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My best friend won’t talk to me

August 4, 2014 | By | 171 Replies Continue Reading
When a friend won’t talk and cuts off conversation, there isn’t much you can do but wait it out.



My best friend hasn’t spoken to me for two days now, ever since I got back from my family vacation. I have been freaking out and texting her and calling her, and I’m one panic attack away from showing up at her doorstep.

My other best friend who is part of our trio has talked to her about this and she says that she isn’t mad at me, but there is something going on. She won’t answer me directly, but is telling the other best friend that there is nothing against me.

Also, she sent a text on the Friday night I got back asking to call me, which didn’t deliver to me until yesterday night. I then told her that the text didn’t deliver to me until that time, and she still hasn’t answered. What should I do?

Signed, Rhianne


Dear Rhianna,

Sit tight. If you are used to speaking to your best friend all the time, something is definitely up if she won’t respond to your texts. But you have done all you can do and now the ball is in her court.

Do not show up on her doorstep. Give her a week or so and see if she comes around. Something must be going on but it doesn’t necessarily have to do with you.

In the meantime, try to keep your mind off this by spending time with your family and other friends. I suspect that she will get in touch with you by the time you read this blog post and you’ll have some explanation.

Best, Irene

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  1. Lilly says:

    My best friend and i got into a fight and she now said she dosnt want to talk to me ever again, i don’t want that but its been 4 days and i haven’t heard from anyone. Not her, not her mom, not her dad, not her brother, not her, even not from our friends…
    We have been friends for 5 years now and this is one of our first MAJOR fights, and she just wants to end it like that… i don’t know what to do, she is one of my only friends and i don’t want to end our friendship…

  2. Marie says:

    My best friend has stopped talking to me and started avoiding me at school. I texted her about it and she said she just didn’t want to talk to me. After that I told her I didn’t want to lose her as a friend and she told me not everything was about me. Once she said that I told her it wasn’t all about me and it was just how I felt but I’m not willing to just throw our friendship away. This is causing me a lot of stress and I don’t know what to do about it anymore. Someone please help me.

    • Syd says:

      Hi Marie,

      If you give it time, maybe you’re friend will come around and understand that best friends should be able to talk to each other about what’s going on. If she is going through something, it is important for you to be there for her, and don’t give up on you’re friendship, especially if you truly care about her. I have been through a similar situation, and it is no fun to be avoided for any reason.

      Think about what you can do to help, and know that what she said in the moment might not be true forever. In the meantime, don’t stress. There are plenty of things in life to be happy about, and I hope you are able to work things out with your friend.

      Best, Syd

      • JS says:

        Hi , I have a best friend who we got in a fight with each other about a stupid thing at the time she was sleeping over with my other friend so I told my best friend I have done nothing wrong and that this arguement is stupid I then get a text from my other friend saying all these mean accusations and also saying that she will actually tell me how she feels not like my best friend so later on I asked my best friend how she feels about me and tell the truth she then did and hurt me so bad but it wasn’t about the arguement it was all my flaws rolled up in one big ball so now she won’t reply back to my text and keeps telling me to leave alone I don’t know what to do

  3. Christa says:

    Hi, I wanted to share my story. It happened to my bestfriend and I a week or two ago. We had a very silly argument, and she wouldn’t talk to me at all. So everytime i tried to talk to her she’d say something or do something that at the end made me very angry at her childish behavior. A classmate came to us and she was like “Don’t let this stupid argument ruin your friendship, you’re best friends”
    And then my bestfriend said the most heartbreaking thing ever, she said “no I don’t care we were never best friends to begin with” we’re back to being friends now but the fact that a small argument made her say this hurts.. I don’t know if you can help me, but I’m hoping you would.

  4. Ave says:

    My best friend since forever acts like she doesn’t know me when we are at dance. I introduced her to it and now everybody loves her. her birthday was on monday and they all texted her happy birthday. Today was mine and i did not get a single text from any of them. They say we are a family but when i am there i can’t help myself so i go into the bathroom and cry. They also say she rules and she can do everything, but do they say anything about me, no. should I leave the class. Please i really need help!

    [Last name removed by moderator. To protect yourself against spammers, please do not use last names on this blog.]

  5. None of your business says:

    We don´t talk anymore… We don´t talk anymore like we used to do… We don´t laugh anymore… What was all of it for? Ohh…
    Sorry, i just a had to xD

  6. Ayush says:

    My neighbour is my best friend. Often we stop talking to each other as I informed her ex that she was with her boyfriend, so got annoyed by this and stopped talking to me. We shared everything each day to each other but suddenly things took off. I dont know what to do. I said sorry couple of times but she aint replying me. I hepled her lot of times when she needed me but indeed this happened.

