Friend wants to date my ex please help

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    The whole story is my friend A was in a relationship with B and set me up with his friend C. So we dated for like a little over 2 weeks and then the 3 of them were hanging out and something happened and C dared B to hit A, and C egged him one and B did. So A broke up with B, A and C told me their sides of the story and I trusted A more, so I ended things with him, because of what C did, so I just cut him out of my life. C starts dating someone else, then A and B talk and get back together. A tells me C is mad at me for cutting him out,so I apologize for that and we are just friends. The few days later one of C’s friends thinks it would be funny to try to get me to do a 3 some with him and his girlfriend, C went along with it and gave them my Snapchat and does that, thinking it’s a funny joke, but they never told me this afterwards. A few days later A talks to me about that and tells me she was mad at them for doing that, and tells me they meant it as a joke. Then about a month later, C contacts me, my friend tells me not to let him play me and that him and his new girl just broke up, I just acted nice and civil to him. Then A and B break up, C starts flirting with A, she tells me she doesn’t want to date him, then C asks her if she is ok with going on a date with him, she tells him she’s not looking for a serious relationship but is open to a casual one. She knows he is one of my least favorite people, I don’t want to hang out with him or even be around him.
    I’m a little upset with her because of this and I just need some advise on what to do and/or say about this because I’m just confused on why she would consider dating him. I also don’t want to lose our friendship over a guy. A and I have been friends for 4 years and she started dating B in August this year and officially broke up with him on Sunday, didn’t know C until November. C and I dated in December, started talking to me again last Friday.

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    If a friend wanted to or started dating am ex, that would be the end of the friendship. Just don’t do that. I would not want sloopy seconds! Hopefully your friend will come around and realize it’s not cool to go out with an friends ex. Or best to say goodbye.


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