were happy with it.
            If you are still around, I would love to talk to you.
            Keep your chin up girl.

        • Bobbie says:

          Way to Frank!!! My mother is 95 years young. She quit her volunteer job at the age of 82 when she came down with Alzheimer’s. Now, I am at a grand ole age of 64 and plan to work until I can no longer. It is because i want to do it, not because I have to.

      • Frank says:

        O debbie. I hope u read my reply, sounds like u and the other beauty are related. This is the last comment / advice I will give because anything more is a waste of productive time for me.

    • Ms. Eve says:

      Hi Mare. I am a fifty-something woman who makes myself available for people such as you. I have breakfast, lunch or dinner with widows, widowers and singles who don’t want/like to dine alone and just need someone to talk to while we enjoy a meal together. There are no strings, no commitments. It’s all safe and fun and public. I’m a great listener and conversationalist and will probably make you laugh a few times. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and genuinely love to hear other people’s story…everyone has one. Perhaps we can connect someday. By the way, looks mean nothing. As long as your blood pumps red and not green!

      • Mare says:

        What a delightful offer. What are the chances we live anywhere near each other?

        • Irene says:

          Please be advised that this blog isn’t intended as a matching site, either for platonic or romantic relationships. No identifying information is allowed on the blog, which is purely educational. Thanks for your cooperation. Best, Irene

          • Mare says:

            I was being facetious ….. Don’t have any, any any, desire to meet someone/anyone through this site or any other on line site. Just to make that clear.

      • Sue says:

        This is a good idea, but how do you connect with people to even do that? I am 61 and only have one friend that ever offers to do anything. Every body is married. I lost my husband 11 years ago and struggle to find friends. Again, everybody is married and goes home to their own family after work and on weekends. My children live out of state and I will leave to move closer to them as soon as I retire. In the meantime I come home to an empty house. Very depressing. I do have siblings, but they are to involved in their own families to ever care or call. I am not here for a pity party, I just need to make friends. Volunteering at the American Cancer Society is out as my husband died from Cancer and it would be very difficult for me. I live in a community that is geared toward families, if you are old, you do not count,

        • Liz says:

          Hi Sue,

          I totally get where you are coming from. I’m so sorry you are feeling so isolated. I am currently feeling the same but for different reasons. I recommend the site meet up. I have found a friend through that site. Good luck. Liz

    • Mary says:

      Sounds like you’re depressed. One of the signs is loss or lack of enjoyment in activities. Since you’re not interested in trying new things and are bored by everything it seems that’s the case. Maybe a spiritual retreat for women in transition, therapy, or finding out if there is a medical problem would help.

      • Mare says:

        I think you are right. I was on antidepressants for about a year after my son almost died, and quit taking them. I felt better for a long time and now I feel depressed again. I try so hard to keep on telling myself there’s nothing to be depressed about, but if it’s a chemical imbalance that won’t work. I feel lonely and then when I’m around people I just want to run away. Can’t figure it out.

        • Mary says:

          If your son almost died and it was traumatic, you could also have some ptsd, or ptsd like symptoms. Sometimes they dont emerge for awhile. I hope you figure out what’s going on, and go back on the anti depressants if you think that’s the route to try. YOu deserve a high quality of life in your retirement years 🙂

    • Bobbie says:

      So u drag 110 pounds around everyday. I am 5 ft. 2in. and working on getting back around that size. Count your blessings and be thankful. Years ago,I use to see an older neighbor who every morning would walk outside and I would catch him looking up at the sky. He would say a few words under his breath and then smile.At the time, I wondered want was it to smile about. All his children family members were all passed away. One day little silly me got up the nerve to talk to him about it. He told me that, before his friends and family had passed away,he had fun talking to them, but after that, he was having more fun talking to God. He went on to tell me about more of his conversations with God. They are some amazing stories. I would love to tell you, but I have got to get ready for church. Running late.

  20. GAYLE says:


    • Caitlyn says:

      What I would like to know is WHY? no one is changing anything in this age group?…It makes me so angry….Are we the forgotten people?…It’s insane, really!….What area of the country do you live in?…I want to relocate and want to get out of New York..P.S. Try and get a part time job in New York at ANY AGE! I have even been looking to volunteer and even though I picked out many interests the only volunteer jobs seems to be the ones NO ONE would be interested in doing!….Caitlyn…

    • Frank says:

      Hello, If I knew that tomorrow was my last day on this earth , I would still get on knees and plant a seed in the ground. Its good to hope but its better to visualize your future. Its easier to fix yourself than it is to fix people u encounter. Develop a sense of ” presence ” and you will get what is missing in your life.

    • Cher says:

      I find it disturbing that we all feel the same way but aren’t trying to connect. I know Arlene keeps reminding us it’s not a “connecting” blog but let’s get together! I live in Cincinnati ohio anyone live close?

      • Irene says:

        Hi Cher,

        I’m sorry that this blog can’t serve as a way of connecting people but providing real names and addresses on the Internet would make posters vulnerable to those who might take advantage of their loneliness.

        Thanks for your understanding.

        Best, Irene

    • Bobbie says:

      I know exactly what you mean about the job. Many employers seems not to care whether you have a masters or doctorate degree nowadays. They would rather hire a younger person that perhaps received his/her GED. At the penitentiary where I use to work let all their older employees go through a law call will and pleasure. They moved down to hiring 18 year olds. Since that time, more drugs were brought into the facility and young ladies became pregnant. Many of the employees that were not fired just quit. Now they are letting most of the youths go, and are trying to get the older employees back. I am not criticizing the youths because a few older adults are just as bad, but some jobs are better for older, mature mind people. So, if you are looking for work at 69; depending on where you are applying, i am afraid that you may have your work cut out for you.

    • CountryBoy says:

      Gayle thumbs up. Before the “Pension” was invented there was family life and the children looked after their parents. Socializing and family life are disappearing. We all see it around us. I am just a lucky man having 5 widows around me in the neighborhood. Are never out of work. And besides I volunteer to entertain music at senior care homes. Set your mind op de future and what you can do about it to change that. Focus on activity be creative and I’m sure things will happen for you. Nobody should have to take abuse in the workplace nor at home. My saying; “After Rain Comes Sunshine”

  21. Caitlyn says:

    Hi There!, I am a very attractive single woman who is older but looks a lot younger than my age…I live in the New York City area and HATE New York especially where I live with miserable tenants over my head with a kid running back and forth all day…No peace! I got myself into credit card debt and am dealing with some health issues which will be taken care of, but I really want to relocate…I wanted to meet someone but most of these men are “weird” on the Internet as I have tried some of the websites…I received hundreds of e-mails and most are only capable of writing back and forth and that’s it! The one’s that are interested in me that I like and that like me all tell me that they wished I lived in there area… Well, I don’t!….It’s not like I live on another continent and they make NO effort at all…So, where do I go on my own to live? Any advice?

    • Annie says:

      oh my gosh Caitlyn I can relate to you soooooo much..Just stumbled across this site and it has brought me peace of mind. I too live in the NYC area (Astoria) and HATE my building..tenant above me stomps all day long..ALL DAY LONG–never leaves her apartment and just pounds and opens drawers all night long. I hate where I love so much. She has her kids running all weekend long–back and forth, back and forth..I find myself going to AC on weekends just to get out of this apartment. I too fell into some debt and I too have some health problems and would love to meet someone..feel so much younger than ny age and hopefully look it..do my faceaerobics all the time..I wish I had an answer on where to live because If I knew I would be there right now. I hope you get this message..Sometimes I find it hard to track messages on blogs.

      • Cheri says:

        Good Morning Ladies,

        I too am asking how does a 60 year old woman make new friends. One friend has passed and the other has Alzheimers. They are a few snowbird homes available where I live, If you relocate here the cost of living is acceptable. We could make our own group of lets get out there and live today group. In debt and medically challenged “also” in Florida. [EDITED BY MODERATOR – PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE IDENTIFYING INFORMATION ON THIS SITE]

        This blog is educational is not intended to link people with each other. If you want to connect with people, use one of the various online matching sites or see: http://www.thefriendshipblog.com/something-new-check-out-friendship-blog-connection-facebook/

      • Frank says:

        There are tenant laws that are enforcable and do work. I had this problem before but now I do not. You must do the research to bear the fruit of peace. Building owners shake when city agencies open their door

    • Frank says:

      If your all that,why do u waste your time on the net for love when most of them are Aholes ? Changing your environment doesnt mean u have to leave NYC. I like to meet people face to face so I can look in their eyes and see the truth. Im a ny er and your a ny er and we both know there are plenty of places to meet people. Something is standing in your way.

      • Helen says:

        I have read your posts and identified with the NY ‘tude and spirit of it “ain’t over till it’s over” However, socialization and employment opportunities in NY can be a challenge and very stress producing for anyone particularly those over 50! While we each try to meet those challenges for our betterment, I guess to your point time is tickin’ and we need to make EVERY second count.

    • CountryBoy says:

      Caitlyn, when I read through some of the post here some said “Go RVing” Here in Canada it is to cold for that. But we have many snowbirds going south. Long distance relationships through the Web seldom work. (I would think anyone who wants a relationship 4000 miles a way is weird) Focus more at friendship in the area you live in. If you don’t like the city you live in look outside New York.
      There are a lot of baby(men)boomers who are also looking for companionship. Good luck lady!