  7. rose says:

    Hi im 14 years old and my best friend has stopped talking to me cause i sid something to protect her from someone hurting her and i try to tell her why i said it but she doesnt listen she walks away and doesnt care she hasnt tried or anything and id be lost without her

  8. Lakshita says:

    Hi.I am 14 years old and i have a best friend named Sakshi.we are ben friends since kinder garden and we shared every secret and we have one more bff named shalini.we trio have been bff since so long but now nas my friend has got a bf she is sharing things to me but not so often and mostly after every one has got the news then she is telling me.her bf was my crush and was going to be my bf but then.;( and now she has got one more friend when they were 11 yrs and now she tells her eveything but not me what should i do plzzzzzzzzzzz help.should i break up with he or not??????? plz help

  9. ina whitely says:

    my best friend won’t talk to me but she will talk about me. and she left me for some popular girls how do i win her back???

    • Jim says:

      Hola, try bringing up really cool conversations that she finds interesting. But if she was your bff and ditched you for some popular girls, she dosnt deserve your attention. She was ur best friend and she is basically not talking to u back bc she wants to be one of the popular girls. What she has with the pops isn’t real. Try talking it out soul to soul with her but if she still leaves you, she isn’t worth your time. Try finding the right person for you.

  10. Amber says:

    Me and my best friend haven’t been best friends in 5 months and its all because I’ve screwed up big time. Basically, my best friend Sydney told me that she had to do something for our friend Kira who my best friend Mae doesn’t like and because Mae wasn’t here to know that I told her what happened but also said that I’m not completely sure whats going on yet so don’t say anything until I find out but Mae went and told her sister who is 2 years above me and Sydney in school. So the next day Mae’s sister went up to Sydney and started pulling out her hair because Mae twisted the story that I told her. Now Sydney won’t talk to me because she thinks that I told Mae’s sister and for the first month I tried explaining my POV but she wouldn’t take it as she kept interrupting me. Then Mae told her friend Milly about Sydney’s past which is very personal and she told me and Mae in private when we were all best friends, and now Sydney thinks it was me who told Milly but it wasn’t. I can’t explain this situation that i’m going through to her and I really want to be at least friends again. We talk a few sentences to each other back and forth for a few minutes in subjects like Math and French because we sit in front of each other but when someone asks us if we are friends again (because we were like the most well known friendship in our year) we reply with no or if someone asks us if we like each other we’ll either both say no/ hate her/ I dislike her with a passion. I don’t know what to do. I want my best friend back and I don’t think she actually wants anything to do with me though. I need some advice on what to do. Thanks x

  11. Molly says:

    My best friend Hasn’t been my sister from another mate. Since high school 😞 i’ve made the moss mistakes, but now tht were grown and I realize how naïve and mistaken I was, And now I want to re candle our friendship like how irises to be like old times. And eventually make her my girlfriend. Pls pls pls any advice for what I say?! I’ve already sincerely and genuinely apologized to her. She accepted but not much conversation afterwards 😕

    • Harper says:

      My BFF won’t talk to me and I have no idea why she says I know what I did but I don’t I need help.

    • vinaykn petrolhead says:

      So, Molly, I see that you r going through sth that I went through a few weeks back. What I did was. I talked to her personally and apologized to her. I told her that I miss those old days when I nd her could spent tome together laughin and being bff. Nd I told her this ‘ you know.. Plzz. I miss u so much. I’m really sorry. Can’t we be best friends again?’ And yea it worked out..

  12. Live says:

    At gymnastics I pushed my friend down. We were doing planks and the coach told her to go down, but she didn’t, so I pushed her down gently. I asked her if she was ok, but she said to not talk to me. I didn’t mean to hurt her. What do I do?

    • Nautica says:

      Hi, just give it some time, if she will let you talk to her explain that you were just joking around and say that it was wrong of you to do that.

      Best of Luck, Nautica

  13. Thalia says:


    Hello, I’m Thalia, and one of my best guy friends in my seventh grade class keeps sending me texts like, “I’m a bad role model” “you shouldn’t hang out with me, it’s for your own good” etc. I don’t want to loose him as a friend, and he is one of my only friends at my school. I REALLY need advise on what to do/say about this situation, because he isn’t usually like this, and isn’t a bad role model at all and is very kind. He’s used to being abandoned by his other “friends” and thinks I should do the same and forget him. I don’t want to though. He thinks he isn’t nice or anything like that, but he isn’t suicidal. What should I do??????????

    • Caitlin says:

      Message him and tell him that you aren’t going to abandon him. Tell him that you really enjoy being friends with him and you don’t want to stop hanging out together. You should also tell him he’s a very nice friend and to stop putting himself down by thinking like that. Ask him if he would like to talk about anything and be sure to tell him you’re there for him.

    • Harper says:

      Tell him that just cause his other friends desert him doesn’t mean you will.

