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All because of a prom dress

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    Hi everyone! I’m Lauren, a 17-year-old girl who just lost a childhood friend of 13 years. Im going to try to keep this as simple as possible but its complicated and its all because of my prom dress:) About a month ago a girl from my school got a dress that was very very similar to my prom dress.. almost identical. One girl commented on her photo and said “I love your dress but maybe it is too similar to Lauren’s?” ANYWAY as you can imagine there was a ton of backlash. I let it go on for hours and hours until I finally said something. All I said was that the dresses are too similar and that I wasn’t very happY about it BUT there’s nothing I can do about it especially if she already bought the dress. Basically, it sucks that her dress is pretty much the same as mine but life goes on so I didn’t make a big fuss. Long story short all of the friends of the girl who has the similar dress started making multiple Instagram posts bashing me and insulting me saying “Hannah (fake name) will look better than me” “I’m a *****” “I’m not a nice person” “im materialistic” and so on. Pretty much harassing me, it was 6 girls teaming up against me when all I simply said was “Yes I’m upset that the dresses are pretty much identical BUT there’s nothing I can do about it”. Now this is the reason why my best friend and I aren’t talking. The following morning I was way too worried to go to school, I already have anxiety as it is and the last thing I needed was a group of girls staring me down. My friend who we will call Natalia asked me why I didn’t come to school. I basically explained that all of these girls were harassing me the night before online and that’s why I wasn’t going to come. Natalia basically STOOD UP FOR THERE ACTIONS claiming they were “just defending their friend”. To that I questioned why she was defending a group of girls that she’s been friends with for 2 months who barely even acknowledge her existence over somebody who has been her best friend for 13 years. She got really mad at me, and pretty much flipped out. So the next day I planned on totally acting normal, pretending that we never even had that conversation. The next day I saw her walking to English and I jokingly poked her with my umbrella and said Hey. She pretty much ignored me and she purposely walked ahead of me to the point where I couldn’t catch up. I eventually caught up and said “Is everything okay today you seem upset?” to that she answered but SO QUIETLY I had to say “Im sorry I still didn’t hear what you said” and then I finally heard her say “I slept in”. I then tried to talk to her about trying to switch into a different class for next semester and she ignored me again. When we got into the computer lap she purposely sat between two people so I couldn’t sit next to her. At the end of the class she just left without waiting up for me. Honestly, I was so sad before writing this and now I’m so angry again. It’s been over a month now without ANY communication and I don’t know what to do. Should I even have this girl in my life after she pretty much back stabbed me? This isn’t the first time she’s been rude to me. My boyfriend and mom have been telling me to give up the friendship for the last couple of years due to the fact that she insults me purposely in front of guys she likes and how whenever I showed her a photo of my muscle gains (Im into fitness) she would always find something to insult me about. She has never been encouraging and if anything shes intentionally tried to hurt my feelings. I cant help but be upset that this friendship is over since we’ve been BFFs since the 4th grade and we are now in 12th grade, but at the same time I wish she would just message me so I could finally tell her how horrible of a friend she has been. BUT at the same time I have social anxiety and I do not have any friends so what if she was a good friend despite the occasional insult? What do I do? I dont think I should be the one messaging her but I need closure at least. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Lauren,

    Very sorry to hear of your upset with your old friend.A dress has caused a major rift.It seems to me that she has sided with the others rather than you. She also may be afraid to get caught up in the fallout.Maybe she is a quiet girl who could be quite weak willed,I dont know just wondering. It must be dreadful when a group gang up against one whether wrong or right.
    Could you write to her or email and ask to get together for a chat. Say how much you miss her and want to put the episode behind you.Have the other girls got over the fallout,do they speak,or is it totally forgotten? Can you speak to the girl who had the similar dress?? Maybe tell her how lovely she looked,just a thought adding you would love to be friends.It could be worth a try. I am no longer a girl but can remember how we all at times can be mean mouthed. Please dont let it stop you from your studies, they are more important than a dress and for sure you will make new friends. Best wishes. Lottie


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