  22. marie says:

    Oh how this post resonated with me! I moved back to my native England after 20 years in the U.S. and many ex-pat years elsewhere. I was married, we have two wonderful children but sadly our marriage wasn’t the happiest. After much strife we finally divorced and I floundered on my own for 10 years before I made the decision to return to the UK.
    My kids have been so very supportive of their silly Mum and I honestly thought coming here would be the answer too all my problems.
    I’ve managed to get a good job despite the economy, with a lovely group of people. But truth be told at the end of the day everyone has their own families to return too, their own lives and after lhey have lived here for 50 plus years I find many people don’t really have room for a new friend.
    I’m really fun, sociable and outgoing but found my confidence at rock-bottom after my divorce and more so after losing my assets as well.
    My own family are very close by, but again all wrapped in their own stuff and I have found it really hard to find my own place. Put that with not having my own children with me and I can honestly say I’ve been miserable this past two years.
    So – now why did this post resonate with me? Well one Friday night (admittedly I’d had one too many glasses of wine) I was headed downstairs to put the rubbish out (I still call it trash or garbage but everyone here in England thinks I’m being affected – whereas in America if I said rubbish they thought it was “cute”)!
    Well, I missed my step and tumbled all the way down to the bottom of the stairs! I lay in a crumpled heap with one hand hanging onto the bannister (railing) and my legs tucked up under me kind of dangling there. The rubbish bag had exploded around me and there were bits of dry dog food hanging off the top of my head, together with last night’s leftovers mushed at my feet – not the prettiest of sites.
    I could hardly move and finally managed to pull myself up and literally crawled back up the stairs.
    I quickly headed into the bathroom to take note of the damage. Legs moving, check, arms in one piece, yes, no bangs on head – am I concussed I thought or just drunk! As I hadn’t banged my head I concluded I was just very drunk – and that’s probably what saved my life.
    I picked out chunks of food from my hairs, stuck my head under the tap and fell into bed – the mess could wait until tomorrow.
    When I woke up I could hardly move, I had the biggest, most amazing purple, technicolour bruise from the top of my thigh all the way down to my knee. I could hardly move and the lump that had formed made me look as if I had saddle thighs on one leg!
    Foolishly I never did go to the doctor, just kept my leg up and iced it for the whole weekend. Thankfully I didn’t have a blood clot because I also spent the rest of the weekend checking my breathing, my heart, keeping my legs raised and reading everything I could about the dangers of blood clots.
    Sunday came and Monday I limped into work mumbling something about banging my leg on a chest of drawers. It then dawned on me, I hadn’t seen or spoken to a soul since Friday. My dog had been so sweet hardly bothering me to take him out. I’d just take him outside the gate, wave at him to “go potty” then dragged him back in. You can see why he’s such a good dog. Luckily I had all my shopping in and didn’t need anything, and thankfully I even had another bottle of wine to get me through the rest of the weekend – hah!
    I could have died right there and then on the Friday night and maybe my work colleagues would have rung to see where I was on the Monday, but probably thought oh she’ll be in Tuesday. Tuesday, they may have been a bit more concerned and perhaps thought of ringing my sister – but I bet noone would have found me until Wednesday by which time I would have been smelling right there at the bottom of the stairs and my poor dog would have begun eating my face off because he was so hungry!
    I find in this modern technology age, people rarely phone oh I get the odd text over the weekend from my sister – “are you ok”..oftentimes I feel like texting back “no, I’m not, I’m bloody miserable..) I had it in my head that my family got together all the time, socialising, having fun, laughing together, and I thought all these years that was what I was missing.
    So now I have decided to go back to America, to be near my own children and to find a place to live that has no stairs and to make my own friends and not rely on anyone but myself. After all, we are all we really have aren’t we?
    It’s nice to have found this blog though so if I can make some friends along the way that would be lovely.
    thank you for listening 🙂

    • deanna says:

      Marie, I’m glad you were okay! I lived in London for many years with my (now ex) husband and I really relate to what you are talking about. I loved it there, but needed to return to the US for many reasons, but when I got back it wasn’t as if everything was right in the world. It was the same old issues and problems I had left behind, only now they had moved on a few years! I used to be so restless when I was younger, thinking the solution was in the next valley over and I just couldn’t see it. One of my favorite sayings is “wherever you go there you are” and now that I’m older, I’ve gotten better at understanding that. I’ve learned to love and appreciate and trust myself, and lean on myself always. I wish you well!

      • marie says:

        Thank you so much for your kind response Deanna. I am glad you enjoyed living in London. I am sure you are right, moving back (hopefully all finalised this time next year) my friends there will be three years on by that time, but at least my children are there Deanna.
        This has been a hard life lesson because you are quite right “wherever you go there you are” I think this is something I had to do (moving back to the UK) so I could finally stop thinking the answer was always going to be the next best place. I will be returning older, wiser and with a lump on my leg I didn’t have before! Thank you again 🙂

        • Deanna says:

          There is nothing like going and proving to yourself what your gut has probably already whispered to you 🙂 You should feel proud of yourself for having the courage to do that. You will definitely return wiser, and your expectations will be different, which is always good for our happiness level. I know you’re going to be okay. Best of luck to you!

    • Judy Mcnamara says:

      Hi Marie,

      Reading your post, you could have been writing about me. My 26 year marriage ended. I am living in the US,I am from Ireland. Just like I am so alone. Would love to hear how you made out. Did you move back to the US? I understand exactly how you feel.


    • Judy Mcnamara says:

      Hi Marie,

      Reading your post, you could have been writing about me. My 26 year marriage ended. I am living in the US,I am from Ireland. Just likeyou I am so alone. Would love to hear how you made out. Did you move back to the US? I understand exactly how you feel.


    • Deb says:

      Marie – you sound lovely. I’m sorry you’re lonely and I’m sorry you fell down the stairs. I just thought I’d add my 2 cents. I just turned 60. I had a huge party. Invited probably 120 people. 60 came. It was great fun. I have many very close friends from all parts of my life. Old high school friends, work friends, and others I’ve met on the path of life. The party’s over. I’m still lonely. LOL! I’ve never been married. Never had kids. Lived alone probably 50% of my life. 3 long term, co-habitating relationships only lasted 7 years each. Then my niece and grand niece moved in about 7 years ago. I got tired of being taken for granted and started requiring certain of my needs be met. They moved out this past March in a huff. So I’m quite alone again. I’m enjoying the solitude, but I still would rather have a partner. Having friends helps a lot. But it isn’t the whole answer. Life can be fun alone. I can go see who I like when I like, do what I like, not have to consult with anyone about home interior or exterior. I don’t have to worry about anyone else’s dinner. There are lots of positives. I hope you create a community of like minded pals to do things with. I’m sure you will. Best of luck!

    • deborah says:

      I am glad you made it back upstairs ok. This living alone makes you wonder if something happens to you, when will people notice. I too had a incident after moving back into my house alone after my divorce. I was making a pot of soup and my kitchen being a bit small you can pretty much go from the sink to the stove in just one turn. I had just put a dish in the dishwasher and got a cup of water to add to the soup and turn to go to the stove without realiziing the door to the dishwasher had silently reopen. So with the cup of water in my right hand I tripped over the dishwasher door. Falling forward, my right hand with cup of water goes into the hot soup burning my right arm, my legs hitting the dishwasher door I plung forward to the cabinets face first, I fell. Luckly I didn’t break my legs or my stupid neck. As I laid there in pain, rolling over my lovely dog looks at me with his head tilted, “Did you mean to do that or is this a new game we are playing”? He didn’t even offer to help me up. He is a big dog too. He could at least came over so I could use his body to help lift myself up. But then again he is a male.
      Yes, living alone makes you think about your saftey. So now I carry my cell phone with me at all times. I am the only one who is going to dial 911. That is if I haven’t broken my neck. Maybe I should get one of those things that you wear around your neck. LOL

      • Mare says:

        Hey Deborah … See …..things like that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have these stupid bodies to drag around. Now I have to feed it, now I have to wash it, now I have to put clothes on it, and now I have to wash the clothes I have to put on it, and so on and so on. If anyone out there is a Kurt Vonnegut fan, maybe you’ve read “unready to wear”. It’s a short story in the book WELCOME TO THE MONKEY HOUSE. very thought provoking. I know that this body will fall someday and I won’t get up… When I don’t answer the phone for a while someone will come and investigate and find this body (not me) and it will all be over. Today is an okay day…… I’m just being dramatic.

    • CountryBoy says:

      Thumbs up for you Marie, go for it. My origin is from Holland and all my brothers and sisters live there in a 4 mile radius (9 of them). Would I feel home in my home town, I don’t think so. I left there 43 years ago and will be a stranger to them in the village. Even I have been there often. You seems emotional and physical a strong lady to survive the fall. Hope the dog did help to clean you? I have 3 of those beautiful animals. Good luck on your journey back to the America’s. You will find new friends and have your children around you.

  23. Steve says:

    It is very tough for many of us men at the age of 60 now making friends especially that we had been married at one time. And for us meeting a good woman to settle down with is very hard nowadays unlike years ago that would’ve been a lot easier than today. Really sucks being single these days.

    • Cyndi says:

      Hi Steve…. I totally agree with you! My children all grown with their own busy lives; not much , if any time for me. Live alone with my 2 little dogs. Where you from? I live in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . Cyndi

    • Marilyn says:

      I will be 71 next month, I had a very active life and had lots of friends. My husband died in 2001 after a long illness. I had to give up my job (I loved) to be his carer. This was a financial disaster. Because of his job we had moved around a lot and when he died I found myself a long way from home and broke. Since then I found again and again a woman on her own is viewed with a certain amount of suspicion. by other ladies in social groups. Just because your alone doesn’t mean you are out to jump on any man. Quite a few I wouldn’t have as a gift!(No offence)
      In order to make friends I have made myself useful by dog minding ect. This worked for a while until people started taking me for granted. Like expecting help at short notice,without considering I may have other arrangements.
      The trick is to keep cheerful and your self respect.
      I am English, but live in Ireland.Rossey

      • Janie says:

        Rossey, I agree with the mention of other ladies being suspicious of us single ladies. That was a very good observation on your part. I also wouldn’t want any of my friends hubbies cause I have nothing in common with them. I think people do take advantage of single people & think they don’t have anything to do but jump at an offer to watch your pet or whatever in a moments notice (even if it’s true). Well I haven’t tried the dog sitting but do love animals. I don’t know if that would help the loneliness thou. I wish I could have a nice vacation to Ireland since I am part Irish. It looks like an amazing place with beautiful scenery & nice people. Thanks for the insite.