    • Alexia says:

      Hey you should talk to him and tell him he isn’t a bad role model . Tell him to be positive and that you’ll always be his friend

  14. S.ABIRAMI says:

    hi,i am Abirami.. I am a Indian girl.I have a problem.I have so many friends.around me..but i always close with one or two people ..i attached closely to them.maximum i had conversation with them through texting.it was my major problem.i always used to text them regularly .but they didn’t even read my message i know they are busy..i become stress and worried if they didn’t reply to me..i always think about them and see there last seen in online but they are always in online.i tried many way to avoid texting them but i can’t.due to this i am unable to do my regular works..cant study i need help..please help me

    • Roo says:

      Hi Abirami,
      I have trouble like this too. Don’t be stressed out, think about if you upset them in your free time.
      If you didn’t and they talk to you at school regularly. Then you and they text each other at the wrong time.
      If they stoped talking to you at school try to spend more time with them, invite them over for a sleepover or just hang out.
      Don’t let it bother your school work.

      Good luck!

  15. Nala says:

    Hi I’m Nala. My problem- A boy in my 7th grade class is my friend and he has a major cruch on me. He asked me to the dance and he asked me out.We broke up and now he won’t talk to me. I want to be his friend he hates me and won’t even look at me. How can I be his friend without him hating me. Please help urgent!?!?!

    • Jada says:

      Nala you need to show him that you want to be good friends with him or you will just keep losing him by the minute but sometimes all boys do that for some reason but I’m sure he will come back to you.


  16. Rachel says:

    I am Thirteen years old and me and my closest friend Jillian got in a fight about a stupid little thing and I tried telling her it was my fault but she just screamed at me and ran away from me. She won’t give me a second chance. What do I do to win back my best friends heart. Please help me

    • Rachel says:

      And jillian I love you as my best friend I could never replace you ever even if we never get tHe chance to be friends again. No one will ever raplace you and I will never let them. I hope you read this and Hnow I still care.

      • hi says:

        the best way is to show that you still care and tell her you love to be her friend like you just did and then give her some time and don’t forget that your amazing

  17. Kayla says:

    Hi there,

    So, there’s this guy in my grade who I met early last year. We’ve been pretty close ever since (although, I don’t have a crush on him…) and he soon became my best friend. We did everything together, along with my two other best friends (who were girls)

    Until, he began to talk with another girl in our grade. He became best of friends with her, which I didn’t really mind about until he started to push me away. Most people I’ve talked to say that the girl is a bad influence on him. I sometimes think that he doesn’t want to be friends anymore. I’ve tried talking to him but he just avoids me, he doesn’t even look at me. Not even a smile.

    I’ve been questioning everything about the two of us and really, I don’t know anymore. We have an assignment in a few weeks where I am automatically paired up with a friend of mine and him. I don’t know if he’s going to co-operate with us or not! He can’t even talk to my other friends. I really don’t want to leave him behind, he’s my first best guy friend and I want to be friends until at least college.
    Please help!


    • Roo says:

      Just try to ask your guy friend how is school for him and how did you like his lunch. Don’t push him into liking you again guys need there space, I have had this trouble too. It’s not easy at first but in the end he will just realize how special you make him feel (Not in a weird way)

      Good luck!

  18. lewa says:

    hey I have this guy friend and we have been talking through text and calls for the past 11months now suddenly he just stopped replying since he lost his phone and plus his schedule is complicated keeps changing from day shift to night shifts plus we have met and its difficult coz his at the west while I’m in the city so I’m not sure why he’s not calling or texting like we used to before all I need is Advice thanks.

  19. Berry says:

    Hi there,

    I am stuck in a confused state over my friend of 3 years. We were very close but something changed suddenly and he began pushing me away. He ended our friendship 6 months ago because he says that my saying I would like him to spend time with me like he does everyone else comes across as jealousy to him. We reconciled soon afterwards as he realised it was a feeble excuse and that he cared about me and wanted to work on regaining our friendship. Since then i gave him every opportunity to do this and we happily spent time together occasionally by going on walks and meeting for lunch. It was all fine until i left town. He started to behave oddly before my leaving (curt texts) but i ignored it as I didn’t want the jealousy thing to come up again. I tried to be as positive as possible and as low stress a friend as could be. However upon my emailing him (after I’d traveled halfway across the world) and finally asking why his response was so odd and does he want me to write him at all (full of complaints and negativity and not even a ‘how are you?’) he said “its time to move on and stop communicating”. I didn’t expect that, an “i’m too busy for emails but write if you want” would have been much better than that, so I don’t get it? I’ve tried asking why then left it a few weeks to give him some space with no response. A month later i asked to reconcile and even shared a few details about what I’ve been doing and asked after him and his life with no response. It’s now been 2 months of busy times underpinned with such sadness and I still don’t understand. I really want to work things out with him as i will soon be returning there and don’t want to avoid my friend that I care for and miss. How do I get there, how much more time does he need, does anyone know?

    • Nicole says:

      Nice to meet u,

      I think I know how to solve your problem well not sure but I use to have that kind of friend but what I did was just that she said she’s my best friend and yeah I believe her but something is so strange in my mind.

