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    I have read several posts so far but i still want to know what do you think if you are the person. Why would you do something like that if you are on his position.

    We are online friend for 5 years. I like to talk to him, it’s not easy to find someone can talk with you for all day long.

    Then we both changed. We stop talking for a few days and then talk again. It happened alot. I usually send him a long messenger to tell him what happen during the day even when he is not online. Sometimes he reply all of it, sometimes he starts a new topic.

    I asked if he was fine with the “sending so many messenger”, he said it was fine, he liked it, he wanted to read more.
    But recently, he has only ‘seen’ but didnt reply any messenger.

    I saw him updated status on fb once aday, he seens fine. He online several times aday.
    I thought he was busy.

    I did stop sending messenger after 2 days ‘seen’.
    Yesterday,after another 2 days of nothing sending anything to him, something happened, i mistook something so i asked if is there something wrong.

    He ‘seen’ again and offline then posted a new status with a happy face when he got online again.
    And ofc, another ‘seen’.

    I dont understand.
    If you are him, why would you do that?
    Because you’re bored and dont want to talk to the person?
    Or does it sound like he just try to ignore me?

    It was fine last weekend. He just suddenly stop replying messenger.

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    Mr Twerpy

    I know exactly what you mean. I had an online friend vanish on me recently. We met on a forum and sent PMs back and forth for awhile. Then, we exchanged e-mail addresses. There were times when we sent each other e-mails and PMs more regularly. Then, there were times when we didn’t talk as much. But, it wasn’t because anything was wrong. It was just the ebb and flow of the whole thing. Life would get busy for one or both of us. But, we would always pick back up and chat again more frequently. Then came the time that I thought may come one day. She up and vanished. She has not replied to e-mails and she has not even been on the forum where we met (and would PM each other) in nearly a month. In fact, others on there have told me that they never hear from her either. Even though we will never meet in real life, it still sux to the nth degree. We talked a lot. But, now it’s done.

    I suppose it just fell victim to time. Sadly, most friendships are casualties of time. I mean, time is the silent killer of everything. It chips away at things that were once thriving. Tick tock, chip chip. And it will continue to do so. Sometimes, time MAY preserve those very special relationships. But, even that is a big maybe. I sure wish I had better news for you.

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    Mr Twerpy

    How is it that I can reply to this topic, but not to others?

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    Mr Twerpy

    I swear, this site has gone crazy! First, I can’t login because the stupid thing rejects my password. Then, when I try to reset my password, it doesn’t take because the link is invalid. Yet, here I am able to reply to one topic only? None of this is making any sense whatsoever.

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