        • CountryBoy says:

          Isn’t that the truth “married ladies being suspicious of single ladies”? It is an insecurity and lack of trust. But then you have to watch out for those “Hunters”……..lol.
          Make it happen Janie go to Ireland and “Dance The Night Away” (Mavericks) Go to a concert of Mike Denver he’ll get you dancing with the Irish men. It’s a great country and are similar to the Dutch Culture. By the way; meet Marie and go together, more fun that way. “Alone is Alone” and Two is fun.

    • grace says:

      hi, im looking for a friend here, u can reach me in skype,graceen19 .its ok if you just want have someone to talk with because your board,just as long as i have someone to talked too. i jst want to have a friend or someone to talk to..

    • CountryBoy says:

      Steve, it seems many ladies on this friendshipblog have the same problem. Go out in your area and socialize with them. We’re all a bit set in our ways but I’m sure you will find someone comparable.

  24. Belinda says:

    I am a woman in her early 60s and am looking for solid relationships. It seems like some women still play telephone games for one of my friends always wants me to initiate calling her and am not certain why,(she’ll says call me later) and I have another friend that likes talking about 2 or sometimes 3 times a day and to me that is too much. I know that we have different levels and types of friends, but am looking for friends that no longer play high school games. Am I expecting too much?

    • I agree with you 100%

      • Belinda says:

        I told both women how I feel so let’s see what happens. Need ideas on where to meet more quality people. ??

    • Janie says:

      Belinda, that is 100% true for me also. I have a gal friend that won’t pick up when I call her, but I always answer for her. I have another that talks a long time when her hubby is shopping or whatever & when I call her, if he’s home, she has to hang up right away. I’ll take your 2 to 3 times a day caller & you can have mine. Not really good friends are they? My best friend was so concerned about me retiring & right afterwards she announced out of the blue that she is moving out of state, wow was I shocked. Another one bites the dust.

    • Cyndi says:

      I agree. I’ll be 60 this Friday, don’t look my age. Work as a Nurse. Don’t go to bar scene. Wish I could meet a good man to settle down with. Very lonely. 🙁 Cyndi

      • Doug says:

        I know the feeling Cyndi. I just turned 57 and quit alcohol almost 6 years ago. It was an unpleasant surprise to find that all of my friendships were bar based. Certainly there is an answer, the hard part is finding it. I wish you the best.

    • Pat K says:

      Hi Belinda, No you are not expecting too much. I can identify with your predicament. I had a old friend from elementary school through high school. She lived in the same town as I did and was jealous not only of my other friendships but my daughters. She wanted me to herself! And she wanted me to talk to her every day and shop every weekend. That is all she ever did. I don’t like shopping every weekend as I prefer going out maybe once or twice a month and even then to museums or other cultural events. It was frustrating and she griped that I was distancing myself. I told her that I just had so much on my plate already with work, family and home it is impossible. She had no kids and no pets. Thank goodness she moved away 4 years ago. Although I have a newer friend that is the same way and I am actually distancing myself but in this case she is such a nut hahahaha… They are both good people but so needy and I as are you are not needy. We want quality friendships. I live in Northern Colorado. I pray you will find a good friend. I joined a group of wonderful even spectacular ladies via meetup.com

  25. Jane says:

    At 59, I am looking for less friends not more. I do not have many friends but I realize I should spend my time with people I authentically enjoy being around. I know that I will die alone. I do not have children, but I did not go through 20+ years of work required to raise children. I used to think I wanted a man. Now I enjoy my own company and learning new things. People do not exist to fill a void and it is annoying to be around needy people who suck me dry, including my own sister. It may seem harsh, but my time and existence are no less important than theirs. So how much do I owe them? People have clay feet and inevitably will fail you if you rely on them too much. So you have to have an inner core. The woman whining about having no friends is not talking about wanting to be a friend. She is talking about other people being a friend to her. She is the kind of person I now avoid like the plague. She should not be looking for more friends. She should be looking for more interests.

    • Laura says:

      If you have other people in your life, of course you’ll be disappointed at times, because we’re all human, and humans make mistakes. Part of life is being vulnerable and allowing yourself to trust and love. I’ll take that over being along any time.

    • Ben says:

      I like your spunky post and agree that re-assessing what is important in a friend is crucial to growth. I don’t think that anyone would not want to be liked or loved in a friendship. I know I am at a stage in my life where I am trying to learn how to give in a healthy way without being dependent. I believe in “inter-dependence.” In many ways we do get what we allow ourselves to get. If we allow people to dominate us, they will. If we give to the point of getting out of balance we will. It’s hard to change old habits and develop new ones. Life ain’t no dress rehearsal. Sometimes the pain seems more than a person can bear and other times there is joy. I can only hope in being more “authentic” I will attract more “authentic” people.

      • Laura says:

        Spunky? I thought it was stone cold, bereft of emotion and depressing as hell.

        • Janie says:

          Dang I wish her name (jane) was not so close to mine. She makes no sense in the way she explains that she doesn’t need any friends. Her sister sucks her dry, but again I state she has a sister so doesn’t need any other friend. I have seen it over & over thru out my life. Sister = permanent friend. Many of us have had good friends in our youth that have died or move away & find it hard to connect to people of our age. I don’t know where to meet anyone my age. Maybe in some towns it is easier but not so much in a small town, at least for me. The lady is cold hearted & mean spirited. I would avoid her for sure. If life is so simple what brought her to this site? Loneliness maybe. Many are looking for ideas on how to connect w/ new friends not be made fun of & ridiculed while feeling sad or lonely.

          • Jeanne says:


            “Sister = permanent friend” is not always the case in some families. Will you acknowledge that?

            Hard to reach full adulthood and not acknowledge that there are all kinds of relationships within families, some of which are competitive, extremely hurtful, and sometimes just plain evil.

            I think Jane was being nothing but genuine, and her post actually made me do some thinking on the subject myself. I tend to agree with her point of view.

          • Mary says:

            Well said

          • Patricia says:

            Sisters die to. I am 55. I had 3 sisters and am now down to 1.

      • Jane says:

        Ben, Laura thinks I am cold and bereft of emotion. You think I am spunky. So I would invite you to my next dinner party and not Laura. Life is that simple.

    • Angela says:

      I am sorry to say this, but you are so cold. I would not want to be around someone like you.

      • Jane says:

        You are not around me. This is an anonymous forum of absolute strangers. What are you doing in the real world? Join a charitable cause. Make dinner for someone else. Learn a skill… I learned to code websites and help friends start second businesses when they retire… Write a cookbook for a charity. There is a lot to do in the world and there is always someone lonelier than yourself. I see people whining about wanting friends when it is simply a matter of looking around and being a friend to someone else. I find people like yourself who make snap judgments without really knowing what they are dealing with. This is not the place to find friends. This is a blog built to generate comments and it is in some way being monetized by the owner. Facebook friends are not real friends. They are personas. This is no different than Facebook. So if you want friends, do something for someone else. Don’t waste time oozing emotion in an online forum. That is meaningless and has no substance.

        • Laura says:

          Facebook friends are real if you take it beyond Facebook and the internet. I do agree that an exclusive internet friendship is one dimensional and impersonal, and not a way to really know someone.

        • Ben says:

          I was correct….. SPUNKY!!! you go gurl!!!

        • Terra brody says:


    • Liz says:

      I would just like to ask Jane, why did you join this site then?

      • Laura says:

        Great question!

        • Rhonda says:

          well, lets not play into the game… when someone has so much anger in them, there’s no other way but to dredge it out on a blog or forum like this one. .. there’s nothing left to do but not comment.. Not wanted .. ignore it.

  26. Florence says:

    I do fail to understand some people,you have found a man who is rich & you love each other but still you are complaining of loneliness,why? What more do some people want? When looking for a friend don’t look @ what that person has,we do make mistakes,with or without money you can make a strong friendship & again don’t consider the out look of a person but the heart then that relationship will grow strong.Keep what you have because it is not easy to find someone who will love you or you will end up changing friends from time to time which is bad,be proud of what you have.

  27. Ben says:

    I moved to the Southeast from the Northeast over a year ago and what I found really took me aback. People in Florida are more friendly than people from Maine. I would have thought because of the fewer people in Maine it would have been just the opposite. I have been through all the major dating websites (including E-*******) and have had no results. I was an active member of Facebook until I got tired of “faux friends.” I find it sad when someone sends you a friend request and you respond with a simple message of “wazzup” and get not response. I doubt highly that no person ever had a 1000 “friends” in their life. I do know what it is like to be in love. I also know what it is like to settle. One of the positive benefits to growing up is that the head and heart become more connected and that helps prevent making bad choices and making more thoughtful choices. I actually like myself today which I could not say in early adulthood. Nice to know this blog exists. Carpe Diem!!!

    • Irene says:

      I don’t want to malign the state of Maine but I recalled another poster speaking about the difficulties of making new friends in Maine: http://www.thefriendshipblog.com/my-home-away-home-making-friends-maine/

    • Did a search to see if it was normal to enjoy living alone and came across this one. There are times I worry, like I hit myself in the head today with a heavy chain… ouch… thought about what would happen if it had knocked me out? Nobody would have noticed until my body started to smell and my animals were starving to death. LOL… sorta – scary too. That is the only thing that I don’t like about being alone. I am not unattractive and like men, but every date I have had, I think, do I really want a man in my life? Not sure… so, maybe check here now and then to see what others think.

      • Muna says:

        Leslie: I know exactly what you are talking about, and I feel the same way about it. Would you like to exchange emails? Is there any way to send you a private message here?

        I am a divorced and straight female, 59 years old.


