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Friendship by the Book: Surviving Female Friendships

February 15, 2013 | By | 1 Reply Continue Reading
Surviving Female Friendships

Surviving Female Friendships

A new book on friendship by Nicole Zangara, MSW

I just finished reading a copy of Nicole Zangara’s new paperback book, Surviving Female Friendships: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The book is well-written and engaging; it can be easily consumed in one sitting by readers like me who are interested in the topic of friendship.

The author originally intended to offer practical advice to single women in their 20s and 30s but soon realized that most friendship issues are universal to all women. She writes: Every woman has a story. Not only does she share her own experiences but she also relates stories from women of all ages to illustrate the types of issues and quandaries that commonly arise in friendships (e.g. expectations, honesty, conflict). The last section of the book focuses on some of the newer friendship issues raised by technology and social media.

The book is light on research and has no references but Nicole is a licensed clinical social worker who lives and practices psychotherapy in Arizona. Her insights and advice are sound and should be helpful to people to wonder whether they are the only ones questioning their ability to make and maintain friendships.

Click here to order the e-book from Amazon.

“Friendship by the Book” is an occasional series of posts on The Friendship Blog about books that offer friendship lessons.

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  1. Grace Pamer says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Irene. I’ll go check it out.

    Hope you had a nice weekend

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