      I thought that if she’s like that why not let it be sometimes she will talk to me sometimes she won’t. I feel great sometimes because when I tell her something that happened at school she will look at me with a smiling face and did’n talk and also she said ” What… “.

      So what I’m trying to say here is just let him be don’t worry is not that he’s your only friend or bff so what don’t worry just spend some quality time with your family and friends

  20. Maya says:

    So my best friend of 14 years hasn’t been talking to me for about a week and a half. I’m worried about them, but I also want to give them space. We haven’t seen each other for about 2 weeks. I don’t know if their ok, if their mad at me or if something happened. I miss them and don’t know what to do. I don’t want to text or call them, because I don’t wanna them to think I’m being needy or clingy. Need advice. Do I let them be and wait? Or call/text? HELP!!

    • Alyssa says:


      I had a friend just like you. She stopped speaking to me for about two weeks for no reason.

      I suggest, if it is happening in school, to hang around with other friends. Don’t message them and just leave them be. I am sure they will come around and tell you what is wrong.

      Just a little bit of advice, my friend (after ignoring me for two weeks and “sorting it out”) would often ignore me every couple of days. So,be aware of their behaviour. If it gets too much, do not feel bad if you decide to hang around with different people. It is always better to be happy.

      I hope this helps,

      • Nicole says:

        Hey don’t be sad Maya let me tell u I have a friend but I don’t really have her as a friend because she’s always showing off sometimes when no one is gonna eat with her at the cafeteria she will call me to hang with her I think she’s just using me.

        And also I used to be her friend for about 2 years ago and when I was standard 6 which is now when school started at 2016 she said she’s just acting and yeah who would believe her so yesterday my class monitor ask me if that am I her friend or not and i sad no she said that she’ll help me tell her and today when I was going in my class as she sees me she looked back at her front talking to Brandon and didn’t talk to me this whole day so now I ask… I FREE DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO GIRL HAHAHA


  21. Jyde says:

    I had a friend that use to talk to me before but for some odd reason he talks to my other friends and besides me I don’t know what i did wrong i am just being myself making new friends. I set a goal i ain’t going to talk to him anymore and i will make him suffer on the game we both play and that’s the death wish he’ll get for not owning up why he ain’t talking to me argh. I am going to move on while i make his new friend suffer on the game they both like and i realised one thing when i show up to the arcade we both go he shuts up and doesn’t say anything. I am just piss off because he hangs out with another guy without me knowing which i know already so mad af. I moved on and chill out with new fresh friends ^_^.

  22. Ymi says:

    So me and my best friend have known each other for 4 years now I don’t know what’s going she won’t talk to me she ignores my phone calls and text. she looks at my snapchats but doesn’t reply to my messages just recently there was a party I was invited to and was supposed to go with her but ended up not going because I didn’t want to go if my best friend was mad at me and decided to give it some time and hopping she reached out to me but it’s been a week already and I don’t want to be the one to reach out to her because I always have to do it and never her I’m honestly going crazy trying to figure out what I did to make her mad i want to reach out to her but I know for a fact I have done nothing to her for the last couple of weeks I’ve actually been helping her enroll in school I even took a day off work to take her to enroll and knowing her I had to or else she wouldn’t have gone on her own so I don’t know what I did to her to have her act like that towards me please help.

  23. Giselle D says:

    I would like some advice/input.
    I went out to CA to visit one of my best friends. We’ve been friends for 7 years. We met in SC through our daughters. She recently moved out to CA after deciding to separate and eventually leave her husband. She has 2 kids whom are close with my kids. We did a lot together. We became very close. She confided in me after she found out her husband had an affair and I was there for her.
    Well, when I went out to visit her, we had a big fight. I was definitely in the wrong. After I left, we talked on the phone and that’s where things got nasty. Rehashing everything that went down opened up the floodgates. It was our first argument/fight ever. I apologized and apologized. No response. I apologized months later and finally she responds, thanking me for the apology and she sounded open to being friends again, taking it one day at a time. I agreed that that was for the best. I go about my life and email her intermittently but she totally ignores me. I don’t understand. Fast forward 1 year later and nothing has changed. I’ve tried reaching out to her in every possible way except showing up at her door. I have no clue how she feels because she does not communicate. She’s treating me like a pariah–like I killed her dog. It’s ridiculous. How do you expect to solve anything without discussing it like 2 adults?? I can not wrap my head around it. If anyone has any tips on how to get her to at least talk to me, it would be greatly appreciated. I’m losing patience and becoming bitter and angry. I thought I was someone that mattered to her. She pretends I don’t exist. She has a new boyfriend so I guess it’s easier for her to move on and write me off but it’s not like her and not right.

    • Amy F says:

      I think by ignoring you, she’s telling you she’s not interested in continuing a friendship with you. For whatever reason, she’s chosen not responding to you as a way to communicate this. It’s passive, but some people are more comfortable using this method rather than saying, “I am unable/unwilling to participate in this friendship.” I can see how frustrating this must feel, and I can also see from her perspective how she may have decided that one day at a time wasn’t brought her to the realization she was done with the relationship. The best thing you can do is stop following her on social media and move on.