        • Happy to! [Email address removed by moderator; if you want to connect with a friend you find on this blog, you can connect through Facebook. See: http://www.thefriendshipblog.com/something-new-check-out-friendship-blog-connection-facebook/%5D

          • Muna says:

            Irene’s solution requires that I must have an account at facebook in order to log into her Friendship Blog Connection that is to be able to receive an email address from a person here. I am sorry, I am not keen to have an account at facebook, never. So, Leslie, if you are reading this I am sorry we have to find another way to exchange emails, this site have deleted your email address, very sorry.

            I am wondering if I can leave a link to a penpal site here…??

          • Muna says:

            Leslie, your email address is removed, I can not contact you here. Irene advices that I should go to facebook to get it but I will not deal with facebook. Do you go to penpal sites, perhaps you should post a profile on several of those sites, I can find you there?

        • Carolyn says:

          muna & Leslie: reading your comments along with others. When reading both of your comments it seemed like I typed out my own life, feelings and situation. You sound like someone I would be comfortable with having as friends. Don’t mind me asking, why don’t people say the area there in when chatting. I’m in Huntsville Alabama area. Someone knows if you can be a friend to do things with?

    • Deb says:

      Ben – Seattle is the same as Maine. We have coined the phrase ‘Seattle Chill’. I’m glad the SE ( I assume florida) is friendly. Maybe I’ll head that way some day.



  28. High School Diploma says:

    Such an interesting post you have shared with us,Thanks for sharing.

  29. Pat K says:

    I live in Northern Colorado and joined a group of wonderful ladies via meetup.com and we meetup for a book club meet and dinner once a month. That is all the socialization I need and perfectly happy. I had a wonderful friend,she was the best friend anyone could wish for unfortunately she passed away. I think that having had such a good friend has made it difficult for me to connect with others. Not comparing but I tend to try too hard or not at all.

    • Linda says:

      This month marks a year’s passage of losing my very best friend to Cancer, and even though there are other friends, my grief over her is so very major and continues to be a huge impact in my life. I just selfishly wanted to find someone else, somewhere, who also stated that their friend also unfortunately passed away, as this feels impossibly lonesome and empty, but perhaps a terrible thing to admit. Maybe I can feed this emptiness by just reading that other people want to talk about such a difficult issue. Women love to chat, bless them 🙂 I am glad to have Googled and found this site.

      • Pat K says:

        @ Linda: It is an awful thing to lose someone very close especially women, we tend to open up to someone really special and when we lose them it is just a big huge void. I pray that you find a friend to be close to again. I believe that all of us that look too hard will not find that special friend but if we relax and this comes from my own experience that I can find another friend. And I need to stop comparing whomever I meet to my dearest friend Joyce. I lost my friend to cancer as well, way too young. She was only 56 and it will be 6 years this May 21st.

  30. Florence says:

    I read your story so similar to mine & 1 thing I liked about you is that you’re open minded.

  31. sanjiv sharma says:

    Dear Friends,I am reading this blog and like,seen all the people hate their self,this is very bad,there are so many things we can love,as different type of flowers,music,animals and birds.Try to love animals and birds they do not know about hate ,they know about love.GOD made us so we should love our self.Why should we think about die,through it on nature,our death time is fixed,try to be happy and make happy others.If I have no car so I am unlucky it is funny.In our beautiful world how many people died with hunger,try to see them and be happy.You can say me mad but I am not,those who have no friends can say me friends,fast friends,mail me talk to me,I am free ,yours own sanjiv

  32. Ewa says:

    I am 55 active ,in good shape and very very lonely. I have activity and interest in life but still …I am not rich, I pay bills it’s not about money, I need someone in my life.The only problem is I live in Chicago and I don’t have a car. It’s not a commend to the anyone post, just I don’t want to die alone.

    • Jib says:

      I read constantly that love comes from within, that we must love ourselves before anyone else can love us. I did this and it’s amazing if you love yourself because then you do not need anyone else. I am looking at a huge mistake here by many women including myself, that we are looking for somebody else to make us feel better. Wrong, it is wrong to look for happiness outside of you, work on you and you don’t need some worthless abusive man.

      • Janie says:

        Jib, I think many on here are just looking for a couple of friends to bike ride, walk, eat out, movies, theater, someone to talk with that can relate, etc. I think many older women such as myself aren’t looking for a relationsip. Maybe some but I bet many are looking for gal pals.

        • barb daley says:

          Hi, im in need of gal pals just for movies n walks an someone to do things with. I am married but he is not here often as he works cobstanty even if hes home. Now at this age my children n g.children grown i find myself with no
          ne to do thibgs with, any advice?

        • Sher says:

          You hit the nail on the head. My kingdom to find gal pals to spend sometime with. Someone to have dinner with or a glass of wine once in a while. It is so hard to find other women to befriend especially at 65. I take care of my 87 year old mother who lives with me and I still work part time. So time is short but I can find time for that hard to find special friend. All I can do is keep looking and put myself out there more.

        • MG says:

          Exactly Janie. I just need some true in person friends and I am having a devil of a time making any at this stage of my life (turning 60 soon). It doesn’t help that I am introverted and eschew Facebook. But as someone said above 1000 Facebook friends is meaningless. I thought that from the first. Add in the concept of unfriending or friending and it is absurd. I blame social media for a lot of our difficulties with meeting live friends. I have been unable to scale the walls of my neighborhood clique and just long to replace my dear running and biking buddy that I lost. Meet-ups unnerve me and I am not a church goer. I am married 40 years and my husband is retired, home with me, and well many of you can probably relate to that.

        • Cynthia says:

          Janie, I’m with you, I just need some gal pals to hang out with, or at least have someone to talk to on the phone sometimes. I divorced my ex 14 years ago, moved back to my hometown to help my son get back on track and spent about ten years focused on him and his recovery. Now, it seems I’ve lost myself along with everything else. All my old friends have been long gone. It’s like I just woke up and realized, I am all alone, at age 55, and starting over from scratch! OMG. It is scarey, confusing, and very, very lonely and depressing. Add to that, just as I was getting on my feet from the divorce, the big recession came along, and I lost everything, again! If anyone would like to chat sometime, please feel free to contact me.

      • Belinda says:

        You are so right, this is exactly what Ive found. I still get lonely from time to time by I am not focused on finding a mate. Its a great feeling to know I am enough for the rest of my life, its not a have to to find a mate.

    • JOHN says:

      ewa, sorry you dont live in milwaukee, i would love to meet you, and dont worry about the money thing, companionship is better than gold

    • Chrissy From UK says:

      Hi Ewa,

      I am Chrissy from UK and read your blog. The reply was so correct for all of us, we must love ourselves first before anyone else can love us. I know this ,because i am living this now.

      I am in the same situation and don’t have a car, even though i had being driving for 28 years. I get on the bus and talk with a lot of people by doing this, more so now after getting rid of my car.

      Keep your chin up hun.

    • Joseph kezar says:

      NnHi my name is joe I lost my wife of forty years. She was my best and only friend I can’t stand not having any one but I have 2 kids but my son never talks to me once in a blue moon he will text me about 1 word it’s like I lost my wife and son. My daughter calls me every couple of days and I can unload my sadness on her but she has3 young kids so her time is very limited.to have no one i

      • Laura says:

        So sorry to hear about your loss, Joe? Have you thought about joining a support group for people who have lost their spouses? That might be a good way to make friends with others going through the same thing. You could check with your local municipality or house of worship for a referral.

      • Sheila says:

        I feel your pain..tho I am not widowed I don’t have kids either., alone is Alone regardless and its difficult to find people to relate to. I pray tonite you find some joy in your life.

      • That makes me sad… as they say, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family… may have that backwards?

    • greta says:

      Look, of course you going to die alone…do you want someone in the coffin with you??? Dah?? When you Dead, you dont know about anything anymore! You R DEAD as a DODO – SO, what are people going on about here…??
      You arrive in this world Alone… and you Leave Alone… unless you are a twin… things may be different…
      There is SO much to do..more than Ever Before- Can you Imagine.. having a accident So bad, that you are unable to see, or even wash yourself,eat or walk ???? Think about it seriously.. wingers.. So, get your shit together.. go on.. get out there… and Enjoy your life while you are still alive…

      • JoAnn says:

        Great reply, and good laugh!
        And what about that special circumstance of being a conjoined twin?! Ehhh…….

      • don says:

        Its really sad, when you people say things, and have no idea what their talking about until their alone. being alone may not be because we chose to maybe we in our 60 learned to let go of who we loved and know their young and their living their life as a parent as a single dad all these years I let go am I empty yes am I lonely very. why because I do not drink or party or try to be someone I’m not. but I am full of positive thinking even though its scary being alone. too many game player even at our age. how stupid we become. I tried to keep working even though I retired but full of energy in me. yes I still dream just maybe I can still find a female friend who just want to enjoy life with someone who want to share his life. I will stop here there really is so much more I can say. but I am sure some negative feed will come on. but remember when your alone you will understand the feeling.

    • raza says:

      i really like to be a friend of who need me instant of my need and that will make me happy .
      try to contact me may be we will be a good friend agha.aqeel110 gmail

    • Eldhose Adai says:

      I had a lovely wife,expired on 1st Nov.2014.She was a kidney patient and was under dialysis 7 years.
      Iam from India(South India) I am 63 now. Working with a very reputed Company. I feel so lonley , when I reach home in the evening.
      Why God had given me such situation.I am totally confused.
      I am looking for a very good friend who can understand and love me.
      Please give me your all details to me please.

      • Irene says:

        I’m sorry to hear of your wife’s passing but this is not a matching or dating site. Please do not post messages like this here. Thanks for your cooperation.

  33. diane says:

    I’m getting older and its very weird. I divorced after 28 years@! I quickly met another man and now 3 years later I’m wondering what the hell do I want. The man I choose is rich and a big a drinker. I love him and he is soo good to me. but I long for a man who’s more my soul mate? like just more into the same conversation topic’s or maybe I long to be alone? and just do the friend thing? All I know is I just don’t feel right. I feel lost. I feel alone.

    • Ben says:

      Settling for less than you want will lead to much unhappiness…

      • Jane says:

        Everything has a price. If you want financial security, you have to put up with having a drunk who cannot hold a conversation. If you are willing to be alone and take care of yourself, you are free to make your own choices. If you know something does not feel right, why are you doing it? You are not settling. You are making a choice.

  34. sanjiv says:

    My name is Sanjiv from India.By profession teacher age 46 ,married and have two children.I feel lack of friends but why I like female friends because of nice heart,so I tried many many site of friendship but failed then i saw friendship blog.My friends do not like me because i say the bitter truth on their face.love for truth is my weakness.How can i get my best and nice friends.

  35. sazzad says:

    i have no money
    last 5 years i just struggle with my life.
    my mom is so sick last 4 yaers.her diease is MCTD dr. said there is no specific treatment for this diease .
    i just hate my life
    i wanna die

    • Irene says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your mother’s illness and your situation but this blog isn’t really the place for you to look for the type of help you need. You need help closer to home.

      • A free 24-hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) is available to people in crisis (or their loved ones) at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Calls are routed to local crisis centers.
      • In the UK or Ireland, Samaritans offers confidential support at 08457 90 90 90.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m glad you are reaching out to someone, even if it’s here. Do try to find a support group. Use local agencies for assistance, food banks, etc. I will pray for you! You are not alone.

      • anne says:

        I find when lookig for always makes me look needy so I only talk with people when I feel ood about myself. But ido find that a lot of people do not listenso I dont waste my time listening to them.

    • Ally says:

      I just want to encourage you and let you know that I prayed for you tonight. I too do not have much money and all of my children have nearly left home. I get lonely sometimes but know that God is alongside me always and cares about all my problems. Please know that I am genuine and care.

  36. Rosie says:

    I used to have lots of friends. I didnot marry [looked after elderly person who had raised me]. I was very attractive [so I was told] dated but time went by. I am out of a dreadful relationship [4years] that left me broken. I am 63 but I am very young looking [so I am told] ageing is a natural process – I think where loneliness comes in is, I am slightly disabled. I have bad arthritis in my feet. This makes me tired. I love fun and laughter, but I lost my job and I don’t work anymore, hence my income is very limited, I cannot afford much and live a very simple and humble life. I dress quite well and do my own hair etc., and nobody would guess but I am dying with loneliness. When I hit bad times and lost money, friends dissapeared, I have no kids so thats even lonelier, I have 2 friends who are grandmothers but only see them now and again for coffee. Theyre lives are v different. I can be shy at first and I feel trapped and losing confidence.

    • Ted says:

      I’m a 67 year old male and have similar health concerns, as you’ve outined. I’d like to find a “Female Best Friend”.
      I live in CT and wonder where you live?

      • Irene says:

        Hi Ted,

        Thanks for visiting. This blog isn’t intended to match people, either for platonic or romantic relationships. It’s educational and focused on helping people improve their friendships.

        Best, Irene

    • Natasha Johnson says:

      Hi, Im also 63 and living on SSDI. Currently, just traveling around us. Been living below poverty line most my life. Email if you just want to chatter about stuff. At our age, we are time machines to the past with a lot to say.

    • Chrissy says:


      I felt sad reading your blog, but can relate to some of it. First let me tell you I have one daughter and gave her all the love and material things I never had growing up ,it has not paid off ,she left home at 18 years to live with a lad off the internet and that was 9 years ago and yes ,you can guess she is not with this lad now.. Our Mother daughter relationship is none existent fro the time ,but live in hope when she has kids she will mature and understand more.

      When she left home at 18 years ,it broke my heart we seen each other from time to time but she moved away to live in Liverpool and always hurting me ,because her Dad rejected her from birth. But I gave her all and forgotten about ME!

      What I am trying to say to you, is it doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, you must love yourself first and things will open up for you. I am at the end of my journey of loving myself and it feels GREAT!! Reborn again..

      Keep your chin up hun!

      • Mr.Daniel F. Maloney says:

        It seems to me that parents who are somewhat cold,uncaring…bordering on sociopaths,whose children have more respect for them…than a lloving Mom{you}.
        My son was my life and he did the same to me and I have not heard from him in four years.
        You and I have been betrayed Chrissy.

    • Mick says:

      I also have a similar story of lost friends. All my old friends have been successful. I for reasons of bad luck and wrong choices have not been successful. So now I never hear from my lifelong friends (I am 57). I am very disappointed to find my friendships of that we’re at least 30-50 years duration were built on sand. No wonder Americans are so sad and neurotic. However my love of animals over people has saved me. They offer love unconditionly. Dogs, especially are a reflection of how you have treated them!
      Good luck to you!

  37. Petra says:

    Although I am only in my 40s, I came across this web site because I feel a bit lonely after moving back to (my native) Germany and I searched for advice.
    Meetup.com was my lifesaver twice: after moving to Canada a few years back when I knew no-one, and again when I returned to Germany and the few friends had moved into different directions (they had families while I am still single).

    What I like about Meetup: you get to meet a lot of people at the same time and find out quickly who you get along with and who to avoid. And there is no obligation to participate in events when you join a group. There are lots of activities grouped by interest, especially if you live close to bigger cities, be it going for walks, dancing, dinner, movies, and groups specifically for the 50+ crowd.
    I met a lot of people in Canada and made some very good friends. If there had not been any active Meetup groups in the area of Germany where I am now, I might not have come back because I had been very lonely before I left for Canada.

    Now I might just be too impatient for acquaintances becoming friends or wishing for more activities in the region where I live.

    • Nancy says:

      Hello Petra,

      I too am only in my mid-40’s just randomly found this blog Looking for advice on how to meet make more friends even from different geographical areas! To get out of my own little world I too have joined meet ups I sign up but then flake out at the last minute excuses really how did you get over not knowing anyone & just make friends? I’m finding it too easy to isolate myself without anyone really caring or knowing to force me or not let me sit at home alone because of shyness or just not having the energy to “Put myself out there? “

  38. Kathy Rose says:

    mind set is very important to handle the various situations in life without losing hope even in the last days.

    • Paula says:

      thanks Kathy Rose,
      I think we can see from this blog that mind set plays an important part in how we handle the situations in life. I am in a country far from my home country for nine years now, and have some neighbours around me who I’m quite friendly with and a couple of ex-pat friends I see quite often.
      I’m 53 (and sometimes tink I look a lot older and sometimes not…trying to get over the obsession with looks by the way but that’s not very easy). Basically enjoy my own company, learning stuff etc, and am happy for that. This internet lark is good if one is alone – it is like a distraction from being alone, and that seems ok…
      Seems like recently I’ve come to accept that I don’t need nor expect a partner (except by some sort of way-out weird thing where someone amazingly fantastic just pops into my life uncalled for) and have got in touch with a couple of old student friends by Facebook and email, so it’s almost like the old days… (sort of)
      Have I just got used to permanent loneliness or is it ok to be ok with being alone?
      By the way, I’m a wannabe Christian…

  39. Joan says:

    I have never felt that being divorced, and almost 60, would be a negative for me until recently. I have lived and worked in Europe for almost 10 years and will be coming back to the US next fall. The thought of starting all over again is a terrifying. My kids are off living their own lives, and I have to relocate in an area where I will be without family again. I am hoping I will meet friends through work. I see, through all of you, that there are others that feel as lonely as I do. I do believe that having a pet, that is ecstatic to see you when you get home, is helpful. I was thinking about retiring in two years but it might be better for me socially and financially to retire at 65. I don’t think I am spontaneous enough for internet dating:). I like your suggestion about meet up.com, Starbrite.

    • debby says:

      Hey Joan I agree about the pet getting one unconditional love is the best love.where are you in Europe.There are clubs to join utalian american club or irush american.cooking classes so on.I guess sometimes hobbies help to meet friend.I had a bunch of friends little by little they are leaving passing on.I feel so alone with out them.why dont all of us girls communicate start our own social club? What do you say?? I’m game anyone else?

      • Joan says:

        I am in Germany (moved here in July) and I lived 6 years in Italy. I would love to be part of a social club! What a great idea:). I am not sure where I will be working next year. I am hoping either Fl, WA State or NM.

      • Joan says:

        Debby and Barb, if you search this site under email exchange, I posted a message with my email address.

    • Barb says:

      In case my email didn’t show. I am in MD no family here, divorced, would love to hear from you

  40. pariah says:

    Same here. You are not the only one out there. Good luck getting rid of feeling lonely. My ex kept me isolated from everyone so, when we divorced, I decided to get out more. Tried to get involved in my kids’ activities at school. tried talking to my kids’ friends parents. Nothing. I thought I had made a friend in 2003 but then she sued us and abandoned us. I have been completely friendless since 2006 and I still hate it. I just can’t accept that there is no one out there at all that I could be friends with.

  41. Margy says:

    turned 60 last year , had moved home, retired and then husband walked out one day after returning from a month in Australia! I can’t get used to being on my own. How do you meet people when you sit alone day after day in the house. Most of my friends live too far away just to pop for a cup of tea or a drink

  42. john beraumont says:

    i hear what you lonely people are saying. it has just been terrible the past few years , im attractive , 61 years old and financially set, but dates with women im attracted to forget it.im either too old or they want the moon from me, what the hell happen to decent people who want a normal relationship without all kinds of selfish wants. i seriously think many women in their late 50’s and 60’s just dont care about relationships anymore. maybe it is hormone deficiency

    • Julie says:

      I’m not lonely, I have my pc. But we ladies aren’t all the same. Some of us are nice girls, I might be 57 but I don’t take the mick out of people specially because of peoples situations. Only started coming on here about 3 weeks ago, and sent messages, but no replies.