      • Crystal says:


        Amy F I think your right about her/him best friend well your just good I haven’t seen someone write like that before because im new in the Friendship Blog I started here in 10 September 2016 which is yesterday well that’s all im gonna say


    • Kayla c says:

      My friend will not respond to my call texts or emails

  24. ari says:

    My best friend believes a lie about me that my other friend told him and now he dosenr want to be friends anymore:( HELP ME

    • Whitney says:

      You need to expose the truth, show your Best friend the truth,no Mayer what, that is the only thing you can do, they need to trust you enough to believe you, show your Best friend you are trustworthy. Also expose the lie, and talk to the lying friend about what’s going on, tell them how you feel. I’m not sure what you’ve tried yet, but I hope my advice helps, from one person with a friend problem to another, good luck👍

      • ari says:

        Thanks but i already tried that but he dident believe me, and my b-day is tomorrow and im a year older then him so im 13 and he is 12 and he was invited but he was talking to my other friend who told the lie and he said (i dont even want to go to her party now) and both of them are teaming up aganst me! WHAT DO I DO?????….

  25. Ryan says:

    Wow your english is good for an eleven year old, you could say too good lol ..

  26. Whitney says:

    I am 16 years old, and am going through a hard time with my best friend. Me and my sister have the same bestfriend, who is 15, I relate with her because she is more mature like me, and my sister and her relate because they talk about boys and are immature sometimes. It’s hard sharing and it turns into who is the better friend. Currently me and my best friend have had a rocky road, we have had 1 major fight, and things changed after that. Recently she has been favoring my sister over me and telling her more stuff and calling and texting her more. Finally I got her to call me after trying hard to get to know what’s going on, she was telling me about all her plans with her other friends, stuff that shouldn’t bother me but does, a lot. She was telling me stuff and I was commenting on it, saying things like yeah, and awesome, and sounds cool, she stopped the convo, and said why are you talking to me that way? She continued to get super angry and I started laying out all the things that made me mad about her. She hung up. I was furious, she then preceded to tell my sister that we weren’t on good terms, but that’s not how I felt. She told my sister that she was sorry for being a bad friend, and that she wants to change. She blocked me and didn’t speak to me. If my sister didn’t tell me how she felt I wouldn’t have known. So she unblocked me and I told her we need to talk. She says she wants to, so I said just let me know when your ready. She has been calling my sister, and they are laughing and having great times, but she hasn’t called me once or talked to me since, so I messaged her asking when we can talk and she said tomorrow, she has been calling my sister all day, and we have yet to talk. It makes me feel like trash, I want her back, but I need her to make time to do what she says she will. She says she doesn’t want to lose me but she hasn’t made an effort not to, what should I do??

  27. Lina says:

    So I’m having a huge problem at the moment. My best friend Morgan is SO mad at me. We’ve been friends for a very long time and Im about to go off to college in a month. Last week we were hanging out and I used her nail polish remover which was caked with crayons, markers and looked like a 3 year old attacked it and puked in it. I asked if I was gonna get fungus from it and said I would sue her if I did. She didn’t seem that upset until I she said we are polar opposites and that our definition of fun are different. Whenever she says that it really offends me. I replied by saying sorry I don’t like to go out and get drunk and make a fool of myself. She was really hurt and I said sorry I didn’t mean it like that I just wanted to be honest. And she didn’t want to talk it out (which she never does) and she told me to get out of her house and to leave. So I called her a bitch and left. I texted her and she said just I’m sorry I need some time. And when I said I need to hear whats going on she finally said I have nothing to say. So, I’m gonna wait a week and see what happens. But my heart hurts, like I feel like I did when I broke up with my boyfriend. What do I do?

  28. J says:

    Hi I had been best friends with someone I met online for about four years now we are both in our 20s and we were internet besties we would talk about everything and knew each others darkest secrets a few days ago we were talking and she messes with me a lot so at one point I said so you are not lying then u mean the second thing u said? And she took it so wrong saying I threw away our bond she thought we had when I didn’t even mean it in a serious way she won’t reply to my texts anymore or listen to an explanation from me she just ignores me now and my heart is broken we promised each other we would always be here for each other any advice to fix this horrible mistake I made? We live in different countries so its not like I can just go visit her house to talk I just want my friend back

    • jennifer says:

      j hi im jennifer if u know any of him/her friends ask them if somthing happened or what happened or if he/she uses a diffrent acc. i live near my best friend and im not alowed out i would come to her house i coundnt so i tryed calling her mum so try calling her friends if u know they mostly if u know her main friends i havnt talked to my best friend for 5 mouths dont let that happen to u just keep trying