      • john says:

        having a PC is not nearly the same as having a loving man in your life.if you could let me know where all these nice women are I would be grateful.i know alot of people, but having a special spmeone is the only way to go in life

        • Anne says:

          Dear John, There are more “older’ women than men out there. Why don’t. U belong to some association: the over 60, university of the third age, voluntary services etc. if u do notbgetbout u will not find a partner. Hope this has been helpful

          • john says:

            thanks Anne,but im so busy at work its hard to get out and join clubs, etc,i wish i could meet a local woman who has had her flings in life and would be ready to settle down to a slower paced home life with a successful man. the clocks ticking and why some women are still willing to wait for the perfect guy who does not exist beats me

            • peggysue says:

              hi john, I know you dont know me, but I came across your conversation with anne.I must say with all honesty I agree with what you said. where is your area. thanks for the time…

              • JOHN says:


                • Janie says:

                  I love the elderly people on this site claiming they look 20 & even 30 years younger then their age, can’t stop laughing. I was at a trade center this weekend & one elderly lady was telling me she makes $500 a day being an Eliz. Taylor look a like in Vegas, dang was she an old hag with tons of make up on. Then this other old lady was telling me she was an important govt. employee & traveled to the Pentagon alot. Both having junky booths by themselves. I was just shopping & couldn’t believe that strangers brag how beautiful & great they are. I politely excused myself quickly. What happened to humbling yourself. Maybe you make believe you look so youthful but I could bet that a mirror may tell a different story. You may think you look 20 going to a gym but your skin sags & looks old & will never be that 20 year glow again. Please face facts & grow old gracefully, it is really a better way to go.

                  • Mae says:

                    well Janie you can really hand it out
                    can’t you?–who are you to decide who is
                    beautiful and who is not?–if someone thinks
                    they look younger than they are so what–
                    if it gets that person to a gym or just out
                    and about who cares how much makeup they
                    ware?–old hag-junkie booths–grow old
                    gracefully–sounds very judgmental to me
                    –be careful Janie words wound too: Mae

                  • Sun-Shiney says:

                    How I hope that when you age, your breasts reach your knees, your chin sags to your neck, your hair thins to the point of scalp showing, your knees ache, your neck turns to chicken skin, tags appear between your thighs, your belly flaps up and down — and that you face facts and come back to tell us how ugly you have become — which will finally match your inner spirit.

                    The internet reveals who people really are because of anonymity.

                    I wish I did not know.

                  • Mr.Daniel F. Maloney says:

                    It seems to me that parents who are somewhat cold,uncaring…bordering on sociopaths,whose children have more respect for them…than a lloving Mom{you}.
                    My son was my life and he did the same to me and I have not heard from him in four years.
                    You and I have been betrayed Chrissy.

                • sindy says:

                  Hi John, nice to see someone from Milwaukee Wisconsin, on here conversing. I also live in Milwaukee. I would like to converse more with you if you care too. I like to meet people from all over the world.

              • john says:

                peggysue, did you read my last entry??

            • Lori Bres says:

              Part of your problem is the amount of time you spend working. How are you supposed to meet anyone if you don’t try. I am 59, divorced, female and there are few men out there and those that think their job is more important than their life are ones I have no use for. You don’t want a friend or a companion, you want a housemaid. Well, hire one then. We have no use for your type.

              • john says:

                lori, its not that my job is more important than some woman i would love to date, its just that the choices one has at 60 are few and far between. i would be happy to curtail my work for the right woman, but so far no luck, and dating sites forget it, there is more incinserity on them than in Washington

              • Debbie says:

                It’s not that a job is more important than their lives, its that, particularly in large cities, you have to put in long hours just to pay the rent and utilities. I don’t get home til 9 every night. Just try to meet a man (or make any friends, participate in activities, etc)with that schedule. But if I don’t I’ll end up on the streets.

    • Sher says:

      John, Don’t clump us all into one category. I know that can be easy to do but we (women) all not all out here looking for something but friendship from each other. I would love to find either a male or female friend without wanting nothing more then friendship from them. So maybe you are attracting the wrong type without even realizing it. Please leave hormones out of it!

    • Lin Holland says:

      I haven’t dated in 40 years. I see movies and tv programs where I recognize people behaving badly in their relationships. I always thought I must be really out of touch with the way things are now because i would never act that way and my husband never acts that way. I lost my husband Feb of this year and so I am still grieving. I miss my bestfriend and companion. Our conversations. Our differences. Being with someone who reallly knows me. I cry every day from loneliness. But I’m a strong person I’ve been told. I would hope that eventually i could find someone like you to have as a companion. Someone to love ane who would love me back. It’s too soon for me now I know. But eventually. Anyway, just thought I’d add my thoughts.

  43. Ron says:

    Feel the same. Wanted to get married and have a family, but an accident set me back a few years. Now I’m 50. Left home and moved 2400 miles away, never went back. Since I’m single, no woman will even get close. I go into the back country by myself, bike by myself, live alone. so I ask you; What is the point? Feel like I’m just using the air someone with a future should be using.

    • Russ says:

      Ron i hear you. I have no more family so if it weren’t for my religion i’d bite the bullet.

    • Joan says:

      I am sorry to hear that. Sometimes I forget that there are men out there feeling just as isolated. As for you being 50, single/never married, that might actually be a plus for some women. It is really difficult to meld into a ready made family, if older children aren’t ready or willing for their parent to move on. Some women might find your marital status a relief.

  44. starbright says:

    I am 61 and look I am told like I am 40 this is a problem. the older guys think I am a gold digger (I am financially stable pension). The younger guys look to me for their financial security. I am just sitting here like a deer in the headlights. I exercise daily because it gets me out of the house and in contact with others if only for an hour…I go to concerts with girlfriends…but I am still lonely as hell…I have no clue what to do about this. I do not want a roommate. or a buddy. I want a deep meaningful relationship but I just do not see that in my immediate future..I am tired of going to the traditional meetup places…they have not yielded anyone of worth for me emotionally.

    • 2nd chance says:

      Wow. Who knew this was going to be so hard! It wasn’t that many years ago lady’s wanted to be with me,but I was married. Now can’t find 1 with a bloodhound. I appreciate your story. I thought it was just a man thing.

      • starbright says:

        No its not a man thing. I think the age of texting and being impersonal, not creating face to face talking has taken a toll on our “manners” and personal well being. People do not know how to interact anymore. I met a guy 66 for first time meeting first thing out of his mouth was how he liked sex?????????? well I do too but I dont think that is the way to start a conversation. I mean at 16 with hormones raging that would have been a consideration not at 61 I think you have to talk to me about other things to get me interested and have an emotional attachment first…He told me he couldnt wait 3 months for that attachment…adios …. if he had hung in there he might have found that it could have been less time…but since he didnt even want to try to get to know me why should I waste my time? this is just crazy…ness.. If you want sex go pay for it…I want a relationahip ..friends and sex and the hold 9 yards. If I screwed every person I dated what does that make me? come on guys, duhhhhh. match, eharmony, datehookup it seems to me guys do not know how to “court” someone…time invested is what you get back out of it…zero investment…zero relationship…am I wrong…thinking like this?

        • starbright says:

          then their is this on a dating site…this is just what the hell I want to do (sarcasm) be a sisterwife, “I’m seeking another woman to join our family who believes a relationship should be equal with the man as head of household and able to provide for his family whether it be financially, emotionally or physically. Unfortunately in this day and age where most men need to be taken care of by the women they’re with, has forced women to take on the role of men. And it’s rare to find a woman with traditional values. We live in a monogamous relationship, and we are seeking another woman to join our family long term. We are down to earth, and have a no stress no drama relationship, we have no problems and have a very laid back home life. We are seeking more than just another woman, we are looking for a sister wife who is not bi-sexual, because what we seek is not about sex, it is about a committed life long relationship. I’m retired from the military, emotionally, and financially secure,and would like to find a woman who is free-spirited, and enjoys a variety of interests, and knows that with honesty and communication we can share a lifetime of unconditional love.”

        • Laura says:

          No, I have heard exactly the same experience from my friends who use those sites. Seriously, go get a hooker. If that was the first thing someone said to me on a date, I would be up and gone at that moment.

        • Joan says:

          No, you are SO right about this. I had a man tell me that if I would not comply, he could easily find a younger woman. I, in my “older years” should be grateful for his interest. Really????? I still get a laugh from that. I would rather be friends first, that would weed out the players.

    • greta says:

      In the same boat… what to do??.. just enjoy yourself…. concentrate on You… I Just do it!. GO dancing.. GO to Movies, Concerts, Travel.. Restuarant..ALONE… if a friend wants to come along… fine.. I dont rely on ANYONE anymore to make my life work….
      I belong to cycling groups, music, reading.. and art groups… BUT these people are Not friends… they are people to chat with… and it breaks up the monotony of being alone.
      My family are IN OZ… Im intouch with them… kids in London… have their own lives, and programmes… and I certainly dont want to interrupt things there. SO in a nutshell… this is the New World..
      Everyone is alone… even married people…. who are trapped…
      Consider your self really Lucky… you look good,feel good, healthy,no money problems.. Just BE….
      btw find me on Twitter….

      • Janie says:

        Greta, I don’t know anywhere to go dance, don’t dance so well. I am afraid of traveling alone, could get murdered if my older SUV breaks down. To sit in a restuarant alone is no fun & I would prefer carry out instead of looking bewildered. I don’t belong to any groups, for one thing I don’t believe there are any groups in my area. I ride my bike alone in spring & summer. I walk my dog alone in summer. I sit in my kitchen alone. I sit on my porch swing alone. I rarely visit my grandkids that live close by cause I don’t feel welcomed by the wives of my sons, so don’t bother, they seem happier that way anyways. After retirement no one prepared me for this complete isolation. Maybe I am responsible for this but I think the older pals I had abandoned me totally & are very short & unfriendly towards me when I do see them. I do agree with you that health is very important along with money stabilty so I feel somewhat at ease today. If I can only get over the lonely feeling & accept it like you have all will be well.

        • JOHN says:


          • Jane says:

            You won’t visit your grandkids that live close by because you don’t ” feel” welcomed by your sons wives? First of all, they are your DAUGHTER in law. Not simply your son’s wive. Secondly, you should visit your grandchildren because they deserve to be loved. They are innocent children that would benefit greatly from a loving grandparent.

        • irene says:

          your very open about this lonely thing thanks i agree this is my first response and I can’t bother to be with folks just to be with some human rather be alone then just someone unworthy of my company, thanks so for being real I trust real folks..Irene.BC Canada.

      • pariah says:

        I’m really glad you have the money to do all those things. I don’t. So what do people like me do? Just deal???

        • STARBRITE says:

          this is what I found out…meetup.com ENTER YOUR ZIPCODE they have events that say its 8 to get in they have a special code you only pay 4…you look for ‘outings” that cost nothing…they go to the festivals…which is free…as a group, they go to bike riding or hiking for evening walking …I just say that one…they walk miles around their neighborhood…volunteer..but you have to have gas to get there..but I guess you see what I mean..there are “free” activities…they even meet at peoples homes for card games like Euchre…or some other game..there is always somewhere to go…I just get tired of going ALONE. going dancing tonight, and I can dance alone if no one asks me and no one thinks its weird…they have places that have free learn to dance classes for an hour or two then mix and mingle after…i was learning the two step qqss…? quick quick slow slow

        • Nadine says:

          Volunteer… get a pet and go on long walks… share your expertise with a group or children or a church
          I know it’s easier said than done, I am still working and I don’t know what retirement has in store for me. I hope I can find a job and be active forever.
          Be strong, put a smile on your face and go for it no matter what it is.
          Good luck

          • Janie says:

            I love when people say just do this or just do that & everything will be fine & dandy. Why are we on this site if we haven’t already tried everything humanly possible. I’m sure it may be easier in a retirement home or something but many of us live in single family homes all alone. I get out & ride my bike alone, I walk the trails in the park alone, I shop alone, I sleep alone, except my 3 dogs that I do love, eat alone, etc. I don’t even run into anyone that has a single word to say. I pretend I am in solitary confinement except am free to move about & have to survive alone, it does seem to help.

          • Heidi says:

            Enjoy people wherever you meet them!Talk for a few moments of the day with neighbors, at the market, on the bus! Interesting conversations without entanglements. Volunteer where you enjoy it! Keep things general with new acquaintances and have a joke, a kind word and in my case, avoid opinions! Cheer people up! I know they need it as much as I do!

        • Lonnie F. Hamel says:

          Volunteer. The Animal Shelters need help walking dogs, or assisting with adoptions, or working with paperwork at spay clinics or those local Petsmart adoption events. Meals On Wheels could sure use help driving stuff. The local food bank always needs help. Hospitals need greeters to help frightened family locate their loved ones. Instead of praying for God to fix this, try looking for what God is doing and join Him. Did you ever realize that your local cancer center might really appreciate you handing out the snacks and blankets to the chemo patients? I promise, when my spouse dumped me to die of cancer, my friends vanished, my church spent all their time spreading rumors about me…yes…I truly felt like a bulldozer had squished the life out of me. But when you have not one person on the planet who gives a s–t about you, you still have Jesus. And if you just force yourself to be a part of something, God will bring the right people into your life.

          • Mary says:

            Janie, I don’t think Greta meant you have to go dancing or to a restaurant, but was just suggesting you follow your joys and interests and you will be happier. You like to bike, and be outdoors, why not join an outdoor group where you bike with others? At the same time, yes, come to accept where you are. You might connect with people that way because you’re not “trying”, you’re just being you in the world by doing what feels right to you.

            • Janie says:

              Thanks for your thoughtfulness Mary. I looked at meetup & there is nothing in my area. I do see my kids & grandkids, but not on my terms since I am the mother of 2 sons. The wives decide when I can see them & my sons don’t defend me at all so I don’t bother much. I need to move on with my life after losing my spouse shortly after retirement in 2011 & for some reason haven’t. I think some people move on quite easily & some don’t. I do believe in God & haven’t connected with anyone at my church in the many years I have gone there so have slowed down going. I am looking for ideas but not interested in being around chemo (dangerous) or hospitals, that is my choice not to. I don’t want to hand out food at foodbanks either. I have 7 pets that I care for very well along with feeding outdoor critters & the rescues are mostly for the money. If you try & get help from them you will reach one voice mail after another & all are filled up if they even bother calling you back. Again thanks for your kindness, I will keep trying.

            • greta says:

              thanks Mary…you are in the same wavelength..I lost the best friend I ever had, when she was only 33..and never really found another girlfriend as genuine as her.
              This business with- I Cant do this/that Alone – winge, winge.. is all in the Mind. I used to make up excuses too, not to go out, especially if you are healthy. I broke my arm and was incapacitated for some months. Wow!..I couldnt ride my bike..problems getting dressed and bathing, sleepling.carry food shopping, opening jars.. endless. But I went to work. When you are alone -People dont look at You! Unless you do look Different i.e dressed, behaviour etc.
              Join a Dance class, or some class that you like… just start off with once a week…these Meetups are really good and they work. cos Most of the people that are there are alone, single, new in town for jobs or other reasons. But dont go with the sole intention of meeting ‘someone’ for a date or whatever. and do not appear desperate! its like B O.. Be as sociable as you can, and .Good Luck!

            • Paula says:

              good advice

    • STARBRITE says:

      John, I am/was beginning to feel that way but then I look at my cousin and she met a guy online and he drove (afraid of flying) from Louisiana to Arizona to meet her. He put himself up somewhere and arranged a meeting last August…then she flew down there….thanksgiving he was driving again…Christmas he drove again with a ring. They will be married this June. So I see their happiness and there is hope. Someone is out there for me. waiting.

      • Nadine says:

        I don’t believe life with someone is the answer. People can make each other so miserable. Friends are much better unless of course you find a gem. I wouldn’t go dancing for the same reasons you mentioned but there are other things. How about joining a book club or all the other ideas mentioned in other comments. I agree that it takes some money but a part time job in a hospital, store, library, school, church, could help with extra cash.

      • john says:

        starbrite, thats a great story,and such a happy ending. i too would travel a great distance for the right woman, and to be married again would be wonderful. the dates Ive had from dating sites were all lack luster, with peole who gave false info on the dating site.maybe you are different??

        • John I am on match for 3 more months, I will not rejoin. I am also on pof.com which by the way is free, totally free for anyone who wants to use that dating site. I am star brite 3219 with no spaces. You can make a completely filled out profile with a picture and contact me, no picture no replies. What I have found is that when you are old (61 soon to be 62 in May), female,intelligent, self sufficient with a pension from working 30 years and black that is a hard row to hoe and a bitter pill to swallow for many men….especially with guys who have viagra and feel as though younger women are all they want and can handle. My ex was white and we were married 13 years before I divorced him. my first husband was black he died of prostate cancer. This is not my first rodeo but I sure as heck hope to find my very last rodeo before I leave this earth. lol Man was not meant to be alone. It says so in the bible.

          • greta says:

            Ha HA HA LOL!!! You TELL Em… StarBrite Baby!!

            • Starbrite3219 says:

              I guess I sound somewhat aggressive, but no, its just at this age I know what I have experienced and have had to deal with in my life. I know what I do not want to do again. Submissive to a man, well yeah I can do that however only if the man is holding up his end of the agreement (trust in each other) we have made. So if you come into my life with something on the table to offer me (either equal to what I have or more)then I can stand by my man proudly, most women would and really want to. Its when men “say” they want to be head of household and then do not”show you” hold up to their personal responsibilities (emotional openness, physically demonstrative and financially able to support themselves first and after a relationship forms,with their significant other/want to be wife. Or at least meet half and half financially). Times are hard out here, we all have had “other” lives/children, our wills/homes are setup to be given to our families. Most men and women do this, so the only thing men have to offer a woman at this age is their mind, heart and body…its not about finance anymore for most and if it is one of us has to accept the responsibility to do it. I am a help mate. I am not a provider. So come knowingly to the table that this is what is expected..I don’t know about other women and most men and women wont even talk about this but should. We are too old not to talk about it. Probably the reason my dating card is not full…lol but thats ok because I am upfront about what I am looking for and b.s. walks/passes me by. Not looking for a “mister right now” looking for a long term. I can wait. He will seek me out when he sees the qualities I have. That’s why I go to functions so he can find me. He can’t find me if I stay at home in the house????? The other thing is knowing when a guy is flirting. I went to a car auction got home and after wondered why someone started talking to me..(which I answered his question and then brushed him off.) So I have to retrain myself to know when someone is flirting and how to speak and act. Oh this is worse than going back to college….training to date/flirt.

              • Hora says:

                Maybe she was doing nothing wrong, but woman are much more worse who man, are no more woman with real love and loyalty to one man, if woman get a man with another woman fast doing a drama,but woman are no loyalty, are loyalty to money. I not believe woman no more.

  45. Sophia says:

    I found this site to be helpful in some ways. I’m a 61 year old woman who didn’t lose a husband but lost my sense of home(went through a major natural disaster that changed everything) This event changed many aspects of my life: friendships dissolved from grief, all comfort zones, how I see the world. Though I’ve moved 4 times this change was extreme because ALL comfort zones(sense of place/friends/interests) all changed -kaboom. I can only say you must make your own way.
    Search out those you have common interests, start a class about something others may enjoy(books,knitting,hiking,artetc.
    I’m not saying you’ll always find a best friend but there will be a connection. I have a handful of close friends-sadly not where I live now….but I try to be grateful,,,which is not always easy.
    But am grateful to still have the will to connect with other people or places.