  29. jennifer says:

    i havent seen my bestfriend for along time the last time i saw her was 29 feb the day before my birthday. last year she found out about my depression she got angry at me and she saw changes in me i got angry at her she wouldnt leave me she knows i dont want her to leave me. she started talking behide my back and i didnt know tell last mouth she told people i lie because of my depression it dosnt make sence but i lost a cuppy of friends because i got angry and im an angry person idk why this yr she didnt like hagging around me in school because my other close friend she didnt like him. now i spend my days thinking what happened to the promise we made start of yr 7 last year we promised to never leave each other i would spend the time with her saving her like if somone hurt her i would fight back. i would do anythinf for her. today she texted me 2 hours ago saying “hey i miss u so much llets catch up” i dont know if i should replay idk what to say i dont want to replay. last mouth before i found out about that thing she came to school when the bell went for home time she got her staff and didnt bother look for me. no hi. no nothing i walked pasted her she cut her hair short and a diffrent color idk if she saw me i went to my locker and got my bag my close friend didnt know i was walking with him i started crying he didnt see tell latter he was laughing with his friends he looked at me they all went quit they ask me if i was ok i didnt say anything i coundnt brethe the whole time we were quit tell the bus came i got on he dosent he texted me when he got home. i told him. he didnt wanna say anything he alreddy knows hoow much im going throw. can somone help me tell me want to do

  30. Madison says:

    Hi, I’m 12 years old and my best friend, who is an Internet friend, hasn’t Skyped me in almost 3 months. We got into a huge fight in April, and he hasn’t talked to me since. Every night, I think about him, and all of the good times we had; staying up until midnight Skyping, talking about Minecraft (where we met), and other things of that nature. I message him almost every day, but haven’t gotten a reply. We had been friends for about seven months, and I miss him every day. About a month ago, I started thinking that he was dead. That’s what I’ve been thinking since then. If anyone can help me with this, telling me how to contact him, it would mean more than the universe to me. Thank you for reading. <3


    • Alison says:

      I’m also 12 and my best friend is an internet best friend hasn’t skyped me in a while. So I know how you feel here, If he and you both have any other apps that you contact each other on, do that. If you know any of his friends try to talk to them about it. Email him if you have his email. Even if you have his phone number call him. Things like this may work, but I just wanna let you know I know how you feel. I’d do those things with my best friend too. Play minecraft until late. Play video games, all that. If nothing works just wait. Tell him how much you miss him. Good luck, hope you get your best friend back.

  31. SammyB says:

    I’m 16 and I have a friend that is like a brother to me. We got into a fight a couple days ago and I said some things that I didn’t mean. He said he forgave me but he doesn’t know if he really wants to be my friend anymore. I feel really bad because I know I hurt him. I honestly love him and think of him as family. He has a temper problem and has told me that he would never want to hurt me. I don’t want to lose him because we are so close. We usually talk everyday but haven’t since our argument. If anyone has any advice please feel free.

  32. Jenny says:

    Me and my best friend got into a fight last year, we made up but ever since I feel as though she is trying to hurt me. She comes up with things that I dont do like not supporting her and encouraging her but I make sure I do.

    And if dont pay enough attention to her,or I focus my attention to someone else for a couple hours she wont talk to me, and when I ask whats wrong she says she fine and ignores me and hangs out with everyone but me.

    Also me and her have another best friend we all hangout together, and I feel like me and her are always in competition to who is better and who does the other girl like more. I dont know what to do, I have known this friend since I was five and I dont just want to end the friendship. I have also talked to her about it, and she just blows me off. I need help!

    • Briana says:

      Me and my best friend had the same problem. It was three of us.Every thing seemed to be a compition on who likes who the most.Eventually I got tired of it.The one I wanted to be with the most I made her choose me or the other girl.At first I was afraid she was going to pick the other girl but,she picked me .So,it was just us two then.Our friendship started to grow now we can’t live without each other.So I think you should make the one u want to be with the most choose between u and the other girl. If she doesn’t choose u then,u should UST move on with your life,don’t hold on to someone who’s not holding on to you. I hope u take my advice and you and your bestfriend work things out……..

  33. Unknown says:

    So my bestfriend made this dance team while I didn’t and she didn’t talk to me for a few days because she was all over her dance friends! Now we don’t hang out as often and when we do all she can talk about is dance and it gets really annoying. But the past week I texted her if she could hang and she read it every time but never replied… I get invited to do other things but turn them down so I can hang with her but she doesn’t answer me so I end up sitting alone at home all day. Idk if I should just give up or what… Any help??

    • Briana says:

      No don’t give up. You shouldn’t give up on something u care about. Just sit her down and let her know how u feel. If she doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee then,u give up and maybe she will come after you. If she doesn’t then you know she never even cared about you and how you feel.


  34. Carlie says:

    Hi, I have a problem. My best friend and her family and mine planned a trip to the beach. She recently told me that her and her husband couldn’t afford to go this year. I told her it was ok and said that I would ask my brother and cousin to go. Well we had to change the month that we were going, from July to August. Well a day or two later she messaged me and said since they are going too that maybe they can afford it. I was all for it. I told her that the only way that I could get my brother and cousin to go was to change the month to August. She has a small child that is starting school this year for the first time. So she said that they couldn’t do it. I tried to see if she could get her mom to watch her for three days she said no. Long story short my beat friend in the whole world isn’t speaking to me over this. This isn’t even my fault. I even apologized to her and it wasn’t my fail. My feelings are hurt and I’m crushed that she feels like I would do this on purpose. Please give me some advice.

  35. Jillian says:

    I am 13 years old and I had a friend that has a best friend but she had a big fight with her best friend because of me and me and my friend got really close but now her old best friend is in the picture and my best friend won’t talk to me at all I think I did something but i don’t know I feel like she won’t talk to me anymore and I care about her. I know its something I did because she is talking to everyone else but me. Its confusing because she said she hated her and now there close and were fading which we said we would never. I don’t know what to do to get her to talk to me. What do I do?

    • Briana says:

      Hey I’m 13 to this is what you do. You go to her Ouse and talk to her and let her no how u feel and tell her if she doesn’t want u anymore tell u so u won’t be thinking something different but don’t give up on her she sounds like a very good person and so do u so fight for your friendship if u really love her

    • Unknown says:

      Tbh exactly what happened to me ……

  36. anonymous says:

    Hi I am 15 years old. My friends are all dating each other, and I was really cool with that, but I am the odd man out. They will plan parties with me right in front of me and never invite me. They say that they are trying to keep it small, but then they go around asking who else wants to go. I try planing and inviting them, but they say they already have plans, then someone else puts together a party and their free to go. I try to text them but they are all busy with their boyfriends. I feel rejected by my friends, I dont know what to do. I have tried to tell them but they really just dont listen. So far the only friend that talks to me is Amber, and she isnt dating. what should I do. Please help me..

    thank you soooo much for reading

  37. anonymous says:

    Hi I am 15 years old. My friends are all dating each other, and I was really cool with that, but I am the odd man out. They will plan parties with me right in front of me and never invite me. They say that they are trying to keep it small, but then they go around asking who else wants to go. I try planing and inviting them, but they say they already have plans, then someone else puts together a party and their free to go. I try to text them but they are all busy with their boyfriends. I feel rejected by my friends, I dont know what to do. I have tried to tell them but they really just dont listen. So far the only friend that talks to me is Amber, and she isnt dating. what should I do. Please help me..

  38. anonymous says:


    im 14 and i have been very depressed lately because of this. so, i have OR had this friends and she was my best friend at school last year and we were very very close. (this was the first year of high school which was grade 8). and we were both huge fangirls over one direction and boy bands. and then in term 2 she moved to a different school. and we texted a lot and talked and everything and she invited me to her party.

    now i in grade 9 and i ended up moving schools to that exact same school and a week before i moved to that school we caught up for the first time since she left. we had a great time and went to the movies and we spoke about the party she is going to have that she invited me too.

    when i started this new school with her in it i hung with her for a few days and i new another chick that she hated but i ended up hanging with the mean girl, (which i dont like her at all because shes so negative) and my best friend started to drift away from me and she now dosent talk to me at all.

    everyday i get flashbacks of the week when we went to the movies and when we cried about Zayn leaving one direction and i have a video of us having so much fun, and i cry everyday and i mean everyday after school because i miss her so much and i just wish we spoke. this happened so quickly cause i remember only 7 weeks ago we were texting each other saying we missed each other and that she couldn’t wait for me to go to her school. how can i make her my friend again cause right now, me typing this im crying. i cant listen to one direction or watch youtubers because it reminds me of her. i’m really sad and hurt. and i don’t know if i should go to the party in september but my best friend from my old school will only go if i go and i don’t want to ruin it for her

    if you could get back to me that would be so nice .

    (and sorry i put anonymous, i just don’t want anyone seeing this that i might know)

    sincerely, me

  39. Livie says:

    Hi. I’m 13 years old and my best friend since god knows since! And today our parents said we couldn’t have a sleep over and she is blaming my mom because she can’t drive to hr mom’s house because she has been in immense pain for two months, I explained this to her and now she won’t talk to me. I have no idea what to do, I have tried asking if she was ok, I’ve tried putting on her favorite comedy show, and I’ve tried acting like a dog that usually makes her crack up, bursting into laughter! Right now she says the occasional, “This is so funny!” While watching a tv show. And thats it. Please if anyone has any advice for me, Please do so! I’m starting to think our life long friendship is coming to an end!

    • Alisa says:

      Dear Livie,
      Your friend clearly is being insensitive towards you and your mother, and if she gets pissed off because your mother cannot drive her home because of the pain. Then you need a better friend, in fact, you should be the one who is mad, after all she is the one who is not caring, neither about you or your family. If she really was your best friend she would most definitely understand.