    • JOHN BEAUMONT says:

      you cant believe how difficult it is to meet decent women at age 61.i dont know if it is because they are set in their ways, or just frieghtened of men in general. i cant understand why anyone would want to spend their life alone, family and friends aside.

  46. dennis teel says:

    I believe what so many are searching for is a best friend,as opposed to the bowling buddy..a long time friend is only a long term acquaintance if the relationship is not deep enough to enable feelings and deep emotions to comfortably be voiced and shared! Nobody wants to settle for being stuck only with having bowling buddies for the rest of their life..the bowling buddy talks about and shares about surface stuff but not about deep feelings and emotions..I’m a man and have had two best friends in my life ,but the rest have been bowling buddies…there’s a difference..trust me..I’m 60 years old .you’d think that having an appearance of being 40-ish would be in my favor right??no!!when younger people,especially women I date find out I’m 60,they apologize,and say they didn’t realize I was that old and that’s that..the romance is over before it begins..I’ve always hung out with and dated younger people until more recently..I haven’t had a best friend in many years..just bowling buddies and they encourage loneliness instead of resolving it! I feel alone even in their presence.. My interests didn’t stagnate as I got older..I became a fan of each decades recording artists and movies,etc…men and women my age have no interest in the bands I enjoy or the movies I watch..I didn’t become old fashioned in my thinking..this makes it impossible for me to even find the bowling buddy type friend and much more impossible a best friend..and I’d rather have one best friend as opposed to a group of bowling buddies to hang with..once you hit 40,best friends are horibally difficult to find.. And at 50 and 60 and older?? Good grief..if I see any pigs with wings any time soon I’ll write an encouraging post here..best friends start as good friends..that kind of relationship takes time..and the constant or frequent presence of those people..it’s different if you’re in your teens or twenties..but in your 50’s and older,every day hangouts are a harder to come by..and even if they’re not,the choice is limited..not the number of 60 year olds just hanging around that you might expect.I hope others here have a much easier time than Ihave of finding a friend or friends!!good luck all!!

    • Janie says:

      Well being 59 & losing all my friends to death or they moved far away is a terrible thing. My hubby died 3 1/2 years ago, 5 months after I retired. I don’t seem to connect with anyone much anymore so don’t even try. I think I am invisible to most people as a short older woman. My kids don’t live far & never come by or help me with anything in my house so basically I have to paint, climb on the roof, yardwork, gardening, shoveling snow by hand cause I don’t know how to run the big snow blower, maintaining my vehicle, etc. I also feel like I like modern music & modern movies. I never bowled much in my later years & never had bowling buddies but get your drift. I sometimes think the world is no longer a friendly place with computers replacing phone calls, fb instead of a face to face visit. I really feel sorry for this latest generation, they probably won’t have any friends even at a young age because so many weardos.

      • Liz says:

        hi Janie. You are not alone in many ways as there are more of us in your situation than you think including myself, I quite agree that with new technology over the last few years it has changed our way of life and not for the better in many ways.
        If I do not phone text or visit my son and daughter I wouldn’t very often hear from them, so I contact and visit them as much as it is possible and I do wander what life will be like for them when they get older.

        • Janie says:

          Liz, What happens if you do as I & realize you are just pushing yourself on people that no longer need or want you? I rarely bother with my sons & they too have very young sons now, so as they say history repeats itself. I feel sorry for them already knowing what is in store for them, rejection from terrible daughter in laws that rip families apart for no known reason except hatred deep down in their hearts.

          • Liz says:

            Janie, I realize the situation you are in and do feel for you, I am probably in a slightly different situation to you in that my family do I think enjoy my company when I see them as we get on fine but I stick to short visits with occasional meals out together and also get their space from me at the same time, but it does hurt when I don’t get a simple phone call now and then just to say ‘ Hi Mum, how are you? ‘ and I only need to ask if I want my son to come over and help me with anything which isn’t very often.
            I am kept reasonably busy with my Mother who is still living on her own, managing very well but needs me to take her shopping, hospital, doctors, hair appointments ect, luckily I do live near her and pop in every day to see her so I do get to talk to her if nobody else some days.
            Luckily I have a dog for company and take out which gives me the chance sometimes to stop and chat with other dog owners. Actually walking instead of driving would give me the chance to stop and talk with other people, but that is not an option when mum needs to go out too. Now the rain has stopped here I am off to walk my dog!!

      • Julie says:

        Hi Janie, I am in a very similar situation as you, although I do have a partner of 36 years (married for the first 9), but we have drifted so far apart he might as well no be here at times. I have 8 grandchildren but only see 2 on a regular basis and see my daughter every week or by phone calls, I too am into modern music, so much so I have all the “Take That” albums. My friends too have either died or moved away, I certainly agree with you about all the technology, it seems to mess a lot of kids up, the world has become such a messed up dangerous place with all the muggings and yes weirdos.

      • Lynne Smith says:

        I know what you mean by kids computers and their cellphones. They don’t know how a real relationship with friends are. Without their technology, they are lost. I find that sad. There are also many of them that love to fight and name call.
        I live about 45 minutes out of town. In a area that I no longer trust anyone. The one reason is because I had a couple of dogs stolen from me so that they could fight them. Mine are terrier/lab mix and they love peole and children.
        They are my ONLY friends. One is my husbands dog. ( she likes me too but loves her daddy ) and the other one is my baby who I am trying to get as my service dog. He is my companion dog right now, but having him listed as a service dog will make it easier if I have to find a place to live if myhusband dies, or I decide to leave.
        My husband is a emotional type abuser. And he doesn’t care much for anything but himself. He doesn’t have friends, so I guess he thinks I dont need any.
        Back to the dogs, these people up here are something else. They don’t care about much besides stealing and drinking and fighting. I thought I was going to lose it when they took my dogs. We put out tons of flyers and combed the area. After two weeks, we finally got them back. Thank God. They were scared and now have a bit of ptsd. Yes, animals can have that too. I also have that sometimes.
        After this happened, I really began to dislike people. I know not all people are like that. But I find myself looking at the people wondering if they were the ones who took them. It ripped.my heart out to lose them. Some people don’t understand, but they are also my family. Not just a animal. He helps me through some hard times.
        My husband is in his own little world. With not much in common with me anymore.
        I have dentures that were broken about 5 years ago. Instead of getting another pair for me, he bought a ham radio which cost a lot, plus kept buying stuff for his ham room. And bought a toolbox over 300.00 dollars. Didn’t but two new tires for the car and didnt fix his truck. Now he wants another fun toy project. And I still don’t have dentures.
        We aren’t “rednecks”, but came form the city and have a lot of education.
        It is very hard for me to live this way. Especially with no friends. I feel alone in this world. Like I am almost the last person on earth. It bothers me a lot.
        I know how it feels for some women to not know how to do some things. Simple things like put gas in the car. I always used to…then they changed the pumps. Occasionally I get to go to town. But it’s usually to get something small or a doctors appointment. No fun. And I have to bring back receipts. He watches the milage and gas usage. I hate smart cars.
        So, my friends are my animals.
        I would love to have a penpal.
        It is hard to trust anyone anymore these days.
        Does anyone understand all this?
        Most of the time, I talk, but no one listens to me at all. They make big mistakes sometimes and I say, ” well if you listened, you wouldn’t have had that probkem.” I might as well be a mime.
        I have a daughter, she has diabetes type 1 and 2. She is only 32. She has a boyfriend so we don’t talk about much.
        My family never cared for each other. It was a dysfunctional family. I just learned my mother was still alive. She used to beat me all the time. So, no…I don’t get along with her or my two sisters. They are dysfunctional too. So I have literally no one.
        I wish I could just run away sometimes. But I am scared. At my age, (57) I am scared.
        My husband keeps saying the world is falling apart. Well, I don’t know. Maybe it is. But it would be nice to still have a friend to talk to.
        I used to have hobbies, but haven’t done any in years.
        Sorry, I am just sounding off and explaining why I don’t have a friend, but wish I did.
        Peope were not made to be alone. But some peole do. And I find that very sad.
        Just my two cents here…..
        Anyone care to comment?

        • Canadian says:

          Lynne, sorry to hear you are in a miserable situation and are lonely. There must be major communication breakdown you and your husband. If you truly want to get away from your husband start saving some money bit by bit. There are still a lot of good people in this world you can trust, all does it seems to whole world is against you. I always skype with my friends at least you still can look them in the eye. In your case you have to find some comfort and confide in friends even if it is through this media. Your message is from November and just wonder how your holidays have been.
          Hang in there, there is always hope and a solution.

    • Crm says:

      There are people out there like you. I’m a 60 year old widow with a 19 year old daughter. We share music, conversation and we have real, realistic conversations with each other. She has told me she’s proud to call me her mom because I seem so much younger than her friend’s moms. Don’t give up. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone who shares your enthusiasm for a fulfilled life.

      • Janie says:

        Crm, I don’t have any daughters or sisters. I think many daughters & mothers more or less hate each other so you must be non-judgemental & friendly towards your daughter. Once she gets married & has kids the story may change. My boys are 33 & 29 & the drifting happened in the last 5 years. Both are married w/ kids. We were close when they were 19 & single also, the unfriendliness came after they got married & had kids.

    • Charlotte says:

      I totally get where you are coming from..I too have what I call “surface” friends. What you said about talking about feeling and emotions…I always say i want someone with whom to share my up/down, joys/sorrows, victories/defeats. I too am 60 ..have been divorced since I was 36..so I lost a lot of my life. I work full time and have volunteered my life away at the coaxing of well meaning friends and family members. I have concluded that all this volunteering had done is filled time for me and enable others who have a companion to spend more time with that person or their family. At the ends of the day…still alone.
      There are a lot of us out there..so sad..

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