      Best, Alisa

  40. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I am 14yrs old. I am worried with my frien. She’s name is Gaea. She was not talking with me since almost a year. So, how can talk with her when “i am talking then he didn’t react”. She’s always a passive listener only with me but with others she was an active listener. Then, she didn’t accept my friend request in facebook almost a year. So, I felt embarrassed with her. So how can I succeed with this problem?
    So, whats the plan any suggestion?

  41. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I am 14yrs old. I am worried with my frien. She’s name is Gaea. She was not talking with me since almost a year. So, how can talk with her when “i am talking then he didn’t react”. She’s always a passive listener only with me but with others she was an active listener. Then, she didn’t accept my friend request in facebook almost a year. So, I felt embarrassed with her. So how can I succeed with this problem?

  42. Sara says:

    I have a best guy friend who is a little feminine. I love him to death and he’s starting to like me as more than a friend. The last time I talked to him I was with a different group who asked me who I was talking to. I told them his name, and knowing the kind of guys I was into, the group started listing the exact opposite of all of the things that they know I like. One of which was gay. I got them describing him on a video and sent it to him as a joke saying that they were immature. He took it seriously and got very offended and stopped talking to me. I finally got him to speak but all he was saying is things like he didn’t need those type of friends in his life and he was disappointed in me for sending the video. I feel super bad and wanted an opportunity for us to talk it out and clarify everything. He said he didn’t want to talk to me and we haven’t talked since. What do I do? I really value our relationship and would choose him over the other group any day. But he won’t answer any of my calls or texts. Please help!

    • David says:

      You are a good friend and understand him well. I feel sad about this. I hope you two get to clear things up and reassure him as you intended someday.

  43. Unknown human says:

    I need help o think I did something well I know I did I f*** up big time my best friend he changed so much towards me he use to like me a lot and say that he loved me but he knew I had a boyfriend and I told him me and him can only be best friends and I love my best friend he’s the only one I got till I messed up he asked for a hug and I said no and ever since then he changed I don’t hear from him as much anymore if I text him he doesn’t answer me I cried for two nights I talked to him about he said its cause I don’t listen to his advise and I said I was sorry and stuff and he still like won’t talk to me it’s like I’m invisible to him what can I do should I just let my best friend go and be heart broken and try and get over it or win my best friend back?

  44. Kiz says:

    My best friend has started hanging around with other people, which i am totally fine with but she is now spreading rumors that i am jealous. But i just wish she would talk to me. I suggested we could do something tonight for her birthday (which is tomorrow) and suggested going to a trampoline place and then dinner. Her and her three ‘new bestfriends’ were talking about something tonight, i asked what and they said nothing. I looked on snapchat just now to see that they all went to the trampoline place and for tea, and lied to me. What do I do?

    • Alisa says:

      If she is talking shit about you, then clearly she is not your best friend, that is pretty much all there is to it.
      Best, Alisa

      • Kiz says:

        Thanks Alisa.
        But this was all my fault. She stole my boyfriend and i was mad – i didn´t have the right to be that mad. It wasn´t like… She just kissed him to a party, i wasn´t invited to, but yeah. She really deserves better, but i hope she´ll forgive me one day.

  45. Abigil says:

    Hello, my Abigil my best friend Maya has been avoiding me by siding one of our best guy friends. Me and my guy friend had a fight but Maya chose to side with him instead of me. I’ve been through some personal problems and she know that, and she still won’t speak to me. She acting like I was never in her life and so is he. Help!

  46. Ronan says:

    Sometimes srhug it off and dont talk to them and then shell miss you or say talk to me

  47. rhianna says:

    Hi I’m rhianna I’m 11 years old my best friend won’t talk to me ( she’s an internet friend ) she said she was grounded but it seems like forever ago since we talked and I’m getting worried please help!

  48. Lalit kumar says:

    My name is lalit kumar.my question is this i hurted my girlfriend she is my best friend also i was in a confusion i thought tha her afair was with an other guy i enquired for her for this reason now she is not talking to me right now how did she forgive me i m saying sorry to her i love her very much please help me friends pease help me……????????????????????????????????????

  49. Meep says:

    Sitting it out would be my best guess. Try fixing the relationship for a week if she still doesn’t want to make up with you go play with other friends for a while then try again.

  50. Stephanie says:

    I am 11 years old and I have a best friend named Brianna. We have been best friends since kindergarten. Since we got back from the weekend she has just been ignoring me. I asked my other friend Arlene if she knew why Brianna was not talking to me. She said she does not want to be friends anymore. I don’t know what I did though except that I was absent on Friday because I was sick. And she knew that. I don’t know what to do. Should I just move on? Or try to work things out between the two of us? I need help!

    • Lorelei says:

      Instead of asking Arlene, I would’ve asked Brianna directly. Maybe try that and get back to me?

      Also, if you two were truly best friends, you should be able to work things out pretty easily. (since you didn’t really do anything wrong, that I know of)

      Hope everything turns out ok!

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